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I found this great story from a Redneck “non-prepper” and thought you guys and gals might get a kick out of this!

Lessons from My Redneck Neighbor We Can All Learn From

My Redneck Neighbor, Eddy

Most neighborhoods have “those neighbors” you can’t really avoid. Part of living in suburbia, however, is learning how to deal with them, ignore them, or learn to like them.

These could be the neighbors with the obnoxious children, the dog that barks all night long, the guy with 846 piercings, the annoying 93’ Civic hatchback, or in my case: Eddy.

Eddy is one of those guys the other neighbors have categorized as “the doomsday guy.” He has a large beard, always works out in the yard, and talks to the neighbors about the end days of America. Also, he talks about how you won’t be supported if you’re not ready and we can’t rely on the government for anything.

Being identified as a redneck woman or man may bring negative connotations, but some of their country's sayings and beliefs can be beneficial for survival.

Although I have mixed views on the approaches he takes with his redneck life, I have learned a few things from him.

And they could be very helpful for the success of a suburban family, should some catastrophic event occur.

Idea #1: Get a Decent Pocket Knife

Any young boy most likely had that moment around the age of 7 when he wanted a pocket knife. What would be done with this knife? That was usually the question that ended the discussion with a “no” from mom or dad.

There are a few very general uses a pocket knife can bring a normal suburban person. For instance, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to cut something very strong or screw something tighter. Perhaps open a package, need a paperweight, or even protect yourself.

Pocket Knife | Smart Ideas My Redneck Neighbor Taught Me
If you are not up for carrying it around, just keep it in the glove compartment of your vehicle for emergencies.

At the end of the day, there is no reason anybody should not have a pocket knife on hand. It's just like having a screwdriver in your toolbox.

Here's a top-rated pocket knife on the market today that even knife experts drool over.

Idea #2: Buy Land

Lucky for Eddy, he has a 1-acre lot that gives him plenty of space to do everything. He has plenty of space to do everything he desires with his land: a chicken coup, a couple of dogs, a large shed, a garden, and a space to have the grandkids play.

He is never short on space for the things he wants to do. The land enables him to succeed in becoming more prepared for the future.

Back view of standing man | Smart Ideas My Redneck Neighbor Taught Me
Eddy suggests if you do not own land, you should purchase some, even if it is somewhat of a drive away from your home. Many towns outside large cities sell 1-acre plots of land for a fairly affordable price.

“If you do not want or decide you don’t need the land later on,” he says, “you can just sell it as if it were an investment.”

Idea #3: Plant a Garden

Eddy loves his garden. He doesn’t only garden in the ground, but he has even started a system of above-ground small-farming called hydroponics.

What is Hydroponics? It is the process of growing plants without soil and only with gravel, sand, and water.

Although a section of his yard looks a bit like an eighth-grade science experiment. The fruits and vegetables he produces are unbelievably fresh.

Beansprout | Smart Ideas My Redneck Neighbor Taught Me
The salad he prepares almost tastes different than the salad I make at home because of the textures and taste. Instead of going to the store to buy spices and herbs, he uses his own for flavoring in the meals he cooks.

If you are interested in some modern ways to perform small farming at home, check out aquaponics (which involves fish farming) and hydroponics.

Idea #4: Store Your Food

When I think of doomsday preppers, I usually think of a guy in a bunker underground eating packages of MREs (meals ready to eat). Eddy suggests humans can easily live off rice and beans, so he has sealable 5-gallon containers where he pours rice and beans.

Since Eddy is on an average budget, he simply picks up a large bag of rice and a large bag of beans when he shops for general groceries.

By slowly accumulating food each week, he has developed an enormous food supply storage in just a few years! Among the fruits, vegetables, rice, and beans, Eddy can sustain himself for a long period of time.

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Idea #5: Buy a Truck

Growing up in the city, I have had no interest in buying a truck, but Eddy makes a good point: you can transport nearly anything. He suggests a car does great on gas mileage in most cases, but you pay for it when you need to transport a lot of material or something large.

SUVs limit your overhead space, so he argues against these as well. Buying a truck with a trailer hitch on it sets the average person up to succeed.

Red truck | Smart Ideas My Redneck Neighbor Taught Me

Two top trucks you can get your hands on in 2019 are:

  • Ford F-150: Well-loved for the best hauling and towing capacity, this new diesel maximizes efficiency, spacious seats, and helpful tech features
  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500: A sibling to the well-loved GMC Sierra, the Silverado 1500 was redesigned for 2019 with a complete menu of drivetrains, user-friendly tech features, and lots of interior space.

Idea #6: Get Out of Debt

Eddy studies the U.S. debt crisis and banking system a lot, and he believes it is going to crash and burn. “They can spend all the money they want, but I’m not going skydiving without a parachute with them,” he suggests.

Paying off your debt, not only frees you from the debt you have accrued, but it enables you to save more money for later on in life when you might really need it.

Debt | Smart Ideas My Redneck Neighbor Taught Me

Here are three techniques he applies to conserve money on a monthly basis, which saved him thousands of dollars:

  1. Get rid of the cable bill. By eliminating the cable bill, Eddy saves $50 per month. He still has his internet bill but does any work or information gathering from his computer.
  2. Pay an extra payment on the mortgage and pay the payment bi-weekly. Eddy will have his 15-year mortgage paid off in 12 years and 6 months because of the interest he saves by paying half of his payment twice per month and by adding an extra payment onto his mortgage every year. His mortgage is about $2,000 a month but by paying $1,100 twice a month, he will save a ton of money and be debt-free quicker.
  3. Keep your vehicle for 10 years. Eddy has savings for his next truck. Every month, he puts away $250 for his next truck. Instead of getting a loan and paying the extra interest, he spends that money he could save elsewhere. He also avoids higher insurance premiums due to not having a lien on the car. By taking this approach, he is able to keep his “car payment” lower than if he financed a $30,000 vehicle every 5 years.

Idea #7: Store Your Water

“Does water expire?” That is usually the first question most inexperienced water savers ask when trying to decide if they’ll start. The answer is yes but there is a way to keep it fresh.

By putting a teaspoon of bleach in the water for every seven gallons of water every year, you can keep water fresh. It is suggested you store a gallon of water for every person in your household each day. Also, always have a week’s supply in case of emergency.

Drop of water | Smart Ideas My Redneck Neighbor Taught Me
Eddy has purchased 55-gallon water barrels and stores them in his garage with fresh water. Those 55 gallons of water would sustain a family of four for two weeks! Online, this costs just around $60, and it is a purchase you can forget about and have peace of mind.

The solution to water survival is this ultra-light water filtering device.

Idea #8: Buy Bullets

You can imagine Eddy has a gun or several ones, but I am going to twist this suggestion up a bit. Buy bullets and lots of them.

