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Firearms Instructor Certification Training Course | Part 2 Rifle Drills

Lesson 2.7 – Rifle Qualification

The final lesson in this rifle series brings us to Rifle Course Qualification. It will teach you specifically how to gauge your students’ new-found skill sets when it comes to rifle use. The video shows how a student will be tested and how they are graded. It will also teach you what to do if (sometimes inevitable) malfunctions occur.
In this video: 

  • 1st Stage – 25 yard line: 10 rounds in 40 seconds (Drop down Position)
  • 2nd Stage – 15 yard line: 5 rounds in 15 seconds (Sitting Position)
  • 3rd Stage – 10 yard line: 5 rounds in 10 seconds (Kneeling Position)
  • Final Stage – 7 yard line: 10 rounds in 20 seconds

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