How To Properly Build A Fire: A Step By Step Guide With Safety Tips

build a fire

Learn how to build a fire and earn a valuable survival skill you can have handy for life!

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How to Build a Fire with a High Success Rate

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How Fire Ensured the Survival of Mankind

Discovering fire is one of the greatest human accomplishments. Our ability to harness the heat and energy of fire is what separates us from the animals.

With fire, our ancestors even defended themselves from wild animals. Throughout history, fire helped build civilizations, win wars, and create the world we know today.

Burning wood nature background | How To Properly Build A Fire: A Step By Step Guide With Safety Tips

When you think about it, it's the foundation of human civilization. Pretty amazing, right?

It's crazy to think that by doing something as simple as building a campfire on a weekend camping trip, you're connecting with your ancestors who came thousands of years before you. You're part of a great human tradition.

We cannot know for certain how our ancestors discovered fire and its uses. I can only imagine their excitement at their discovery and every time they are successful at starting a fire from scratch.

It would be the same excitement we feel today at building a campfire—even with ready fuel and all. On the other hand, they could have felt the same frustration when we failed to start a fire.

The only difference was that they only had to rely on instinct. While you can still apply it today, you now have the luxury of these tips and tricks to start a fire with more success.

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How to Build The Perfect Campfire, from Start to Finish

While we now have different ways to make a fire, learning how to build a campfire from scratch teaches a true survival skill.

This straightforward infographic guide below, from our friends at, teaches you the ins and outs of building a fire. It includes what materials you need, how to stack your kindling, how the fire triangle works, and more.


We should know by now, that fire is essential in all types of survival situations. But knowing that for a fact, and knowing how to get it done are two entirely different things.

Now, you know the essence of fire and how to build one properly. So whether you are out camping or in the face of a survival situation where you need to build a fire, you wouldn't flinch one bit!

Do you have any tips to successfully build a fire? Let's find out about that in the comments section below!

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How To Properly Build A Fire: A Step By Step Guide With Safety Tips

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