The bullet market has become increasingly popular because of a tight grip from the U.S. government on the firearms market. Since this is the case, I see an investment opportunity. Bullets are becoming more expensive because there is a current increase in demand and a decrease in supply and the price is not expected to go down.

Bullets | Smart Ideas My Redneck Neighbor Taught Me
If you can get your hands on bullets, your return on investment will only increase as more people want to purchase bullets, and the government does not allow more bullets to be produced or brought within U.S. borders.

You might just be able to get a 400% return! Now that’s a great source of retirement income, and it doesn’t matter if you can shoot a gun.

Idea #9: Buy a Survival Kit for Your Friends

Imagine yourself in my neighborhood, sipping on lemonade, listening to the neighbors ridiculing Eddy for his lifestyle choice. All of a sudden, a serious earthquake destroys the town.

Transportation to and from the area is limited and food is scarce. You are stuck waiting for help for two weeks.

Eddy has over 20 survival kits, not for himself, but for the people running to him now all of a sudden in need of his help. Instead of saying he cannot help, he has these survival kits to keep his neighbors sustained until help can reach them.

Idea #10: Exchange Knowledge

Eddy agrees if we do not share knowledge with each other, then others will be left behind. By teaching yourself, your family and friends will know how to take care of themselves as well. If the comforts of daily life were stripped away due to lack of electricity, gas, food, or water, you are empowering them to succeed.

By spending time with Eddy, I learned a handful of techniques I will now be able to put in my brain’s library. Let’s only hope I will never have to test this information out!

Watch this hilarious redneck camping guide video from Rhett & Link and get a good laugh:

Preparedness is key. These are 10 great ideas to get you on the path to being prepared, but these are just the first steps. They're only a fraction of what you need to do to make sure you are ready for whatever life may throw at you.

The good news is, you are not alone and you are not crazy if you think being ready is an absolute necessity. There are literally thousands of others just like you who are already in the know and learning more every day.

What do you think about these survival ideas from my redneck neighbor? Share your thoughts about it in the comments section below! 

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on June 20, 2013, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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10 Smart Ideas My Redneck Neighbor Taught Me

  1. CRYSTAL says:


    1. Savvy Cowboy says:

      Put a little note in there, “If you’ve failed to plan, then you’ve planned to fail.”

      Seriously, if you are motivated to have a survival kit for your neighbors (which will tell others you have so much you’re giving it away and they may come and take everything you have), include handy wipes, matches, a small bundle of steel wool (excellent to start fires, HIGHLY flammable), small tube of antibacterial salve, band-aids, and maybe a roll of T.P.

      I live WAY out in the sticks – 30 miles from town – and we are ALL “Eddy” out here! (Thank God)

      Good luck city-slickers! 🙂

      1. Redwolf says:

        I would also add small (baby food) jars of bleach for purifying water, and maybe small baggies of dried food, like rice and beans.

        1. ramona says:

          Does bleach go bad??

          1. Sherry says:

            Liquid bleach will lose potency. Powdered bleach, as used in swimming pools and hot tubs will store indefinitely.

          2. Dennis says:

            Yes it does. I think that it will last 6 months.

      2. Keith Rayeski says:

        I like that….. bag, with a note…….I call it the Forrest Gump syndrome…..stupid is as stupid DOESN’T!!

        1. Skye Blue says:

          Agreed!! Must include the note.
          That was my first thought — giving away stuff makes you a target — they’ll always keep coming back for more. If these bags are used for emergencies (hurricanes/tornadoes/floods/etc), then it’s a great idea. You’re watching out for your neighbors. But it’s a horrible idea if the SHTF.

    2. pam sines says:

      I don’t drink alot of soda-pop, but when i do i try to buy in the 2litre size. After the drink is gone i rinse well fill with water, put 3or4 eyedropper drops of chlorene bleach in and cap tightly. At which point i set back- in my closets ,out of the way shelves, on and on. Also, something i did a while back in regards to thinking about other people in the same f’d up situation was buy my coffe in the bulk size 32 oz. and at that point after the coffee is used up out of it, i took some charcoal brichettes and soaked with lighter fluid put some matches and a piece of the cardboard striker in a small ziplock baggie and place inside of the can and put the lid on it. The main consideration when doing this was the large coffee can MUST BE of the Metal sort. MaxwellHouse and Folgers cans will not work. You have to use a store brand(usually) like FoodClub is one i can think of right off.Thats pretty much the extent of my survival haul and God knows it isn’t much. My hope is that when tshtf is that God will bless me with other people i can’pool’ with. Good luck all and God Speed

      1. deerflyguy says:

        It’s never too late to keep prepping!

      2. Sam W says:

        If you don’t fill a two liter to tje top then sqeeze the air out and lay it on it’s side it can be frozen solid without bursting. Useful in the winter time.

      3. william mann says:

        If your going to wait on God to bless you in an emergency situation, then you will be one of the first ones to go. I’m sorry if that offends you but God have you a brain and it’s up to you to help yourself. Always plan for the worst and pray for the best. You not having any supplies for an emergency situation is just foolish. Its not that hard to do and you don’t have to do it all at once. Buy an extra case of bottled water one month, then buy a few extra cans of soup or canned meat the next month. Buy a few extra packs of toilet paper the next month and so on. Many items you can buy at a dollar store like, lighters in a 5 pack, unscented bleach in a gallon jug, extra thick contractors grade garbage bags, just a box or two, a couple of rolls of good quality duct tape. A few jars of peanut butter, some large candles in glass jars from the dollar store. A few spray bottles of disinfecting spray, like Lysol. Some rubber gloves, you can buy a box of 100 nitral gloves for about $6. Some first aid supplies in a pre-made kit or by making your own. Bandaides, alcohol at least 70%, alcohol, peroxide, iodine, 2″x2″, 3″x3″ bandages, some medical tape, triple antibiotic ointment, some pain relievers. You get the idea. Just make a list and buy one item at a time as you can afford to buy them. Buy a couple different flashlights and batteries for them. Always remember “two is one and one is none”. Always have a backup of everything in your supplies if possible. Store your supplies in 5gallon buckets with tight fitting lids with rubber seals, get buckets that are food safe grade, but the ones from Home Depot will work fine, and they come with a lid, and cost about $5 each. That way rodents won’t destroy your supplies. Keep items of food like rice, beans, seasonings, pasta things that have long storage lives. Everyone thinks it’s hard to prepare for an emergency situation but it’s not hard at all just do it slowly as you have the money to get a few extra items. Pretty soon you’ll have a good supply set aside for an emergency situation when it comes. And then you will be more capable to handle whatever emergency situation that might happen. Because we all know that waiting for the government to come to our aide is a waste of time. Remember just about every hurricane that has hit the U.S.. It takes time for the government to get their butts in gear and you might have to survive on your own for days or weeks before help arrives. So be your own savoir in your time of need, you may be able to even help your neighbors, or your family members during this time.

