Martial Law Declared in Response to Ebola Virus

ebola virus outbreak leads to martial law

When news of the Ebola virus epidemic started breaking a few months ago, we knew it was bad.

But we didn’t know just how bad things would really become.

Over the past few months, the Ebola virus has killed thousands of people in Africa, and two American doctors even contracted the disease.

Ebola is continuing to spread with no end in sight.

Just how close to home will this get?

Could it happen here?

Martial Law Declared in Sierra Leone in Response to Ebola Virus

This week, Obama sent 3,000 US soldiers to Africa to “combat” the Ebola virus outbreak.

You may be asking yourself what a soldier could possibly do to combat a deadly virus. The answer apparently, is “declare martial law and treat infected people like criminals.”

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Ebola victims who flee deadly hospitals will be hunted down and rounded up

People who are “reluctant” are those who have fled Sierra Leon's hospitals which have become nothing more than Ebola death traps that offer no solutions whatsoever against Ebola.

This entire campaign, which is being supported by thousands of U.S. soldiers as well as the United Nations, is a striking sign of extreme desperation, demonstrating that world governments are now resorting to “nuclear options” in last-ditch attempts to halt the exploding outbreak that could kill millions, even if it stays contained within the African continent.

What the U.N. and W.H.O. are really causing, however, is encouraging citizens of Sierra Leone to flee the country in order to escape the medical martial law. This may actually increase the spread of Ebola rather than containing it.

The spread of Ebola shows no signs of slowing down, and it’s only a matter of time before it spreads outside of Africa.

The Ebola virus is already an international emergency, and it will get a lot worse before it gets better.

Don’t think we here in the US are immune to the disease, or to the kind of tyranny we’re seeing in Africa right now.

Always remember, it can happen anywhere. And most likely, it will.

To learn more about the threat of medical martial law, click here.

And start preparing now, before it’s too late.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on September 19, 2014, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

40 Responses to :
Martial Law Declared in Response to Ebola Virus

  1. Richard Neva says:

    Ebola was brought to America by the criminals that have control of our government. Just in case you don’t know it they want to destroy as many as they can!

    1. kat says:

      That’s an understatement, and if people don’t wake up it will be too late.

    2. Steve Griffin says:

      Sure they did. And if they are successful, they won’t have anyone left to govern. Make sense to you?

      1. Jerry says:

        While I trust the government about as much as a crack head in a pharmacy I agree there is o way they would intentionally let it lose in this Country.
        As said there would be none left to govern and quite possibly kill themselves in the process.

    3. sparkleplenty27 says:

      If one looks at the master plan formed in the United Nations, and the end objective (ONE of them) to reduce the world’s population by 2/3rds (especially in the US), it was only a matter of time before a plague was unleashed to serve as the death bullet to civilization. There are NO accidents and it is a whole lot easier and faster to kill people off with disease than bullets – plus it can happen right under our noses and most would never give a thought to what the real story was or why.

      1. Adam Roberts says:

        Exactly… The Georgia Guidestones lays it all out for everyone to see… Oh and by the way, just this past week the final block was placed atop the massive stack of granite erected in a field in rural Georgia. The stone has “2014” etched in it.

        1. dave says:

          And I bet that NOBODY saw the crane that put the stone up there, nor the truck that brought it, right? And it just appeared overnight as if placed by space aliens…. ‘Cause if anybody saw anything, we could find out who put the stone there.

      2. obsidian says:

        A disease is as controllable as a large fire used to kill fleas.
        A disease doesn’t discriminate between democrat, republican black or white.
        No matter how secure the disease proof compound the disease will get through.
        The people in charge are clowns, idiots and evil Bass Turds, but they ain’t stupid and they are cowards and they have families.
        They know it can quickly get out of control and get them also.
        Only a homicidal terrorist would use such a tool to kill with.
        Someone who loves death more than life.

    4. yaki534 says:

      YOU ARE SO RIGHT. Obama and company are willing to do anything to declare martial law in our nation.

    5. okihad it says:

      and that’s for dam sure!

    6. Tim says:

      Ebola was created in a lab in the USA. The United States holds the patent on the VIRUS. There is a cure with a 100% efficacy rate if it is adminstered prior to the hemmorhaging beginning.

    7. Jeffrey says:

      American Corps. are the one’s who developed the virus and hold the Patent to it and the vaccine!

  2. Sybil Jones says:

    Why 3 days of quarantine, when the Ebola Virus has up to a 21 day incubation period? What good will that do? There’s proof right there that their stated agenda is a lie.

    1. Tim says:

      Patients can be tested and released within that timeframe. The false positives will be what leads to the most deaths. They do not want this cured, they have the antibodies already. This is lock-step with Agenda 21. Read about it.

