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September 8, 2018 / Comments (2)

Weekly Recap

1. Urgent: 10 SHTF Survival Items You Need Today

Preparing SHTF Survival Items Feature
Millions of Americans believe that in the not-too-distant future, America, and possibly the entire world, could be mired in a disaster of epic, Armageddon-sized proportions. Collectively, the apocalyptic event is known as when the SHTF. It’s the ultimate challenge to mankind’s survival. Whether it comes from social upheaval, natural, act-of-God disasters, economic failure, terrorism or war, concerned individuals are preparing for the worst… Click to read more

2. Learn To Set Up A Survival Perimeter Alarm

Setting Perimeter Survival Perimeter Feature
Whether you need to secure your home, campsite, or bug out location, setting a survival perimeter alarm is vital. This is the process up putting systems in place that will keep unwanted people or animals from entering your area. There are several different layers of protection that you can use for a perimeter alarm, and each serves a different purpose. Whether you want an elaborate system of protection or something simpler, it is vital that you set a perimeter as soon as you get settled in your given area… Click to read more

3. Drone Defense | Gnat Warfare

Gnat Warfare Drone Defense Feature
Scenario-based drone defense training is the ideal learning environment for a gun owner. This training teaches shooters how to apply the fundamentals to a realistic threat encounter/course of fire. Especially for incorporating moving targets that mimic natural motions, the best option before was VR training simulators… Click to read more

4. Bug Out Truck Upgrades: Accessories For Your 4X4

Automobiles truck upgrades featured getty
No matter the apocalyptic situation, escape is possible with these truck upgrades. Check out the accessories you need for a more solid bug out truck! When you need to bug out, a tough and reliable vehicle is an absolute necessity — just like food, shelter, water, and clothing. That’s why a 4×4 pick-up truck is one of the most popular choices for a bug out vehicle. However, a stock or standard truck might not be enough to withstand the roughest terrain and grueling conditions you’ll face along the way. Below are truck upgrades that will help you get away from a violent riot or a relentless surge of zombies and bring you to your destination alive and well… Click to read more

5. Efficient Butchering: 3 Tips from a Lifelong Hunter

beef kitchen steak butchering pb FEATURE
Butchering your own kill is the only way to make sure you get the most bang for your buck with your meat, but how do you make sure you’re doing it right? I have butchered my own kills since I was a teenager. When I worked at a bar and grill at the age of 15, I was expected to butcher a whole side of beef for all the meat we could render and now that I am an avid hunter, I always look to get the most out of every kill. It is a point of pride that we butcher our own meat. That being said, there are some simple tricks that can help anybody make the most of their kill… Click to read more

6. Trash Can Emergency Survival Kit List

trash can kit title emergency survival kit Feature
Everyone should have an emergency survival kit on hand in case of an SHTF situation. Because making these survival kits is so popular, there are all different kinds of lists and types of kits out there you can create… Click to read more

7. 30 Tips for Sheltering in Place

marcus kauffman 408760 shelter in place Feature
You may have heard the words “shelter in place” used often over the news or during an emergency situation. But do you really know what this means? Are you fully aware of what you need to do in case you find yourself in such a situation? Click to read more

8. How To Build An Overnight Bushcraft Camp

fire camping camp nature campfire Overnight Bushcraft Camp pb feature
Learn how to build an overnight bushcraft camp with this DIY survival tutorial. In today’s video, you’ll learn how to build a bushcraft shelter from scratch. But first, let’s talk a little bit about what bushcraft is… Click to read more

9. 9 Shipwreck Survival Skills You Should Know About

shipwreck featured image1
You may have witnessed a shipwreck in the movies, in the news, on television, or the internet. But have you ever thought that if you do get shipwrecked, will you be able to survive it? Click to read more

10. Tiny Homes: Take Your Home With You When SHTF

tiny homes feature
Tiny homes have really taken off in the last few years. People are joining this movement for many reasons, but the most popular reasons include environmental and financial concerns and the desire for more time and freedom… Click to read more

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