    3. Bob G says:

      Find the list on the internet. That’s where everything is, just look for it.

    4. Sam W says:

      I would put rice and beans and a pot to cook them. A way to start a fire. A quality cheap knife (Mora). Grab a pack myself and start teaching. People would learn or die! Information what separates us from the other predators.

  2. Julia Berry says:

    I would like to know the same thing Crystal asked about what items are in the Survival Kits (maybe update our own, too.)

    Also, what kind of bullets to stock up on? Thank goodness, we are surrounded in our neighborhood with lots of neighbors owning guns and collecting them! (Don’t want them to run short!) 🙂

    Wise Eddy – thank you for posting!!

    1. Brian says:

      As far as bullets go get what ever is avalebe even if you do not own a gun with that caliber but also get exter bullets for the caliber you do have if you do not own the gun that takes the caliber you can use them to barter with

      1. David says:

        I would stick with the NATO rounds……9MM, .308, and .556. with the popularity of the guns that shoot these three rounds you are more likely to run across people needing them. Also your stash of AMMO can be used in weapons that you find along the way with more regularity.

    2. Bob G says:

      Since the last lead smelter in America has been shut down by the administration, bullets will become harder and harder to come by. My suggestion is that you start reloading your own bullets, for which you will need a continuing supply of lead. Buy it anywhere and everywhere you can find it. Old fishing weights, old tire-balancing weights, etc, and learn by following YouTube videos how to smelt them yourself so they are usable as ammo.

      1. mitchs says:

        Not according to the manufacturers it won’t. They all use recycled lead from batteries and such. Or import it from other countries. They’ve never used the smelted lead from the industry here. They said it will not affect their output.

      2. matthew says:

        This is false. My family brokers lead, there are more than a few lead smelters in North America. Don’t believe the hype.

        1. Leslie Fish < says:

          I’d heard that Obama had the EPA shut down the last bullet-quality lead smelter in the US. What kind of lead is best for bullets, and which US smelter is selling it now?

          1. Lonnie Hopson says:

            That was an “ore” smelter. 95% of ammo lead comes from recycled lead. There are about 40 smelters that recycle lead. I used to haul lead “pigs” and “hogs” from Cali back to Dallas, TX and Salina, KS to be reused for batteries.

      3. Mike says:

        Thumbs up. Tire weights are only about half lead. Ive bought m.. my friend got me alotta sheet lead from a remodled x ray room I make 00 buck from a fishing jig mold

    3. Erin says:

      A good place to start for buying bullets: 22lr (they seem to go first), 45 ACP, 9mm, 5.56, .308.

  3. HOREDOG says:


    1. Patriot Dave says:

      Horedog. you and your kind will be shot and killed first. We will then hang your naked body from a light pole or tree with a large sign that says “looter”. I will not call 911. I will get to keep your weapon and bullets.

      1. Cecil says:

        Patriot Dave, I hope you are my neighbor. We seem to share similar attitudes.

        1. Skye Blue says:

          Ditto!! What Cecil says! 🙂

      2. jeff says:

        As ignorant as Horedog is, he just did us a favor. We all need to remember that in the SHTF situation, his sort will be showing up. often they won’t appear to be the wolves that they are. Sorting out who to help and who to “discard” will be a tough thing to do. I think some thought needs to be given to this topic BEFORE the SHTF.

        1. GDawg says:

          Its not a Horedog I’m concerned bout. Its the ‘hoardes’. They’ll start pouring through at bout the `12-15th day. If your holdin ur home, you will be sniped. create the images of having already been ransacked. Almost no matter what happens (cept WWZ)U gots bout 3 days to stash ur stash. Ours lives will be completely 180 deg. Learn to think like a desperate non preppin jackass. What u think u would to just to get a little food and water. U don’t know what ur capable of. Don’t think likes its gonna be a huntin campin trip. If your in a community of thousands, typical suberbs, blending in will be ur greatest asset. U may hold off ten but you wont hold off thousands. Think of Sams or Costco saterday afternoon. Now think of all those same folks fightin over the little food remaining.

      3. LYNN says:


      4. William Lockridge says:

        Amen brother. I live in a very small town but it’s big enough to have a well formed militia, the police forgot about us years ago, This is the place to start robbing there Horedog, there will be a rifle sticking out of about every window. We’ll solve your supply problem for you …. permanently. These people, including myself, a veteran police officer, have no compunctions about dropping the hammer.

    2. Jon from Milwaukee says:

      Horedog, that was probably the dumbest response you could have made for several reasons. First, it has been proven over and over and over that a group of people cooperating are much more likely to succeed and survive at whatever task they are doing than just one person. Second, you just turned potential allies into enemies. Third, “the rest” know their homes far better than you do, and if they have a gun and ammunition too they will have a significant advantage over you as the intruder. You will likely wind up dead if you try something that idiotic.

      1. Slacker One says:

        One can only hope!

      2. Dennis says:

        Unfortunately I think there maybe a lot of “current or former” government employee Horedog’s out there who have been predators and parasites all of their sorry ass lives who will look at us preppers as nothing more than targets of opportunity and may be in heavily armed gangs of 2 or 3 or more and will look official so to speak! Beware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Those that attempt do that will be dealt with, with extreme prejudice!

    3. Bob says:

      I think Horedog is right !!! Just one thing, for the good of all would you PLEASE come to my house first ? Need.directions ??
      To your health, Dr. Smooth

      1. Bob says:

        Dr.Smooth we seem to think the same way. If he would like to come to anyone’s house that is. I think we should all give people like him directions. Then they would want to think twice about their choices! After all I have done to survive care and protect my family it is my Intention to give you a would-be looter a ” toe tag” instead of my foods or supplies. It’s your ass you call it.

        1. Smoke Hill Farm says:

          I certainly hope that some really stupid people from the suburbs head out this way. I have stockpiled almost a ton of canned dog food and a thousand lb of dry dog food (all carefully rotated) to feed my dogs, which are my warning system & first line of defense.

          I can always augment this with deer & small game that come to my pond every day, but I had hoped to keep the deer, fish, rabbit, etc for my family — and am depending on some of the urban & suburban predators to head this way, too. Sounds like dog food to me …..

          1. Anonymous says:

            Just feed your dogs horde

    4. Landpanther1 says:

      Horedog.. that is a stupid reply… you should be ashamed of yourself..

    5. merlin45 says:

      That kind of thinking will get you killed, in my neighborhood

    6. Liz says:

      Horedog, you’ll be the first one to get shot for looting. The good news for us is dead carcasses are a feast for maggots, AND YOU KNOW HOW WE LOVE TO GO FISHING!! Maybe you’re of some use to us Preppers after all!

  4. bud faint says:

    I agree with Dave looters willnot survive. Help other as you can but you try to steal from me or mine you will be shot.

