Best 10 Remington 700: Top Options for Gun Enthusiasts

Remington 700

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The Remington 700, an iconic symbol of precision and reliability, has been the go-to choice for hunters, sportsmen, and firearm enthusiasts worldwide.

This article dives deep into the top 10 models of the Remington 700, examining their features, performance, and the value they bring to every user.

What Makes the Remington 700 Stand Out?

The Remington 700 boasts several features that set it apart from other rifles. Its exceptional accuracy is attributed to the precision-engineered barrel, which ensures consistent bullet trajectory.

The adjustable trigger mechanism allows customization to suit individual shooter preferences, enhancing comfort and control.

The Remington 700's robust construction and reliable action make it suitable for various shooting applications, including hunting, long-range precision shooting, and tactical operations.

The Top Ten Remington 700 Rifles

Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD

SPS Tactical AAC-SD stands out as an ideal choice for precision shooting enthusiasts.

Featuring a heavy-contour barrel and an Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) suppressor-ready muzzle, this rifle minimizes recoil and muzzle rise, enabling precise follow-up shots.

remington 700

The Hogue over-molded stock provides a comfortable grip and exceptional handling.

Additionally, its X-Mark Pro externally adjustable trigger ensures a crisp and consistent pull, enhancing overall accuracy.

Remington 700 CDL

The 700 CDL is a classic beauty designed for hunters who appreciate traditional aesthetics and unmatched performance.

Crafted with a high-gloss American walnut stock and jeweled bolt, this rifle exudes elegance.

Equipped with Remington's patented X-Mark Pro trigger, it offers a customizable pull weight.

The 24-inch barrel and free-floating design optimize accuracy, making it an excellent choice for big-game hunting and long-range shooting.

Remington 700 Sendero SF II

The Remington 700 Sendero SF II is a long-range precision rifle engineered to deliver exceptional accuracy.

remington 700

Its heavy-contour stainless steel barrel offers excellent heat dissipation, ensuring consistent performance even during prolonged shooting sessions.

The Bell and Carlson synthetic stock with a full-length aluminum bedding block enhances stability and minimizes recoil.

The externally adjustable X-Mark Pro trigger further contributes to the rifle's remarkable precision.

Remington 700 VTR

Varmint-Tactical Rifle is purpose-built for precision shooting and varmint control. Its triangular barrel design reduces weight while providing optimal rigidity and cooling.

The adjustable X-Mark Pro trigger enables shooters to fine-tune their trigger pull.

With its ergonomic stock and advanced recoil pad, the VTR offers enhanced comfort and minimal muzzle jump, making it a favorite among precision shooters.

Remington 700 Police

The Remington 700 Police rifle is designed for law enforcement and tactical applications, combining ruggedness with accuracy.

Its heavy-contour barrel offers excellent stability and heat dissipation during intense shooting sessions.

remington 700

The H-S Precision stock ensures a solid platform for consistent shot placement, while the X-Mark Pro trigger enhances accuracy.

With its durable construction and reliable performance, this rifle is a trusted professional companion.

Remington 700 ADL

The 700 ADL Bolt Action Centerfire Rifle is a cost-effective option for shooters seeking reliability without compromising on accuracy.

This rifle has a synthetic stock and a 22-inch barrel and a lightweight and maneuverable platform.

The clean-breaking CrossFire trigger enhances safety and accuracy.

The ADL is an excellent choice for hunting, target shooting, and entry-level precision shooting.

Remington 700 BDL

The Remington 700 BDL (Bolt-Action Deluxe) is a timeless classic known for its superior craftsmanship and elegant design.

remington 700

The high-gloss walnut stock, deeply blued barrel, and jeweled bolt make it a visually stunning rifle.

Equipped with a 3-position safety and a hinged floorplate magazine, the BDL offers convenient and reliable operation.

Its free-floating barrel and adjustable trigger ensure excellent accuracy and shot consistency.

Remington 700 Magpul

The 700 Magpul combines the legendary Remington 700 action with the innovative Magpul Hunter stock.

This rifle offers exceptional ergonomics, adjustable length of pull, and comb height, allowing shooters to achieve a personalized fit.

The 22-inch heavy-contour barrel enhances accuracy, while the X-Mark Pro trigger guarantees a crisp and clean break.

The Magpul variant is popular among precision shooters and enthusiasts with its modern aesthetics and enhanced features.

Remington 700 Long Range

As the name suggests, the Remington 700 Long Range rifle excels in long-distance shooting scenarios.

It features a Bell and Carlson M40 tactical stock with an aluminum bedding block, providing excellent stability. The 26-inch heavy-contour barrel and an adjustable X-Mark Pro trigger ensure exceptional precision.


Whether engaging targets at extended ranges or participating in long-range competitions, this rifle is a reliable companion for serious marksmen.

Remington 700 Mountain SS

Mountain SS delivers exceptional performance in demanding terrain and is designed for hunters seeking a lightweight and durable rifle. Its stainless steel barrel resists corrosion, while the synthetic stock reduces weight.

The rifle's fluted barrel enhances cooling and rigidity, maintaining accuracy during rapid shots.

With its compact and maneuverable design, the Mountain SS is an excellent choice for hunters on the move.

The Remington 700 series represents the pinnacle of precision and performance in the world of firearms. Whether you're a target shooter, hunter, or law enforcement professional, investing in this rifle ensures superior accuracy, reliability, and versatility.

By considering each model's unique features and capabilities, you can make an informed decision and choose the 700 rifle that best suits your shooting requirements.

Got more ideas about rifles? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

remington 700

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