Top 15 Primitive Weapons

Primitive Weapons

June 16, 2023 / Comments (3)


Top 15 Primitive Weapons

Like any good prepper, no doubt you have a gun, or perhaps several. While guns are excellent tools, they may not always be an option.  No matter how much ammo you have, eventually, it will run out.  And in some situations, the noise of a gun could give away any tactical advantage you have.  This is why it's important to learn to make and use primitive weapons.

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So, what are the best weapons for when a gun isn't an option?  Check out this article to learn about the top 15 primitive weapons.

Need a weapon to keep bandits at bay? A large stack of rocks and a place to throw from can be an effective deterrent when you and your group are threatened with danger. A good-sized rock thrown at high velocity can even kill a person if they take a direct hit to the skull; most of the time, if you can land a direct hit you'll simply knock a person down, bleeding and dazed.

The danger of bringing rocks to a fight is that you can also give your opponent the idea to use rocks — if your opponent surrounds your base camp and attacks from the darkness, you can become sitting ducks — unable to see them (due to the darkness), but they're able to see you (due to any lights, torches, or lanterns blazing around camp). They can then rain down rocks on your camp, taking out several people.

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Do you train with any primitive weapons, like a bow or atlatl?  Have any tips or tricks you'd like to share?  Let us know in the comments.

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3 Responses to :
Top 15 Primitive Weapons

  1. tinkerunique says:

    Two of the simplest weapons were the sling and the bolo. The sling is what David took Goliath down with and the bolo can be deadly too, but also used to hobble a running “target”. The bolo (in my opinion) is better to “catch” running cattle – instead of roping the neck and having the steer still moving around, wrap up the legs, rear preferred.

  2. Mark Martinez says:

    I would say that not many people think of a bolo as a weapon , But it could be used to take some one out long enough to get away or employ an alternative weapon , it is only limited to ones imagination .

  3. Samuel Adams says:

    Tiger pits and pungee stakes are good around a perimeter on outside of fence, or wall. Hidden bear traps as well. Many things can be used as a weapon. The old Greco/roman ballista and onager are effective weapons out to 400 yards. Rain of arrows is very effective, especially with the modern way people fight. People don’t as a rule carry shields anymore. The original ” death from above.”

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