  5. Roy creiglow says:

    You best fear MY wife. She is a gold medal shooter in both pistol and rifle. Plus she know all o f the guns and how to use them effeciently, meaning dead in 2 shots. (double tap). 🙂

    1. Jackie says:

      Go wife! Woot woot!!!

  6. D Bro says:

    Guns no less than 500 rounds per caliber preferable 5,000. Sure you want a group you can trust and have something to offer but you have to weigh it. This was an article that maybe I read here where power was lost in St. Louis in certain parts for over a week and the guy that was prepped was nice and shared by the 6 or 7 day all the free loaders were becoming demanding. He was kinda shocked from it. Eddy can do what he wants to do but what are his neighbors becoming? His ally or villain? Their dependence worries me unless I see they are not coping an attitude and are working to help themselves. So many people will just sit around and wait for the government to come save them. Get to know your neighbors and feel them out.

    1. GDawg says:

      Its called ‘preemptive dispatching’. Semper Fi.

    2. Gator says:

      My dad gave me a smart piece of advice and I have taken it literally…Keep just a SMALL amount of food on empty shelves in your kitchen/pantry such as a few cans of veg, 4-5 can of tuna, a few cans of fruit and a couple cans of spaghettios…nothing of consequence. Hide all the real food upstairs maybe in a spare room where no one thinks to look or behind a false wall in the basement, whatever works for you. When the “beggers” come askin for help, take one in and open your “near empty” cabinets and hand them a can and tell them that’s all you can spare. They will see your hard up and not “worth the effort” of raiding. This tactic was used by the German villagers at the end of WWII as the Russians came through…People made sandwiches or gave a small hunk of cheese to the soldiers from the window of their home and the soldiers would just keep on going and not stop to raid. My dad lived that experience and learned from it. Take it for what it’s worth…

    3. Smoke Hill Farm says:

      Those of us who have been gradually prepping for a decade or so definitely have the edge on the newcomers in the guns & ammo department.

      At last inventory I had about 2500 .22LR, 600 .22 Magnum, 2000 .38 Spl, 500 12-gauge, and a few thousand miscellaneous for a dozen other guns in our two cabinets. Oh, and 2000 for the SKS. Were we lucky? Yeah, since the SKS ammo only cost $95 per thousand back when I bought it with my FFL in 1989.

      One often-overlooked item — a high-powered airgun in .22 caliber. Still cheap & ammo is dirt cheap & plentiful. My RWS Model 34 still only costs around $200, but will send that .22 pellet downrange at about 900 fps — plenty of power for most small game, and at closer range would maim, or possibly kill, a human with a head shot. And even without a scope it’s very accurate out to 75 yards. I routinely drop squirrels at close to that range. And pellets are unbelievably cheap. I think I have about 10,000 or so, with negligible investment, thereby saving my .22LR and .410 ammo for more important things. And of course it is comparatively silent to shoot compared to firearms — often a real advantage with multiple small game, and it doesn’t attract unwanted attention from human predators. Just buy the best target airgun you can afford, not some Asian-made junker. The RWS Mdl 34 is usually considered the best one available unless you get a super-accurate target model for a lot more money — or one of the VERY expensive super-hi-power models suitable for deer or bear hunting.

      1. BOYD H. says:

        I thought ammo is only good for so long.. at what intervals do you refresh and go out and use your old ammo for practice while it is barely still good

        1. Stephen says:

          Ammo is good virtually indefinitely so long as you keep moisture away from it. Put it in an ammo can with a good seal gasket and toss in a few moisture absorbing packs and you’re good to go.

        2. Richard says:

          Back in ww2 they used ammo made b4 ww1

      2. Jerry says:

        Maybe you are unaware but Lewis & Clark set off on their expedition with just air rifles. Can you imagine the weight savings over a long trek like theirs?

    4. Eats steak says:

      What’s a good ratio of hollow points to the stuff used at the range? Does this matter?

  7. dallasdave1957 says:

    New to all this crap-government down our throats and in our back pockets. I want to leave it all behind and live ,my wife and I and our 10 house pets.This article made perfect sense,While I’m no lunatic fringe “the government is out to get me” type,it’s becoming increasingly obvious that is what is happening.Any links/websites to help a person find land ( on a barter system ),and maybe employment,how to go off the grid,we already know how to garden,freezing/canning etc. I’m a good carpenter,I could work at home building my furniture as a vocation,good at it too ! Any help would be greatly appreciated-and I would like to move back home to Colorado.We currently live in north central Texas.I am also an ordained minister,New Thought.

    1. pastorjason says:

      Love living in Western Colorado but ministry jobs are tough to get here. Always the option of becoming an online theology or Bible studies professor. Pay is good, still serving the Lord through teaching His Word, and leaves plenty of time (working from home online) to take care of other business, such as prepping. I, too, am not on the “lunatic fringe” but I have read and studied how this story goes and know how it is going to end.

      1. Anonymous says:

        yeah huh

  8. Rick .J says:

    Survival is the goal ! Going out looking to take from others . Well horedog and like minded individual’s will iether die or quickly change thier outlook . A lot of good info in this article . Guns I would recommend 3 a 22LR great small game and can store lots of ammo . Self defense handgun pick a caliber your comfortable shooting . And a shotgun good for hunting and defending when people who think like horedog come around .

    1. Boyd H. says:

      @Rick J & Others; We need to change our Court system and get more pro 2d amendment judges, A.G.’s , Dist Atty’s, .. So when the STHF and we are left defending for ourselves and family . The Dist Atty’s and Judges will see it from our point of view and not the pansy liberals that feel that what is yours is free for the taking by looters…
      I was stationed in ND with the AF.. I was staying at a AF bud’s house while he was out on site.. His kid and wife were home too. He had little bose speakers that are very sharp in acoustics.. I said over a microphone (he had cams too) so I could see them.. I said if you’re a LEO show me a GF police, sheriff badge , or SP (state police) badge.. if no badge GTFA (get the f**kaway).. She’s already calling police….. they were there pretty quick.. They told me since it’s not my home.. she better be the one shoot’g the gun .. I told them she has a withered arm muscle and not really strong enough one handed.. He noted that .. prob’ly in case it came up in court.. They stayed in area for about an hour.. and csme again and told us a unmarked vehicle and what number it might be.. it was not exact in it’s timing which was good..; sometimes in a half hour, 40 min… again 15. Minutes.. back to 40 minutes .. So we went to our rooms . Police presence was very good rest Of the night..
      next time. Might not. Be so good.. i’d heard, read of people that make a false flag call for s’where else to distract police from actual target.. I think that happened IOne night …
      I was there, he was on site.. I had the speakers on and the mike.. I wanted them to hear me getting the gun ready.. One night they thought I was using a tape and tried bust’g in the door.. bad mistake.. got in just enough and I decked him.. He was Dead cold accord’g to county M.E… they took pics got a carpenter and locksmith to do repair job.. No charge against me thx to that other LEOs documentation.. the perp was a Paki.. had Canuck papers… they matched his prints to other break-ins at other abodes… Bis luck ran out !.. I surmised they returned the carcass to Canada…. 3 months later, the Paki embassy in DC wanted a more extensive investigation .. Our State DEPT. Accepted GFs Police and ME report’s.. and told the Pakies there’d be no further investigations.. The AF got a copy because a AF member was involved.. . Even though it was a civilIan sitrep.
      I hadn’t seen no Pakies nosing around while I was still there.. I’m gone from there now..
      it looked like the Pakies were trying to make the shooting a int’l incident.. and possibly get $$ out of it..

