Bersa Thunder .380 Combat Pistol Review

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July 22, 2019 / Comments (2)

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The Bersa Thunder .380 Combat is an excellent choice for new shooters and those of us on a budget, discover here why.

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Bersa Thunder .380 Combat Pistol Review

Bersa Thunder .380 Review: Will It Be Your First Buy?

Just about every gun owner remembers the first handgun they ever bought and mine was the Bersa Thunder .380 Combat. This handgun is perfect for anyone looking to buy their first concealed weapon on a budget.

As you well know, the price of a pistol can range from mild to wild, and trying to find the right gun for the right cost is always a challenge. This is especially true when you only have so much money you can spend.

Any person who has been in this situation knows to really look at the value of what they are purchasing. The Bersa Thunder .380 Combat price is around $300 and is a great value.

My thought when I first walked into the local gun store was to buy a handgun, but not spend a fortune on it. I am the type of person who really believes in getting the absolute best with the amount of money you have.

Gun Info


The Combat is an upgraded version of the original gun from Bersa Thunder dealers. The redesigned slide allows for a lower profile than the original.

Meanwhile, the enlarged serrations allow you to get a grip on it when you need to pull it back.

Bersa Thunder .380 Specs

For concealed carry, the Bersa .380 is a fine contender. Its rounded trigger guard and overall small structure make it a perfect fit for just about any holster.

Plus, the flat-bottomed magazine only holds 8-rounds, which helps hide it from prying eyes. This compact gun comes from the factory with olive-colored, wrap-around grips.

However, if that is not your style, the Bersa Website has multiple options to choose from. I changed mine out from the original ones to the pink Bersa Thunder Combat grips.

Safety is a top priority with Bersa, and it shows in the design of the integral locking system placed in the gun.

The de-cocker allows for virtually risk-free carry. It is a great safety measure which allows for multiple action options.

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Bersa Thunder .380 Accuracy

When it comes to accuracy, the Combat version of this gun is much greater than the original. I have some trouble aiming with certain sights, but not the ones on the Bersa.

The adjustable dovetail sights really help me focus and stay on my target. The micro-polished bore is not too different compared to the original but the difference in accuracy is very apparent.

Gun Ammunition


If you are a gun enthusiast who doesn't have strong arms or a solid grip when using bigger calibers, (9mm, 45ACP, etc.) then the Bersa .380 Combat may suit you. Personally, I have tried to shoot a 9mm.

Since I do not have as much strength in my hands & arms, I do not shoot it as well due to the recoil. That is not the case with my 20oz aluminum-framed Bersa.

My only real issue so far has been with loading magazines at the range. After a while of frustration and unable to load the last few rounds in each magazine, I went to Bersa's website and found a loader which was a great help.

The loader I use is what we call the ADCO Super Thumb Loader. They charged me $9.00 + shipping for it, but it is a great value, and it has saved me so much time, and many headaches.

Check out this video by PersonalDefenseNet of the Bersa Thunder .380:

Overall, this is a great gun for a first-time gun owner, especially for someone who has smaller hands. I absolutely love it, and I am definitely keeping mine for a very long time.

What do you think of the Bersa Thunder .380 Combat pistol? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Bersa Thunder .380 Combat Pistol Review

  1. Mike says:

    What’s the price of the 380 I like what I see my son is looking at sky’s I don’t think that its all that

  2. Michael Wilson says:

    I love mine. My conceal carry. Shoots great.

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