5 Essential Guns You Must Own

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Are you planning to buy a gun for protection, hunting, or maybe to start a collection? Here is a list of what could be your must-have or essential guns.

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5 Affordable Must-Have Guns Every Gun Enthusiast Should Own

1. 9mm Pistol9 mm Pistol, bullets and magazine-Essential Guns

If you are new to guns, the 9mm pistol is a must-have. It has a hard-hitting round, better than a .380 ACP or a .22 caliber. 9mm ammo is also very easy to find since it is available everywhere. It also comes cheap, costing around 6 dollars per box.

2. AR-15 Style RifleTactical carbine and green backpack on the steps of the old house-Essential Guns

The AR-15 style rifle is the lightweight, semi-automatic version of the standard military assault rifle. The military has it for a long time, so supply for parts is never a problem.

It fires a fast round and commits little recoil, making it easier to use. You can also use it for hunting, where you can kill the medium-sized game with it. It’s great for self-defense and protection as well.

3. 12-Gauge Shotgun (Mossberg 500)Looking Down the Barrel-Essential Guns

The 12-gauge and 20-gauge are common types of shotguns, but it remains a debate which is better between the two.

The 12-gauge shotgun is perfect for any self-defense situation. It is also used for hunting small to medium-sized games.

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4. High Powered Rifle (Ruger 6.5 Creedmoor)High powered bolt action rifle and riflescope in thick woods-Essential Guns

This is a reliable and accurate precision rifle perfect for long-range shooting. It can shoot over a thousand yards. It can also take a medium to a large-sized game, depending on what round you use. 

5. .22 Long Rifle (Remington’s Nylon Series)Small caliber 22 long rifle and double-barreled hunting rifle-Essential Guns

The .22 Long Rifle originated in the United States. You can use this rifle for hunting, where you can take down a small-sized game. It is effective in short ranges as well. .22LR rifles are also perfect for training and self-defense since they have little recoil.

Watch this video of Elliott Delp on his top 5 guns that everyone should own:

Time to include these guns in your arsenal! Which of these will you get first?

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Which gun do you think would best suit you for self-defense? How about hunting? Were you able to try firing any of these before? Let us know in the comments.

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11 Responses to :
5 Essential Guns You Must Own

  1. Shannon Lomax says:

    With the NRA most likely shut down I am in need of an entity that provides a strong voice in Washington. Are you that voice? Convince me.

  2. Gary L Parker says:

    Why is the 9mm favored over the .38 revolver? Where can I find these two at reasonable prices?

  3. Rich A. says:

    You can shop, endlessly, at GunBroker.com, Guns.com and most any WELL STOCKED gun shop near you. Also, check web sites like CDNNSports.com, AimSurplus.com, KYGunCo.com, J&G Sales, SportsmansGuide.com

  4. Anonymous says:

    Gun for defense depends on distance.
    100 feet or more, I’d go with an AR-15.
    Between 50 feet and 100 feet, I’d go with a 12Ga.
    Within 50 feet, I’d go with the 9MM.

  5. Scott says:

    The 9MM is not a strong enough round for self defense; its entry should be replaced by the .45 or .357 pistol. A 9MM requires that you shoot an attacker too many times in order to stop them, especially if they are high on something like PCP, even with the vaunted hollow point ammo installed. The same goes ESPECIALLY for the .22LR. That is a squirrel or rabbit gun, not a anti-human gun! Talk about having to shoot a charging individual numerous times…OMG it would not be pretty. If you’re able to shoot ACCURATELY with a .45 or .357, it is definitely the best “one shot, one kill, stop the threat NOW” choice. It all comes down to bullet placement; shoot anyone in the head with most ANY weapon, including a.22 round, and they’re done. But to shoot someone in the chest area and stop a charging threat requires more of a HARD PUNCH, like a .45 or .357 round, especially in a hollow point round. You want to stop the threat IMMEDIATELY, not have to shoot someone 8-9 times, while they hopefully bleed out and can’t REACH FOR YOU in the meantime. Please think before you buy. Your LIFE may depend on your choice. No exaggeration, just fact. As a friend of numerous police officers, I have facts to back this up; ALL of them carry a .45 or .357 as their service weapon because they want to go HOME after their shift. So do I, if a threat arises. Your choice may determine this for you as well.

  6. Anonymous says:

    are you kidding 9mm for $6,00 a box When was this article written

  7. Suzanne Leopold says:

    What would you suggest for a n 86 year old woman?

  8. Frank Plummer says:

    Suzanne Leopold what kind of horses do you have ?

  9. Frank Plummer says:

    A Kel-tec PMR 30 is a very light pistol and it holds 30 rounds of 22 mag , it comes with 2 magazines that’s 60 rounds . I read what was said about 22s , but on the same hand most pro hitmen used 22s … it’s good to see you posting …

  10. Ricky A Hudson says:

    i want a automatic 16 gauge shotgun that can fire 36 rounds a minute

  11. Anne says:

    We own 4 of the 5. Really have no desire for an AR. If you are a good shot and know your firearm well, you can stop an attacker with any caliber in my opinion.

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