  9. Chuck says:

    Bullets to store: .45 acp; 9 mm; .357/.38; 40 S&W. Unless you happen to have them, forget about trying to acquire .32 acp, .380, .25 acp. First of all they are not really good choices for the kind situation we all are contemplating. Secondly, they are not as ubiquitous as the larger rounds. Most l.e. organizations are using 40 S&W or 9 mm and of course, the 9 mm is the military standard right now. .45 acp is very very popular with most classes of shooters. While 10 mm; 41 magnum, .44 magnum, .45 long colt all are good defensive rounds, they are not nearly as popular as the first ones I mentioned.

    Rifle: .308, 30-06, 7.62 x 39, .223. .308 is still in use in the military and most p.d.’s prefer it for their swat teams. The 30-06 is still the most popular hunting cartridge in the U.S. 7.63 x 39 fits AK’s and SKS’s and other former comm block firearms. .223 is preferable to the 5.56 military round because you can fire .223 in a military chamber but should not fire 5.56 in a .223 chamber. You may get away with it for a while, but sooner or later the higher pressures will reach out and bite you. While there are many other calibers that will serve the purpose: .270, 30-30, 7.62 x 54R, .303 British, 7 mm Rem mag — I could go on and on, but what you are interested in is what are the most common cartridges.

    Of course, all this presupposes that you have a weapon in one of those calibers. If not, buy ammo for your firearms. I almost forgot: .22 long rifle. While it may not be immediately lethal, no one I know wants to get shot with a .22. Also, it is a good game getter and is fairly quiet compared to the other guns I have mentioned.

    For shotguns, I would only stock up on 12 gauge. That is the most common shotgun around. Any size shot will work; small size for small game and large size and slugs for two legged game. Again, if you have a 20 gauge that you are good with, make sure you have a supply for that gun.

    Commenting on horedog’s comment, I have even heard a law enforcement officer make the same statement as horedog, that because he is armed and has access to firearms at the police station, he doesn’t need to stock up on other items, he will just take what he and his family need, with armed force if necessary. That kind of comment kind of lets you in on the thinking of some folks who should be trying to maintain law and order, but apparently they have already decided it’s going to be every man for himself.

    1. pastorjason says:

      I mostly agree with this list. As others have said, store enough for personal use and for close friends and relatives. As a former L.E. officer I am a firm believer in the ability to defend my family and my neighborhood. As for storing ammo, I would recommend using firearms that are the most common calibers used (in case you need to scrounge ammo). The most popular handgun caliber worldwide (of course) is 9mm, used by the vast majority of L.E. agencies, Federal agencies, NATO allies, gangs, and sport shooters. Rifle rounds,.22, .223, and .308, all also used worldwide. Shotgun, 12 Gauge. I also fire and stock .410, Lower recoil (the whole family can handle it, from myself, to my small-framed wife, and both kids, 13 and 7) and the ability to carry more ammo. From typical shot-gunning range it is easily as effective as 12 Gauge (with the right ammo)and is an excellent choice for home defense.

    2. Smoke Hill Farm says:

      For those that are contemplating a pistol purchase for survival needs, I strongly recommend they stick to a REVOLVER, unless they are serious shooters with a lot of regular range time.

      The average person simply doesn’t have the experience to safely & reliably handle a semi-auto, especially when someone breaks in at 3 a.m. and wakes him up. Better to only have to point & pull the trigger, without wondering whether there is one in the chute, or whether the safety is on. Or, for that matter, whether the magazine was inserted or still sitting next to the pistol in the drawer.

      Additionally, the revolver is far more accommodating if at some point you have to rely on old or cheap scrounged ammo. And decent, name-brand revolvers don’t have springs that get weak & cause failure over time, or firing pins that wear down & break. A friend who is a gunsmith told me that almost all pistol repairs or adjustments he made were for semi-autos. About the only exceptions were for serious shooters who wanted a smoother or lighter trigger pull, usually for competition revolvers.

      As a result, I stocked up on some spare firing pins for my favorite semi-auto target guns, but really will be relying on the .38’s, .357’s & .44’s for pistol defense. Not much chance of ever needing parts for the Ruger or Colt revolvers. I’ve run probably 100,000 rounds thru a couple of my Ruger revolvers, with ZERO failure, no down time, and only occasional cleaning. Definitely not the case for any of my semi-autos. I have a lot of semi-autos, but for long-term planning I’m primarily counting on revolvers, bolt-action rifles, and my pump shotguns.

      Also, I plan on saving the used brass during SHTF and reloading with my little Lee Loaders in my spare time. I have a lot of bulk lead from sash weights & wheel weights, and a moderate stock of powders, but feeding a semi-auto with my primitive reloading skills is a risk I don’t need — but revolvers will swallow almost anything.

      When there are no gunsmiths or spare parts avaiable, it’s better to stick to the simplest firearms on hand.

  10. R D says:

    Well I disagree with a little bit and agree with most of it. Look out for your self and store for you and a bit for the neighbors and family. A lot of people that think they can take what they want will die no matter what they wear or think. About those little guns (mouse guns), they will have a place in hard times just the same as now. That last ditch or last chance gun to get your but out of trouble. No matter what you carry or anything else there is room for a 10 to 15 ounce handgun tucked away for those times that you hope never happen. It is just good planing to never be alone.
    R D

  11. Larry Altersitz says:

    Re: the pocket knife: I’d think the better alternative to a pocket knife is a multi-tool. I have several and ALWAYS have one on my belt. I used to carry two, because it always happened twice a year you needed two pliers to open something. My son is an Army NCO and EVERYONE in his unit carried one. They are so useful and the knife blade is almost as long as a pocket knife’s.

    Get a solid multi-tool that won’t bend easily. Leatherman, Gerber have very good ones.

    1. merlin45 says:

      I have a Leatherman, two Gerbers, and a SOG

    2. Smoke Hill Farm says:

      No question that good multi-tool (and even a few cheapies you pick up at yard sales) are vital. I keep the cheapie spares mostly in case other like-minded people join with us. With only me & the wife, I’d like to have better defensive coverage 24/7 than the two of us never getting to sleep ….

