Post Collapse America – Making Our Founders Proud


Preparing for a government or economic collapse may occupy so much of your attention that you forget to prepare for AFTER the crisis. Large economic and political shifts don't last forever. And there will be a void to be filled. The first place to start is by asking “what will it look like?”

The political and economic landscape, that is. Generally, there will be one of two possible outcomes: more freedom or less freedom. But don't waste too much time on conjecture about what the politicians will do or not do. After all, you and I have little or no control over them. Instead, focus on what you can control.

So regardless of whether we have more or less freedom, there are always actions you can take. What might those be for you? Here are a few ideas to get your brainwaves working. Take a look and come up with a few of your own.

More Freedom

  • Start a business
  • Learn a new trade
  • Invest in a new opportunity
  • Rebuild your community
  • Retire

Less Freedom

  • Start a business (works with less freedom, too)
  • Educate others about freedom
  • Change the government
  • Relocate

It's easy to look only at the negative side of things. But there has to be a reason beyond just survival to keep you motivated. Look back at any major shift in history, and you will find that those are the conditions under which true leaders are made. You may not think of yourself as a leader, but you already have one qualification: You are doing what most others won't do by preparing for a big change.

Leaders aren't always gifted or charismatic. Check out Moses sometime. He stuttered and was “slow of speech.”(Exodus 4:10) Often, leaders are just ordinary individuals like you and me that muster up the courage to do what's right. And it doesn't have to be a huge undertaking.

Moses | Post Collapse America - Making Our Founders Proud

Making a difference usually comes in small, seemingly unimportant ways. And if you and I don't do it, maybe the wrong person will. Every time a major catastrophe hits, it leaves a void to be filled. It will either be filled by someone who wants more freedom or by someone who wants less by taking it from others. You know the type. They're known as bullies. Hitler is a classic example of a wacko filling the void that no one else would.

Germany had been beaten in WWI and created one of the worst examples of hyperinflation on record when the paper mark plunged to one trillionth of the gold mark's value. The unprepared lost everything, either because paper assets all became worthless or because they had to sell their possessions just to stay alive. Then the bank finally stopped the printing presses, and hyperinflation collapsed into a deflationary depression. After losing a war, losing all their savings and possessions, and then losing their jobs, the German people were ripe for a new leader.

Hitler | Post Collapse America - Making Our Founders Proud

And they got Hitler. We know the rest of the story. But it doesn't have to be that way. There was another time and place in history with a void to be filled. This time, though, the void wasn't filled by a psychopathic power monger.

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It was filled with people who had the courage and belief to stand up for what was right. Even when it wasn't easy. They were even marked for death by doing so, but they did it anyway. And today we owe our freedom (even if it has been eroded by mini-power mongers) to this small band of patriots. They had names like George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin.

Band of Patriots | Post Collapse America - Making Our Founders Proud

There were many others, but they were still a small minority. It was their determination to stand for freedom at the expense of their own safety and even their lives that helped them prevail. Oh, and a large helping of Divine intervention. Just read their letters and you'll see that they could not have done it without God.

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And I can write that today because of the sacrifice they made for us. So I hope you find some inspiration in this. What kind of future do you envision when it's time to clean up after all the corrupt politicians and bankers? I see one with great opportunities and with more freedom than we have enjoyed for many decades in this great country. May God bless the USA and I hope you will take action to help make it so.

Have a great Independence Day and take some time to consider what it really means!

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6 Responses to :
Post Collapse America – Making Our Founders Proud

  1. Paul Anthony says:

    Actually, I’ve thought a lot about what might happen after. So much so that I wrote a novel – “After the Blackout” (it’s on Amazon).
    Many fictional accounts have been written that paint a depressing future, but I wrote about people coming together to rebuild society.
    It wasn’t easy. They struggled and they disagreed, but the result was a free-market economy and a peaceful society. The future doesn’t have to be as dismal as Hollywood portrays it!

    1. Paul, that’s so cool! You are right that so many people tend to look only at the negative side of a collapse, but it can also be looked at like getting over an illness. The “illness” we have is too much government and too much debt (along with the Fed printing too many dollars) and it will be painful to fix, but we can come out of it better.

  2. mrchrisgdotcom says:

    I fear all the corrupt & evil will need to be put to death first or nothing short of a second coming of The Lord will help us.

  3. Rabelrouser says:

    In the effort to be prepared for the coming chaos it is too easy to have no focus on the aftermath. The rebuilding / reclaiming stage.
    It is at that time that the people will need to be unified in a greater way. That ideaology will have to give way to the original ideals that our founders based everything on in the first place.
    The founders had a structure in place that allowed them to work closely with the people; every town, county had a Committee of Safety. That was the inital governance that the people relied on to keep everything running smoothly (as much as possible).
    The modern politician ( note I did not say Statesman) is only concerned with power and his own well being and job. The future will be a time when these attitudes must be discounted from the reconstruction and rebuilding of the Republic. The statesman will have the well being, and Rights and Freedoms, of the people as his only concern and vision. That in itself will be what should be built upon.That is not to say that there wont be difficult decissions to make, unpopular ones, there will be.
    Right now, people have to unify in their community to form the basis of what can become the future structure.They need to almost be a governance structure that can help organize the rebuilding after the chaos has stopped. Unity of purpose, with the Constitution as its guide should be the foundation for such, anything else can lead right back down the same road we have traveled to get where we are today.

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