5 Indoor Rock Climbing Gyms In Houston

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December 4, 2017 / Comments Off on 5 Indoor Rock Climbing Gyms In Houston

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Looking for an awesome indoor rock climbing destination in Houston? Read on and check out some of the excellent indoor rock climbing gyms in Space City!

Indoor Rock Climbing Spots For Avid Rock Climbers

As we all know, Houston is hundreds of miles away from a mountain, but rock climbing enthusiasts don't have to worry about anything because there are amazing indoor gyms in the area. Climbing lessons, friendly atmosphere, high-quality equipment, and regularly changing routes are some factors of an awesome indoor rock climbing gym. So with that being said, check out the list below of superb indoor gyms for avid H-town climbers.


1. Texas Rock Gym

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Texas Rock Gym is the first indoor rock climbing gym in Houston. It opened in 1996 and they continue to come up with new routes weekly. This high-quality climbing gym is perfect for climbers of all ages and skill levels. When it comes to safety, first timers need to take a belaying test, “Climb 101” lessons, and sign a waiver. And just like any other gym, you have the option to acquire a single entrance ticket or sign up for a membership.

2. InSPIRE Rock

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Are you ready to take your skills to another level? Then hit InSpire Rock! The largest indoor rock climbing gym in Houston offers 17,000 square feet of innovative climbing surfaces and 43-feet tall lead arch walls. The entire gym is divided into six areas with new courses every week, thus challenging climbers to try something different with every visit.

3. Stone Moves

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Avid rock climbers can master their skills in Houston's finest indoor rock climbing gym –Stone Moves! It specializes in giving quality courses and a friendly atmosphere for climbers of different skill levels. Stone Moves challenges climbers fresh pulls to climb on every month. They also have free climbing-based fitness classes for every member.

4. Space City Rock Climbing

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With 5,000 square feet of top rope and boulder climbing, Space City Rock Climbing gives every climber the opportunity to take their ability to the next level. The climbing surfaces will definitely please climbers of different ages and experience levels. They have impact resistant floors and crash pads along with watchful eyes of trained staff to ensure climbers' safety.

5. University of Houston Recreation Center

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The center of attraction of the University of Houston is a remarkable 53-foot tall climbing wall. This project is made to prove that a wall can be functional and an architectural showpiece at the same time. Built in 2003 by the Nicros Organization, this exceptional spot can satisfy not only the students but even the experienced climbers.


Check out this video and learn more about inSPIRE Rock Climbing Gym!

Rock climbing is a very solid way to physically and mentally challenge yourself. It will not only test your endurance, strength, and versatility but also provides an ideal workout. It also offers a remarkable sense of achievement the moment you reach the top. So for all Houstonians who haven't tried it yet, I think today is a good day to head to an indoor rock climbing gym and get the best workout you'll ever experience.

Do you know more indoor rock climbing gyms in Houston? Share it with us in the comments below! 

Now you have an idea of the best indoor rock climbing gyms in Houston, it's time to check out some indoor rock climbing fundamentals for your own safety!

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