  3. kevin says:

    ive been saying for WEEKS this is crap is no joke

    1. Steve Griffin says:

      Dr. Oz had the former head of the CDC, Richard Besser, and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, medical correspondent for ABC. All three agreed that ebola will come to the U.S. They said someone with ebola passed through the Seattle airport about 10 days ago. The incubation period for ebola is 1-3 weeks, so we will probably hear about cases soon.

  4. Renee says:

    Because I can’t (don’t) trust the government and the medical industry, I will be preparing for this, and any other possible outbreaks, with homeopathy. The only way to escape medical martial law is to stay out of hospitals and dr offices. This is the plan of attack by my homeopath and these are the remedies that my medicine cabinet contains, (along with the remedies she recommends for that new enterovirus that is hitting kids this year.

  5. The real reason the troops are there, in my opinion, is to discourage Boko Haram and other muslim radical groups from taking advantage of unstable governments in the Ebola areas and starting their own “Caliphate”. Boko Haram operates not far from the epidemic zone.

    Joe Alton, M.D., aka Dr. Bones

    1. dave says:

      Wishful thinking, doc. The easiest way to get rid of Boko Haram is to let them get the disease and spread it among themselves out in the jungle. Duh.

    2. obsidian says:

      The real reason is OJT under real live lethal disease outbreaks.
      Nothing like a good old gas chamber training to show a troop just what that stupid old gas mask is really for.

  6. Bob Rice says:

    There are no reasons good enough to send 3,000 American troops to fight this ebola epidemic,they are NOT trained medical professionals,when they come back to the USA,there is a small chance they will bring ebola back with them…

    1. Former Seabee says:

      you do realize that the term “troops” encompasses a whole lot of different types of units don’t you? Seabees and Army Engineers are troops and they would be responsible for building the facilities and hospitals for the workers. Military Doctors are still considered troops along with Corpsmen and Medics. Supply and logistics are also considered troops. Transportaion opperators are troops as well. And then for the security of it all most likely basic infantry. And on top of all that the military has some of the best containment and decontamination procedures because they are trained to deal with Chemical, Biological, and Radiological warfare. Perhaps assisting other nations SAVE LIVES for once would be a welcomed sight.

      The seabees are actually trained to cover all of these themselves to be a more efficent unit for small deployments similar to this. More goes on in the world everyday than you realize or could even comprehend.

      1. obsidian says:

        For them Troops always means Rambo Commando types, rarely Sea Bees and Corps Of Engineers.
        Much less Field Air Traffic controllers and convoy security.
        How do they think Field Hospitals are set up?
        Magic pixie dust?

    2. Alice Scholfield says:

      This is the most reasonable statement to date in my opinion.

  7. Brian says:

    Slow down folks. Let’s remember that it was Billy Graham jr who helped orchestrate bringing those folks with Ebola to America, those people are now healthy, and both those points undermine the argument of the gentleman earlier. 2ndly, the military is a logical choice because: a. Drs went in already with NGOs but don’t have the infrastructure, the people with Ebola are already crossing borders which leads to the need to secure them (if you don’t get that then you better not be arguing for tighter borders here at home, and the military can deploy quickly, set up clinics in days and provide security for more doctors to do their duty. Let’s exhaust the logical options before we jump straight to totalitarianism. Now, if in a few months the world goes to shit, then I’m wrong. But if things calm down then this should serve as a reminder to slow down a bit. Yes, be prepared, but don’t lose your head in the process.

    1. Lynn says:

      I agree, these people have to be contained or the virus will spread further.

  8. Bigmag says:

    There`s no doubt it will be here SOON. How can you send THOUSANDS of troops and NOT bring the virus back? This is part of the NWO`s plan of depopulation of which Obama is a part of. Get prepared folks, it`s not JUST a conspiracy theory, it`s real. The stupidity of the American SHEEPLE never ceases to amaze me. Political correctness will be the downfall of this once great nation.

  9. Eileen Smith says:

    Ebola virus is not new. Long before I retired as a medical librarian, I can remember doing literature searches on this virus for our doctors. It was back in the 90s.

    Before all the hype about this virus, which can be but isn’t necessarily deadly, one of your staff should ask a currect medical librarian to do some research for you, get the facts, and them put out some very important but accurate information.

    Have a sense of real responsibility…the current press market doesn’t.


  10. Betty says:

    Dr. Russell Blaylock was on The newsmax channel this morning. He said one reason Ebola has spread so fast and so far is because the countries failed to act fast by quarantining the sick. He also stated another reason for the spread of Ebola in Africia is because the people tend to have parasites which weakens thier immune system .

    He felt we would fare better here because we are healthier should there be a Ebola outbreak here. However, he did say that a medical study done in Canada shows the virus is airborn! He further stated that he felt bringing the 2 Americians back here was a mistake because it has been found that semen was still infected with the virius several months after a person was thought to be cured!

