Was This Man Justified To Pull His Firearm?

Something that many people don't agree on, is when it's okay to pull a firearm.
I was looking to post a “stupid people with guns” post, so we can analyze more of what people shouldn't be doing with a gun. But, I found this little gem instead. The comments on this video are very mixed. Some are loud in support of the older gentleman who produced the firearm, while others criticize him, saying that he used the firearm to intimidate instead of in self-defense. After watching the video several times, to include a frame by frame play, this is what we discovered:
Before we get there, however—we have to admit that we don't know exactly what was happening beforehand. As you can see, the video began after the altercation had already started.
But, based on what we can see right around the 5 second mark, the punk in the red shirt seems to give serious thought to using his skateboard as a baseball bat.
If you only watch the video once, you'll likely miss it like I, and so many others, did. But, he does rear up with his skateboard, and it wasn't until after this point when the older guy pulled his weapon. How do we know? Well, the moment becomes crystal clear when most of the other upstanding citizens run away yelling the most colorful of language.

Of course, two of the punks decided to stick around and continue taunting the man. I'm fairly certain that the gun equalized a disparity of force. Had it not been equalized, it could have landed the older gentleman in a hospital bed, or worse.
I'm a firm believer that those two skater morons won't live a long and prosperous life. After all, it looks like they have a death wish since they continued taunting the only man with a gun. Thankfully for them, he didn't shoot anyone.
Now, we need to address whether he was on college property, as the punk pointed out. It's hard to hear which college they are at, but it could have been illegal for the man to have a gun on that property, depending upon which state they were in. Then again, maybe he thought that it's better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6…
Here's the video. If you've got time, rewind it a few times to make sure you see what I'm talking about:

What do you think? Do you believe the gun carrier was justified to pull out his weapon? What would you have done in a similar circumstance? Let us know in the comments below.
Finally, one of the most important things you could ever do as a gun owner, is educate yourself about your state's firearm and self-defense laws. Trust me when I say, you think you may know, but you really don't. Read this article about the best way to learn your home state's gun laws, before you go carry concealed again.


5 Responses to :
Was This Man Justified To Pull His Firearm?

  1. Bob Loblaw says:

    De-escalating a situation is the primary duty of a carrier.
    Shame in backing down is more honorable than menacing with a pistol.
    Being in a garage is immediately vulnerable, not knowing who is around or behind makes it worse. Some punk slamming a column with a skateboard is not a direct threat, allowing your attention to go to the distraction leaving you open from the back will make your pistol a trophy if those kids were actual predators.
    A simple apology may have diffused the emotions, showing your weapon without firing in a true life threatening circumstance is a recipe for felony menacing charges.

  2. e3mrk says:

    If He was allowed to be armed at that place and was in fear of His life or serious bodily harm then He would be justified,But if He instigated the confrontation or not be allowed to have a weapon there He would be the one in trouble.

  3. Thomas says:

    It looked to me like those teens were taunting that man, not to mention the fact that there were about 5 of them, and only one man, if i were in that mans shoes i might feel a bit intimidated, plus the punk in the red made it look like he was going to swing his board at the man, another reason to protect myself, also they were trespassing, should i go on?

  4. Jumpoffa says:

    I have seen the younger generation behave with total disrespect towards any authority what so ever. You see it when these punks are confronted with police and how they seem to have the need to know right there and then “Why” they must obey any direction or instructions given to them by the police. They feel that they have the right to taunt “authority” as part of their First Amendment Rights of Freedom of Speech. When they behave this way they put themselves and those around them in grave danger; whether they see it or not. Often danger is not apparent to them until it is too late to step out of harms way. It is then they cry the “Boo-Who-Blues” and tell anyone that will listen how they were so mistreated by the authorities. In this video, these young punks were misbehaving and they knew it. When confronted by an authority figure, a man older than themselves, they tried to push this man and his authority to the limits. They wanted to see if they could intimidate this man by surrounding him and striking their skateboards against the parking structure pillar simulating they were prepared to use their skateboards as bats against the man and force him to turn tail and run away thus forcing authority to fall flat on its face or stand his ground and get beaten up. When this man felt the intimidation, being surrounded by hostile punks and their demonstrations of hitting their skateboards against the pillars, he pulled his weapon to show these punks that their use of intimidation will not work on him. These punks used their skateboards as a weapon by using them as a possible bat to strike the man. The man showed that he was prepared to defend himself with his weapon, a gun. Just by showing these punks that he was armed and wasn’t afraid to defend himself the punks left. However, two of them were acting stupid as they were leaving. They were showing how stupid they were really are. If they saw a chance to attack the man, without the guy pulling his weapon and possibly shooting them, they would have don so. Had they attacked the man, the man would have defended himself and someone would have been hurt if not killed or both. So the question becomes, “Was the man in the right to pull a gun on these punks?” Answer is, “Yes.” Did the man do the appropriate thing when handling his weapon? Again, the answer is “Yes.” The man had his weapon pointed downward and not pointed at anyone. The man never had his finger on the trigger. The man made sure that he kept eye contact with the troublemakers and made sure that they didn’t get behind him thus surrounding him, forcing the man to defend himself. When the man saw that they were in fact complying to his request to leave the area, the man put put his weapon back into his pocket, even when the punk in the red shirt made a move towards the man and striking the parking structure pillar with his skateboard, simulating that this punk was prepared to attack the man in the same manner. I say that the man showed remarkable fortitude and behavior not to escalate this situation to a deadly confrontation and a deadly conclusion. Do you see it the same way as I do?

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