What You Need To Know About Buying Ammo Online

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Buying ammo online.

Sometimes, the only place to find ammunition for your favorite gun is online. I have personally bought ammo online before, but it can be tricky to navigate the online ammo scene if you don't know what you're doing. In some cases, you end up paying more for your ammo because of shipping charges and other fees that may be tacked on top of the cost.
Let me try to help you with buying ammo online, to give you more options.
The first thing you should know, is that not all states allow gun enthusiasts the option to buy ammo online. While asinine, there really is nothing we can do about it. Cities and states where you can't get ammo shipped to you, are as follows: Massachusetts, Alaska, Hawaii, NYC, Washington D.C., and Chicago.
Other states, like New Jersey, California, Connecticut, New York, and Illinois make you jump through hoops to get ammo delivered to your door. If you live in one of those states, make sure you check out the ever changing ammo laws to make sure you're good to go, in order to buy ammunition online.

Furthermore, some ammo sales companies choose not to ship to certain states, so you should always check the site you're planning on buying from before you actually make the purchase to save any headaches.
Once you know you can legally buy ammo online, how do you find it? How do you know if you're getting the best prices out there? Well, there is a little known search engine out there called Ammo Seek that breaks down ammo by price, type, material, newness, etc. There's also an application that is available for Android and Apple devices. I have it installed on my phone, and use it often.
Once you know how to harness its power, it'll help you save a lot of money on ammo. The prices are listed lowest first, or at the top, and go up as you scroll down. What you'll usually find, is that most of the companies on there are right around the same price. What you need to do is check out each website listed, read the FAQ page, the About Us page, check for hidden fees, etc., and decide which one you like the most.

It also cannot hurt to conduct an internet search for company reviews, to make sure you're going to deal with a reputable company.
Some of the other things you need to know, is that while a picture is worth a thousand words, they don't always represent the product you're going to get. Cabela's is notorious for putting the wrong picture on the ammo sales page, and have led customers to buying the wrong stuff. Every so often, while reading the reviews of a product, you come across an angry ammo buyer who bought based on what the pictured showed.
If there is any question about what you're going to get in the mail, call the company up and ask them before you ever place an order, to avoid issues.

Why is all of this relevant? The simple answer is that the election is literally right around the corner. Some “experts” have predicted that there is a 75% chance that Hillary Clinton will be our next president. I can all but guarantee that if she does become the leader of the free world, a mad rush on ammo will occur, and you won't be able to find any, except the internet. I want to give you the ammunition needed (pun intended) to make sure you don't find yourself up the ammo-less creek. Make sure you know how to get a hold of it now, while you still can. Because, chances are good that you won't be able to find it for a long time if she does get elected.
Have you ever bought ammo online before? Which store did you use? What was the experience? Any pointers? Let us know in the comments to help out someone who's never bought this way before. Then, make sure you sign up for Gun Carrier's FREE newsletter, so you get our articles right to your inbox.

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What You Need To Know About Buying Ammo Online

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