Unbelievable! Man Went Hog Hunting With Only A Hunting Knife

boar hunting feature ss

Boar hunting is a definitely not just the common hunting sport which actually extends to feral pigs and peccaries as you think it maybe.. A wild boar can actually grow 110 centimeters from foot to shoulder and can weigh 50-90 kilograms. These powerful animals have tusks that they can use as defensive weapons and hunting them using only a hunting knife is not an easy feat.

[Watch This] Unbelievable! Man Went Hog Hunting With Only A Hunting Knife

Exhilarating Hunting Knife Boar Hunt

Team Wild TV presents us this sick video of a wild boar hunt in Texas. They’ve searched high and low for some boars in the bushes but no sign of a single one and they’re running out of light. However, these guys aren’t afraid to hunt in the dark. In fact, it’s the time of the day when they operate best!


A couple minutes into the hunt and the dogs already start chasing after a trail of a huge boar. When the dogs caught up with the beast, they tried to tug it down and Mitch quickly grabs the boar by its rear feet. Josh then steps in with his hunting knife and pierces the boar right in its heart. The beast struggles but its futile as the dogs won’t let go of it just yet. Once dead, they then carry the boar back to their truck and this animal would provide them a lot of meat.

Wild boar hunting is a no easy task and doing it with just a single hunting knife could turn out things really bad. But luckily, the team were able to haul in the beast with the help of the dogs. It is definitely important that when hunting, never undermine the power and ferocity of the game.

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Unbelievable! Man Went Hog Hunting With Only A Hunting Knife

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