      However, do NOT skip the fixed-blade knife on your belt. Basically, any decent hunting knife will do, and we all have our preferences. While the multi-tools are very versatile, they are not worth much for sudden self-defense needs. When SHTF your favorite Ka-Bar or Case or Buck hunting knife should be on your belt permanently.

      In hard times, you can’t have too many edged tools or weapons. It finally occurred to me that I only had one splitting maul (we heat with wood) and two hatchets, any of which could break. Now I have two mauls, a good single-bit ax (for when the chainsaw fuel disappears forever), and extra handles for everything. I also collected some old saws from garage sales, and am looking for an old two-man saw, just in case.

      At the dollar store a while back I discovered a “paring knife” in the kitchen section that has its own hard plastic sheath. At a buck apiece, it seemed smart to have a dozen or so to spread around — one in each vehicle, a couple in the shed, and a few just in case I need to arm other people who join us. I resharpened them and wiped the metal down with WD40, just in case, and will probably wrap them somehow also. Hardly fine cutlery, but adequate to gut some human predator who surprises us.

      And keep in mind that if SHTF for an extended, or even indefinite time, you want to have LOTS of spares of your essential equipment — firing pins for the critical weapons, lots of gun-cleaning supplies, and a whole bunch of those wonderful military can-openers, both the regular P-38’s and the larger, tougher ones the Army cooks usually kept for themselves. They’d also make spectacular “trade goods” for neighbors whose electric can opener will never function again.

  12. Quester55 says:

    Whats Worse,” A Government that Cheats, Steals & & Murders it’s Citizens, OR Citizens that are willing to do the Exact same thing to Survive one more day ?”
    This Survival thing that this story is about, is wonderful, in the land of make believe, However, in reality, It assumes way too much!
    For Natural disasters, These tips may enable you to survive a week or two & fore a very small group, perhaps a month or more, but for the vast majority of you, ???????????
    My point is this, LOOK at your Hands, When did they touch any Dirt, Rock, Tree?. When was the last time you & yours went out in the woods, camping?
    These stories 7 Tips, Are geared for those in the Middle Class & their Bank Accounts, & Not for the vast majority of us in the Lower income brackets, The assumption that we all need to purchase some Country land, Build a Shelter & grow a Garden, (For Most) is nothing less than a Pipe Dream.
    The shocking Reality is, Those that have Lived under Bridges, Most of their lives, Are the very ones that will Survive.
    Growing your very own Garden, Can be fun, But when was the last time you Did it on your own? & do YOU have the Skills to Make your own Garden? And don’t be fooled into believing that Everyone that you come into contact with, Doesn’t know what your up too, Secrets are very hard to keep in this Age of Micro-Chips.
    LOOK, If you really want to survive, STUDY, STUDY & When you THINK you know it all, Go back & study some more.
    In this Dark time of, Government Controlled DRONES & SPY-WARE, NOTHING is Secret!!
    As for Guns & Ammo? By all means, Get one but don’t go overboard, Remember, Every Shot you Fire, Advertises Your Location, to others!
    & Trust in your Common since, Small Game is far easier to find Than Big Game & you’ll have less wasted Meat in the end.
    Like I state above, this is a Great story, Perhaps one day they may have one that explains in detail the PRO’S & CON’S of Survival of ALL Kinds.

    1. vickie says:

      Quester 55 you are so right. The meek shall inherit the earth, and in my world thats usually the poor folks thats been scraping by and living on very little and dont have very much money if any at all. Me and mine will do just fine.

    2. ski says:

      I disagree with the “bridge” people. They kive of the off-casts of others. Such as dumpsters and trash cans. There will be none of that if/when tshtf. They will be some of the first to go.

  13. While a pickup is always useful, I am a fan of an SUV. We were stuck in an ice storm across the state, and it got us home! We live in a mountain area and all the trucks do is just slip on the snow, ice and steep hills.

    1. Matthew says:

      I kind of like the idea of an SUV too. It might be wise though to have a trailer on hand to haul the things that won’t fit in the SUV. It’s worked quite successfully for me.

    2. Jason B says:

      SUV’s go good in the snow because the weight is more evenly distributed. Shovel the back of a 4wd truck full of snow and it will go places that you wouldn’t believe. Personally I was out playing in a Subaru on street tires in a snow and ice storm once and that thing would run circles around every SUV on the road. Why? Multiple limited slip differentials. One in the front, one in the rear and one in the transfer case. All of them working with the ABS/traction control system to send power to the wheels that have traction. Audi Quattro’s and Volvo AWD’s do the same thing and both have a lower center of gravity not to mention are much safer than any SUV or truck ever thought of being. Extra bonus – the gas mileage that they get.

  14. Marius says:

    For God’s sake guys, I read here almost academic presentations about guns and amo, but let me put you a question: when a looter shows up in your front yard, or even at your door, how far you have to shoot to get him? 10 feet?30 feet?100 feet?
    At that distance why not use a bow and arrows, or a crossbow and arrows? They are not only silent,deadly, but reusable too!What you will all do in a prolonged crisis with your guns when amo runs out?Using them as bats?
    With a bow and arrows, after you killed the intruder, you can collect and reuse the arrow(s), and if you run out of them at some point, you just can make more yourself – is not rocket science!Not so easy with amo, don’t you think? I know it takes a little more practice to learn how to shoot an arrow than a bullet, but I’m sure the benefits way overcome the effort.On the top of that,government will came at some point after your guns and amo, but will dismiss your deadly bow as a toy. And even if they take it, what’s stopping you to make another one?
    Give it a try! When SHTF happens, you will be glad to know how to master this!

    1. Matthew says:

      Why not both? The idea of a good bow is great…but, if two or three or more are looking to steal your stash and they happen to be armed with semi-auto firearms, I’m dropping the bow and drawing the Glock.

    2. Gator says:

      Not to be a D!@k but exactly how many arrows can you loose in 1 min? I totally agree with you about bows. They absolutely have a place in the SHTF scenario but not when it comes to a hoard of hungry/mad/stupid people trying to take whats yours. For that I say a 12ga for up close and personal (at the door) and either a hand gun (I love the Judge as a multifunctional gun) or rifle (SKS’s are cheap and so is the ammo and the mags are as much as 75rds) for the reach out and touch someone aspects. The bow is good for the individual and saving of ammo and stealth for sure but not so good for a crowd.

      1. Smoke Hill Farm says:

        Excellent points. I have a good Barrett crossbow and some bolts, but the cost of bolts is rather high and trying to make more out of tree branches is hardly practical. I will eventually stock up on some dowel material and throw some homemade bolts together, I suppose. The bow is also a practical weapon, though the same problem: prohibitive cost of the “ammo.” And if used for deer or elk, the likelihood of retrieving a usable arrow or bolt is highly speculative.

        For certain circumstances they are good & I want to have them available, but for most defensive use the firearm is by far the best choice.