  11. LK says:

    Just remember the head of HHS said we never had any Ebola on the American continent. And in a couple sentences later says we are going to bring over two Ebola infected doctors and an AID worker to the United States. That does not make a lick of sense, does it? Are they making a DELIBERATE attempt to weaponize it for the depopulation, and cause a PANIC in our COUNTRY.

    1. okihad it says:

      hell yes!

  12. USMC says:

    Funny! Now that obummer care has been shoved down our throats, thousands have lost their medical benefits, we have an Ebola epidemic breaking out, and heading here? How many of our prison guards are from Nigeria? One vile of the Ebola virus placed in a city water supply system, and wa-la…. We have Medical Martial law here and people will be dieing all over the country. Beware of the water you drink, bottled or other wise! JMO!

  13. Lynn says:

    They are having to implement martial law because many infected Africans do not believe in modern medicine. The infected would rather be healed by their village’s “spiritual doctor”. So as they have been escaping the contained areas to see their “spiritual doctor”, they have been infecting others. That is one of the reasons that it is so important to keep the infected people contained.

    What is happening to them is horrible and I hope that they get the treatment and support they need. But they CANNOT just let them run free and infect the rest of the country.

  14. Lucy says:

    Excuse me, but patients fleeing the hospitals will not prolong their lives, nor will it protect others from contracting the virus. The harsh reality of the situation is that sick patients must be quarantined to limit exposure to the rest of the population. Like it or not, this must be done. Untreated, many will die anyway. Better to isolate them to keep others from dying needlessly. Nobody said the world has to be fair. If they flee their countries, they may be subject to even crueler treatment at neighboring states. No one wants to get this disease.

  15. I believe that Ebola was a genetic engineering invention. Maybe US Military such as at Ft. Detrick or Aberdeen Proving Grounds — both in MD. I believe HIV is another.

    Our Government DOES work on creating biological weapons and has done so for a very long time. Remember the film “Outbreak?” How long ago was that? Hollywood knows before the public and tries to “desensitize” us.

    Last I checked, world population was over 7 billion. Illuminati/New World Order wants that down to a “manageable” 500,000,000. Do the math. How do they kill the “undesirables?”

    I believe Ebola was deliberately “planted” in North Africa as one means of achieving this goal. Sending our soldiers there is a disaster for them and for the US. Might as well let ISIS chop their heads off. It’s more humane than dying of Ebola.

    We all need to keep an eye on our own six. We are very vulnerable.

  16. gnome_man says:

    Ebola is a highly lethal, not-very contagious virus that can’t survive in the open air. Their hospitals may be deathtraps, but they have to stop the spread of the sickness or we will get more and more sick – dying, really – people.

    That means confining apparently-healthy people who might have been exposed. Hopefully, this will stem the spread of this deadly disease. Unfortunately, some, perhaps many, of the people confined are not now exposed to the disease, but being confined might just force their exposure.

    On the other hand, releasing these people will definitely also release people who are contagious, who WILL infect others, most of whom will DIE.

    Distasteful as it is, they have to do SOMETHING. The latency period of this disease is short, the symptoms deceptive.

    Horrible as it is, they have to do something.

  17. obsidian says:

    Want to git skeert?
    Go find the pictures of the ebola vomit clean up crew in Dallas Texas.
    High Pressure sprayer, commercial grade, no chlorine, no chemicals at all.
    No HazMat suits, no gloves and no masks.
    People just walking by as the high pressure mist of water, vomit and Ebola drift in the air and settle on everything, cars, trees, grass bushes and pavement.
    Then, look at the run off, like a muddy vomit filled l’il stream running down the curb and sidewalk, filled with Ebola and headed god knows where for any dog, cat bird to drink from.
    Ain’t Skeert Now?
    I bet you if you ain’t then you are soon gonna be.

    1. obsidian says:

      Please people, look on the ground right near the spray, is that a soft drink bottle, opened and waiting to cool and refresh the soon to be very dead worker.
      For the love of all that is Holly these people are idiots!

  18. VirusCancerKiller says:

    Prevention of Ebola is by far more powerful than its spread – I got the mightiest way on Earth to stay absolutely healthy all the time and that is the fastest solution to the Ebola crisis – I got the power (and everybody can possess it) to wipe out Ebola, AIDS, Colds, Flues, Measles, Chicken and Small Pox, TB, Polio, Malaria, SARS, EV-D68, etc. in just a few days – I got my WVD – The Weapon of Virus Destruction – Just an exercise for a minute a day – The cure and prevention of any diseases, known on Earth for more than 2 million years – Infections, Cancers, Diabetes, MS and Strokes – Even Tibetans don’t know how to stay absolutely healthy all the time – The price of the WVD for the whole world is 5 billion EURO/BUCKS/BP.

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