Explore The 11 Longest Hiking Trails In US This Labor Day

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October 11, 2019 / Comments Off on Explore The 11 Longest Hiking Trails In US This Labor Day

HIking & Climbing Hiking Trails

Hiking is an exciting outdoor activity that allows you to go places you have never been before. These includes hiking trails and paths that can be easily completed or not. If you're going hiking this Labor Day, you might want to check the longest hiking trails in US.

Explore The 11 Longest Hiking Trails In US This Labor Day

Hiking provides you with the extensive exposure to the outdoors. It's also one of the best ways to spend Labor Day. But hikers near and far are asking one simple question: Where are the most exciting and longest hiking trails is US?

Could it be found in the rocky mountains in the West Coast? Or is it present in the midland states? These imposed questions make us more curious, but nevertheless exciting. So we gathered this list of the longest hiking trails in the USA. Check this list out and prepare your hiking boots because you’re in for the most exciting adventure of your life.

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1. Colorado Trail, Colorado (500 miles)

The Colorado Trail is 500 miles of wilderness between the Rocky Mountains of Denver and Durango. This is a long trail perfect for extreme hikers who aren't afraid to go to remote stretches of lands and high altitude of up to 10,000 feet.

If you want to hike this area, it's recommended that you spend two to three days in Denver and start the activity the following day at a moderate elevation before moving to higher distance. Once you reach the end, you'll be presented with a stunning view of high peaks and countless lakes and streams as well as meadows of the Mount of the Holy Cross.

2. Oregon Coast Trail, Oregon (200 miles)

The Oregon trail stretches from the California border to the mouth of the Columbia River which also constitutes a part of the nearby Pacific Crest Trail. This trail has low elevantion but that doesn't mean it's going to be an easy trip. Rugged hills and headlands, as well as the region's wet climate, can make it a tricky adventure for hikers.

It's a good thing the Pacific Ocean serves as a guide and you will mostly follow through paths leading to county roads.

3. Pacific Northwest Trail, Montana to Washington (1,200 miles)

At about 1,200 miles, the Pacific Northwest Trail stretches from Montana's Continental Divide to the Pacific Coast in Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula. If you want to hike this trail, you will pass dozens of national parks and forests including the Glacier National Park, majestic snowfields, and stunning alpine views.

4. Pacific Crest Trail, California to Washington (2,650 miles)

The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2,600-mile traverse from southern California to the Canadian border. The hike includes passing mountains and rugged ridges along the Sierra Nevada and The Cascades. Getting on to this exciting trail will provide you an abundance view of different plants species like the giant sequoia and Douglas fir groves.

5. John Muir Trail, California (210 miles)

Named after John Muir who's an advocate of wildlife preservation, this trail is a wilderness footpath which runs through the High Sierras from Yosemite national park to the summit of Mount Whitney. Hikers travel from north to south in late summer and the trek can actually be completed in about three weeks. To traverse this trail, tents must be available since there's no shelter along the route. Food must also be planned and packed well in advance but travelers can stock up on food in small towns and remote resorts in the northern stretch.

6. Tahoe Rim Trail, California, and Nevada (165 mile)

A 165-mile loop trail, the Tahoe Rim Trail follows the crest of the Lake Tahoe's ridges. It boasts non-stop views of the seas as well as alpine forests. This hiking trail is also popular with trail runners as well as skiers in the winter.

7. Appalachian Trail, Georgia to Maine (Approx 2,200 miles)

Known widely as the ‘A.T.', the Appalachian Trail is an old long trail that extends from Georgia’s Springer Mountain to Maine’s Mount Katahdin. Every year, it invites thousands of hiking enthusiasts in March where they end by mid-October. The entire trail though is accessible hence committing to six months of hiking this 2,200-mile is a breeze.

8. Continental Divide Trail, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana (3,100 miles)

If you prefer a good amount of trek challenge then the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) is for you. This long-distance trail follows the remote and rugged route of the Rocky Mountains. Also, the path is only 70% completed and signposted so finding the right route is a significant challenge.Every year, about two dozen people take this unforgiving trail and only a handful is able to successfully complete the six months journey.

Do note that the routes you will pass in some regions of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana, an encounter with bears is possible. To protect yourself, carry a bear spray or just avoid making noises as you hike. They want to avoid humans just as much as we want to avoid them.

9. The Long Trail, Vermont (272 miles)

The Long Trail is the oldest long-distance trail in the US where it runs from the Massachusetts state line in the south to the Canadian border. It traverses the crest of the Green Mountains and following high points of Camel’s Hump and Mount Mansfield. The Green Mountain Club completed this trail in 1930 and until now it offers a piece of solitude from the east coast. Completing this trek would only take you a month.

10. The Hayduke Trail, Arizona, and Utah (812 miles)

The Hayduke Trail is a southwest desert landscape that offers hikers some serious challenges. The routes are confusing and sometimes difficult to find and water is scarce. According to sources, only 10 people to date have successfully completed the entire Hayduke Trail. So if you're lucky, you might as well be given with the doctorate in extreme trekking. Here's a fun fact: the Hayduke Trail is named after a heroic character in Edward Abbey’s novel The Monkey Wrench Gang.

11. The Superior Hiking Trail, Minnesota (310 miles)

The Superior Hiking Trail's route starts in Duluth, Minnesota, and ends north to the Canadian border. It offers a majestic view of the northwest shore of Lake Superior. Getting into this trek is easy with car-accessible trailheads every five to ten miles is available and food supplies are abundant in some campsites. Your best time to go is in late summer to autumn where it can be finished in about a month.

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Watch this extreme hiking video by The Miya World:

Now, that you found some of the longest hiking trails in the US, it's now time to pack your bags and get your hiking boots ready. Just remember to take all important things with you and enjoy trekking.

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