Stay Safe: Why You Should Bother With Rock Climbing Insurance

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September 18, 2017 / Comments Off on Stay Safe: Why You Should Bother With Rock Climbing Insurance


Is a rock climbing insurance really important? Read this post and learn how an extra insurance coverage for rock climbing can help you!

Reasons Why Rock Climbing Insurance Is A Must

You might think you don't need rock climbing insurance because you're sure you'll be safe. Remember, anything can happen while you're rock climbing. One wrong move can potentially cause a series of disasters, which can get you seriously injured. This is where a rock climbing insurance comes in really handy—it's your leverage against a very bad scenario.

Still not convinced? Here are 7 reasons!


Extra Protection

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The best climbing harness and belay device won't stop bad situations. There's always a possibility of you falling during the climb—no matter how good you are at slab climbing, crack climbing, or whatever climbing technique you are an expert in. But with a rock climbing insurance, you can protect yourself even after you fall. It can help you access the help you need at reduced costs.


Life Insurance Does Not Cover Everything

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You might be thinking twice about getting a rock climbing insurance because you already have a life insurance. However, your current life, health, or even travel insurance may not cover injuries caused by high-risk activities and extreme sports like rock climbing. Before you go rock climbing, make sure you clarify matters with your insurance provider first. You can upgrade the insurance coverage or you can get another insurance package specifically for rock climbing.


Medical Coverage

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A rock climbing insurance may cover medical costs in case of an injury, which is not normally covered by an average life or health insurance. Accidents in extreme sports can rack up a hospital bill amounting to a whopping $500,000. If you do get injured, you would want to recover in peace and not worry so much about how to pay your medical fees.


Makes Physical Therapy Budget-Friendly

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When you upgrade your current travel insurance or get a rock climbing insurance, you might want to also include physical therapy as part of the coverage. Physical therapy can be a long process, which in turn can be costly. Coverage of physical therapy might just diminish the cost.


Emergency Medical Evacuation Coverage

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Coverage on medical evacuation may help diminish the cost of having to be airlifted from a specific location. This may or may not be part of a rock climbing insurance, however. It would have to depend on the insurance company. If you're getting this coverage at the insurance company of your choice, well and good.


Less Cost on Prescription Meds

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Some rock climbing insurance policies may include coverage on prescription meds. Depending on your injury, the cost of your prescription meds may reach to a staggering amount. You might want to be covered in this area as well, just in case.


Makes You Less of a Burden

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You don't want to be a burden to your family and friends, in case you get injured. Having a rock climbing insurance can help spare them from stress. They can focus on helping you recover, instead of worrying about how to pay your medical bills.


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Your climbing skills and gear can reduce rock climbing risks. You can prepare all you want and know many survival hacks and skills. But remember, there are still dangers out there that are unpredictable. That's why you must not skimp on a rock climbing insurance. This safety net is something you can turn to, should the worst happen.

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