        1. Thomas says:

          I’ve found bolts “carbon” for less than tubing to build bolts about a dollar a piece plus shipping but unless it’s a soft target the crossbow usually destroys the bolt, it’s probably
          too strong 200 lb ,but it has very good range. A few very large sows have run off with a bolt but I don’t usually eat them anyway. The buzzards get them.

    3. Dennis says:

      A bow is good too, but I will probably die of old age before I run out of ammo, just saying . . . .

  15. ORRonin says:

    Horedog. I had the same sentiment expressed to me when I was conversing with some young guns at the local range, and I advised them to start acquiring long term storage food. They said “Hell, we are acquiring ammo and we’ll be able to take what we want.” Ah, youth. I explained to them that their plan won’t work…and they said “Why not?” so I said “Because the people you will be able to take from won’t have what you need, and those that do have what you need you won’t be able to take from.”

  16. mumsy says:

    I recently moved to a remote area near WY, NE,SD. I actively garden and learning new ways to grow with natural rain fall. Stocking up on seeds to grow my own. Have 2 years of food supply on hand, rotating. Learning natural health options, stocking on essential oils, and other basic necessary med supplies. Knowledge of native plants to survive on if need be.I have friends in a populated area of the North West that are upset I moved but if things fall apart I do not want to be near 100s of thousands of others trying to survive. Weather is better on the Western Slope of the Rockies but more population. I feel with my garden (if it is not lost to weather) I can barter my food/seeds for other needs. Family & friends think I am too paranoid but funny thing is I am the first they call to get medical help. Carry on and plan ahead!

  17. duggy dugg says:

    aquaponics sounds like a big part of it …solar …wind turbine…well..water precipitator…composting toilet..food composter..leach field for urine and grey water…etc

  18. STEVE BONZAI says:

    I have a dozen pressure cookers, about all I use. Even back packing thru Mexico I carrier a 6qt. Cook up a pot of beans and rice in no time. Other supplies went inside. It takes very little firewood or gas to cook. You can deep fry fish, boil lobsters, make the toughest meat and bones fall apart. sterilize anything… you can eat rotten meat, just don’t taste good.

  19. John says:

    Ignorance will be our worst enemy, especially when they band together.

  20. Sam says:

    If you don’t know about oven sealing dry foods, please find out about it. Any thing dry can be oven sealed in canning jars, and will last for years. I have sealed every thing from Q-Tips and bandages to powdered milk and dehydrated vegetables. The articles were in country side magazine several years ago. You can also seal water in jars too.

  21. Kreng says:

    Eddy is doomed.
    Rule #1 is Shut Your Mouth. Fancy name – Operational Security.

    I have supplies to cover my wife’s folks. But I would never mention anything about prepping to them. Because I know my father-in-law would pass that info on to anyone he’s known for more than three minutes.

    Every one of Eddy’s neighbors has told others about “the doomsday guy.”
    Sure, you can shoot Horedog, but what are you going to do about the Food SWAT Team that shows up after one of those folks turns you in? Because you know the anti-hoarding laws will be aimed at us.

    1. Kain says:

      You’re absolutely right. STHU about your prepping.

  22. Texican says:

    Water never goes bad… might not ‘taste’ good… but it’s still water. I guarantee you, if you go 24 hours without anything whatsoever to drink, the nastiest mud hole water with bugs swimming in it, will taste like heaven. Especially if there’s a possibility of not having any more water (or other drinks) for several days…

  23. Jen says:

    I’m not going to get involved in this back and forth chatter but in response to Crystal’s comment asking for a supply list. I am a “city slicker” as someone in this thread said. BUT… I am a city slicker with extreme survival skills that tends to leave the city and backpack all over the world. With that said I would recommend the following in a grab and go kit for neighbors. Though my own survival kit for my house looks very different and is much larger and more comprehensive than this and even includes a pressure cooker (one can make a still from this to purify water, moonshine (haha), and to cook and put up food over a fire). However, one could survive from the things below very easily.

    1 big jar of peanut butter per person (lots of protein, lots of fat, lots of calories, doesn’t need to be refrigerated). One person can live off peanut butter for a long time.

    Duct Tape (used for all sorts of things… including hauling an injured person)

    One small tarp per person

    Cheap little handheld radio and flashlight with batteries

    Basic first aid kit

    2 liter empty bottle (old soda bottle is fine) with instructions on how to make a water filter from rocks, sand, and charcoal (from a burnt fire wood is fine). (WATER STILL NEEDS TO BE BOILED OR TREATED with bleach or iodine) You could even pick up a package of potable water–its cheap. Basically iodine tablets to drop into water. You can find how to make a water filter out of rocks/sand/charcoal online and print it–its very easy.

    A few cans of tuna or chicken

    Tampons and pads –not for feminine needs but for bloody noses, clean up, padding, and dressing.


    Unflavored dental floss (fishing line works too) and needles (for sewing, stitches, hanging things, tying things, and all sorts of other stuff)

    Pocket knife

    If they have pets, have them add food and leash for pets

    flint or steel wool


    Shock blanket (those little silver film blankets–great for insulation and keeping warm, making a solar oven, etc)


    I think I’m probably missing some things, as this is coming from memory.
    Anyway, these are the basics.

    1. Kain says:

      Hi Jen, your “I am a city slicker with extreme survival skills” remark caught my attention.

      Would you mind sharing you basics? Like what you packed for yourself and why? I’d love to learn from you. I have a blog on which I share urban survival skills that I’m learning myself. I would love to see what else I can learn.

      Thanks for your response, even if it’s a simple ‘no’.

  24. Bryan says:

    Eddy doesn’t sound like a true redneck. Most “rednecks” I know don’t have enough reliable monthly income to buy land(they inherit it), a new truck(they’ll drive an old one into the ground), or common sense to save enough of anything to provide for anybody, besides themselves, much less care about strangers(who they don’t trust). Modern “rednecks” are usually the former bankers, who’re hiding out in the sticks, hoping to avoid prosecution. Good luck following THEIR advice…

  25. Kain says:

    Those are great starter points. For the survival kit, what to put into one you should just browse youtube a bit. Search terms as B.O.B. or bug out bag, or urban survival tin, these will get you loads of setups. All slightly different because they need to fit your personal situation.

    But it is very educational to spent a few hours there.

  26. robert says:

    you have a good neighbor

  27. oscargoldman says:

    So he pays $2200 a month mortgage and puts $250 a month back towards a vehicle. Then add power, water, insurance, fuel, cell phone, plus groceries…. how much is Eddy making at work????

  28. Johnnyboy says:

    Does no one have a sense of humor any more???

