KCI USA AK47 Korean Mags Explained

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Find the KCI USA AK47 Korean mags cool and intriguing? Then, find out more in this KCI AK47 magazines review.

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    1. KCI USA AK47 75 Round Drum
    2. KCI USA AK47 30 Round Korean Mag
    3. KCI USA AK47 10 Round Korean Mag

KCI USA AK47 Korean Mags Review

KCI USA AK47 Korean Mags Innovation


Today in the firearms industry, it's the new products created with long held-traditions in mind, are the ones seen in the highest regard from firearms enthusiasts around the world.

KCI USA has done just that! Innovation is rarely seen in the AK47 market however, KCI USA provided AK47 operators with traditional style “Korean” magazines upgraded to fit the requirements of the modern-day battlefield and firearms industry standards.

The AK47 rifle has long held a reputation for reliability while manufacturers have tried to match this reputation in their magazine designs. One of the most affordable and reliable magazines have always been the Korean manufactured design for AK47 operators which KCI USA proudly offers.

Similar to how the Chinese Norinco MAK 90 has also held a long reputation of an affordable yet reliable “sporter” AK47 platform, Korean magazines have too gained the same notoriety. KCI USA has taken their line of Korean magazines a step further regarding reliability and innovation by upgrading the internals such as springs and followers.

They have also included a matte black finish steel production as opposed to a polished steel production so their magazines stand out in appeal above all others. For AK47 operators, KCI USA offers a 75 round AK47 magazine drum, a 30 round Korean magazine, and even a 10 round Korean magazine available in 7.62X39.

Watch a quick video of all KCI USA AK47 Korean mags in action here:

KCI USA AK47 75 Round Drum


Shooting the KCI USA 75 round drum is a lot of fun and does not create any hesitancy when taking a quick mental check of remaining ammunition. Simply by glancing at the back of the drum cover, the AK47 operator has a rough count of how much ammunition can be dispensed before reloading is required.

Pros and Cons

When loading the drum, the spring and follower are easy enough to comfortably load the ammunition while still strong enough to retain the pressure once the spring has been wound prior to live firing. If loaded correctly, which a user manual is provided with every KCI USA AK47 75 round magazine drum, the AK drum mag itself does not jam and cycles cleanly even while burst firing or shooting with an automatic AK47.

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The 75 round magazine drum by KCI USA differs dramatically in appeal as opposed to other AK47 drums available on the market. For example, the 75 round magazine drum by KCI USA has a matte black finish at first glance and is equipped with a clear drum cover locking the ammunition within the drum in place.

This clear drum cover is especially great for keeping a mental track of ammunition dispensed in both a battlefield scenario or while training at the range. The internals, such as springs and followers, are upgraded to provide increased reliability when cycling ammunition.

Watch a video review of the KCI USA AK47 75 round drum here:

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KCI USA AK47 30 Round Korean Mag


The most reliable AK47 30 round magazines are always going to be metal magazines as opposed to “plastic” magazines. This is primarily because AK47 operators tend to have to be a lot rougher with their magazines when completing tactical and speed reloads while training at the range.

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Pros and Cons

In order for magazines to last through drills which require speed or tactical reload, the magazines are usually metal and have a reinforced backing taped to the exterior such as gaffer tape or electrical tape. KCI USA has achieved this for their AK47 customers by providing AK47 30 round Korean magazines made from metal with upgraded springs and followers.

This is beneficial for AK47 operators who are looking for an affordable yet reliable AK47 magazine. Most manufacturers ask for an overpriced amount for an AK47 magazine made from plastic which cannot hold up to the different weather conditions when training as well as they tend to decay over time.


KCI USA 30 round Korean magazine for the AK47 is durable and can hold up to the beating from tactical and speed reloads as well as the interior components hold true when rapid firing or utilizing selective fire.

See a full review of the KCI USA 30 round Korean mag as well as how great KCI USA magazines fit in Beez Combat Systems’ tactical gear here:

KCI USA AK47 10 Round Korean Mag


Certain parts of the United States requires a 10 round magazine for hunting. This is true in many parts of the Washington state, so most individuals are limited to hunting with traditional hunting rifles or AR15’s.

Pros and Cons

Although 10 round magazines exist for AK47’s they’re just not so common, especially in dominant hunting areas of the United States. Fortunately, KCI USA designs a reliable upgraded 10 round AK47 Korean mag for hunters who specifically want to hunt game with a cartridge available in 7.62X39.

The KCI USA 10 round Korean mags are not just limited to those who want to hunt but they also make for a great magazine for beginners who want to learn how to shoot using an AK47 or for home defense as they are small and can be kept on a bedside table with little to no space taken up.

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The exterior of the 10 round Korean magazine by KCI USA is a matte black finish as opposed to a polished finish which helps to stand out above all other AK47 magazines available on the market. Alone, the affordability will attract AK47 operators as well as the reinforced spring and followers which the KCI USA 10 round Korean magazine has within its internals.

The KCI USA 10 round Korean magazine is really not much bigger than the hand and can be stored with the rifle comfortably or nearby the rifle within reach in case of an emergency.

The 10 round magazine also makes for a great lightweight magazine for firearms training and instruction for beginners and youth alike.

See a video review of the KCI USA 10 round Korean mag here:

For an old-timer, the AK47 is reliable indeed. With the innovations to the KCI USA AK47 Korean Mags, this classic just earned a spot in most gun carrier's wishlist and this KCI AK mags review should help you.

Which of the KCI USA AK47 Korean Mags did you find the coolest? Tell us your thoughts about it in the comments section below:

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