7 Essentials For An Adventurer’s Outdoor Survival Kit

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Don't you just love spending time outdoors? Hunting, camping, backpacking, and all other field activities sure are fun but are you ready for a survival situation? While we enjoy these activities for enjoyment, we should always be ready for the worst. In doing so, you know you're ready for whatever misadventures nature has in store. Start packing your own survival kit for all sorts of adventures!

7 Essentials For An Adventurer's Outdoor Survival Kit

Be a true outdoorsman by packing a complete hunting, camping, and backpacking survival kit all the time. As much as you'd like to lighten your load, you should never leave out essential gear like survival kits. If you don't know what to put in yours, take this items for starters!

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Survival Knife

First of all, you'll need a knife to cut things. It's pretty much the most important part of your kit. There are numerous things you can do with a knife, that it'd just be futile trying to survive without a knife.


For cordage, you'd want a strong material like a parachute cord. In addition to its strength, it's light-weight as well. Be sure to pack a paracord with enough length.

Water Filters

While humans can survive a week without food, we'd die in a couple of days without water. Be sure to pack water filters for a sustainable potable water source!


Shelter is as much a necessity as food and water. Keeping yourself warm at night with shelter is paramount to prevent hypothermia from seeping in.


Fire keeps your body warm, is necessary for cooking food and boiling water, and keeps wild animals away. Bring fire-starters like a durable lighter or a ferro-rod and some dry tinder.

First Aid Kit

If you think that getting stuck in the woods could be the worst, wait til you encounter an emergency medical situation. You'll find that in these times, the items on your first aid kit is what saved your life.

Trapping/Hunting Tools

In addition to sustainable water source, you'll also need a sustainable food source. Trapping and hunting is what'll get you the nutrition that your body needs and furthermore, you can also use these tools to defend yourself from wild animals.

Smartphones/Satellite Phones

Finally, the last item on this list are phones. If you have a satellite phone that could get reception no matter where you are, the better. While smartphones can be useful as well, they run out of battery in a short amount of time. In addition, some desolate areas have little to no signal. Satellite phones are a way to go for communication in the field.

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If you think you don't need some of the things on this list, feel free to remove them and add the necessary ones depending on the terrain and climate. Most importantly, pack your kit depending on the number of people who'll need it. So what're you waiting for? Start packing now!

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