  29. Donald Smith says:

    Most of the trucks now run on E85. That is 85% ethanol. Ethanol can be made in your back yard if you do not have the law get you for making moon shine! There are places you can get stainless steal 55 gal drums to store it in. The stainless steal drums are also better to store other things in also. Home make ethanol is only about 60-80% the other is water. You will need to mix it in something and let it set. Pump it out through water filter.

  30. jimbo says:

    I think the government is, or, are well ahead of all of us. They are gearing up at this moment to kill most of us before “it” “fails”. They want as few to deal with as possible. That’s why they have all those plastic coffins stored all around the country. For all of you that have dug holes in the ground thinking your safe. They already know where you are, and one grenade or other explosive device, then a flame thrower will take you out in seconds. There is no way to prepare or defend against the hell that will rain down on us before we can even get our pants on. Their not going to warn “us” you before it happens. Its just going to happen all at once. Then they will simply go around collecting bodies and hauling them to the already dug graves and throwing them into the plastic coffins waiting in the staging areas.

  31. jimbo says:

    All I’m going to say is, there is no way anyone can prepare for the hell that is about to rain down on us.

  32. JAMES ALLEN WYATT, JR. says:

    REGARDING THE COMMENTS REGARDING ‘SUPPLY’ BEYOND WHAT ONE HAS ACCUMULATED TO MEET WHATEVER COMES, there is some wisdom in regard to equipment, specificallly firearms and ammunition, and similar equipment.
    “if You Can Shoot . . . ” is an article posted by Sheriff Jim Wilson regarding a conversation involving WWII & Koren Marine Vet. U.S.BorderPatrolman Inspector WILLIAM H. “BILL” JORDAN who suggested that ‘if you can shoot’ (and successfully prevaila and suvrive) you will then porbably have access to the arms and equipment of your bested ‘adversary’. It was also observed that one might also acquire, in addition to arms and ammunition, other ‘equipment’ such as a uniform, vehicle, etc.

  33. brent says:

    OK first off I consider myself just a good ‘ol country boy.I have to chuckle at the comments of a few people on surviving when the SHTF. Well comment about bankers living out in the sticks with us well.. sure they out here in their brand new SUVs getting stuck in their own driveways because they don’t know how to operate in the mud. They consider their lawn mowers tractors.Living the “country life” is allot more than having a house 5 miles from the city. Hank Jr said it best when he sang “a country boy can survive”.We don’t have to learn how to cut a tree down or split wood, can food,fish,hunt have a garden its how we have lived for generations before prepping was called prepping it was called LIFE for us. By the way store at least 3 bullets per 1 bean the basic human nature is to survive no matter what “friends” will not be your friend.

  34. Saving rice and beans is a great idea, but I have an Autistic daughter(5yrs. old), who has a texture problem with food and will only eat certain foods, most have to be blended. What do I do ??

  35. My daughter is a 5 yr. old Autistic child with food texture problems and will not likely eat just rice and beans, if at all, also, most of her meals must be blended, what do we do ??

    1. Maggie J says:

      Diane, I realize this is 2 years since your comment on your daughter but the issue might still exist. There are manual blenders available. They work with a hand crank. And if she has a specific comfort food, maybe you can start stocking up on its components in dehydrated or freeze dried forms. And test everything now before needed to make sure it meets her needs.

  36. Lauren J says:

    So sorry for the issue. We worked out the bug causing the problem this morning. Thanks for the feedback!

  37. Rule 9- “Never go anywhere without a knife” – Leroy Jethro Gibbs, NCIS

  38. jim says:

    Eddie is right on all his ideas. You are very right about the ammo. Only about 20 years ago one could buy these Chinese versions of AK-47’s for $99, and a 50 round box of .22 ammo for .99 cents. I see these rifles going for $400 and even more sometimes at gun shows. “Dope” in my best Homer Simpson voice! Wished I’d bought a 1000 of them. Now it will be the same for ammo!

  39. Margaret says:

    You should dispose of all the Canola Oil,soy oil,and manufactured oils that are used for food ! Remember that Olive oil has been distilled with water and is no longer pure ! What I suggest is Coconut Oil ! It is inexpensive, good for your body , as well as a Healer !
    The Aborigines of Australia , who are the original peoples, have used it for Centuries ! It can be used for everything and tastes good ! Try it for making fried potatoes !

  40. Dennis says:

    Sounds like real good advice to me!

  41. Matt Van Camp says:

    Great article, I like each of these steps and would add only a few suggestions to Eddy’s list…
    !. When you buy that extra acre; (or more, preferably) or even more ideally the piece of land that you’re home is on, I think its wiser to be out of town completely. Even though that means a longer drive, or even a longer walk, into town I feel its a bit safer being further out of reach of roving bands of looters or hungry lawless mobs. Plus, if you’ve got some land perhaps you can build that root cellar more secretively and concealed, thereby providing shelter and concealment for your family or core group.
    2. I also would provide myself with a hidden, remote ‘stash’ and hideout in case I had to flee and relocate because of discovery/looting. Provide Arms of varying types, Guns, Crossbows, Bow & Arrows, Air rifle, Slingshots with steel ball projectiles… backup after backup after backup on everything..

  42. Jerry. Blandford says:

    Wheather a person agrees with all of the presentation or the comments you have to admit there are a lot of good ideas shown.

  43. Pack Rat says:

    Someone above was asking items to add to their “Survival Back Pack” and first aid kit.
    Besides obvious items Water, Food energy bars, eating utensils and a cup to heat water and cook in, Firearm and extra ammo speed loaders or magazines, Fire making devices tent/tarp/ emergency sleeping bag, TP, Bullion/Tea Instant/ Coffee. Sugar and creamer packs, etc ”
    I suggest the following be required:

    Any and ALL Medications. Spare glasses Preferred!! or Contact Lenses with plenty of Solution for them. Also spare UVA/UVB sunglasses.

    A small folding shovel such a real MIL-SPEC/ ISSUE E-TOOL! The cheap look alike knock offs are near useless as they are made of weaker metal and WILL warp and bend.
    There are numerous quality types of such shovels one that I am aware of is more or less a multi-tool.
    That might be better for those that can afford it.

    A bag of hard candy such as Butterscotch or other… It can supply sugar and boost morale.

    A deck of cards and some dice to use in times of boredom for entertainment. Perhaps other travel board games. Puzzle book or two. Whatever you prefer. If you have children they will be need to be entertained.

    Something no one has mentioned are change of shoes/boots and fresh socks and a good foot powder.
    Keep all clothing items/underwear and socks dry! Put them in Zip Lock plastic bags for example
    3 pairs of socks
    Some sort of rain gear.
    Also fresh underwear needs to be in their especially for females to help prevent infections.
    3 pairs of underwear

    Something most people do not think about.
    Change of clothes. Getting out of wet clothes/socks and getting dry and into warm dry clothes
    Is a morale boost and you will feel better

    Proper Hygiene and cleanliness is a MUST for everyone to help prevent sickness and disease.
    Wipes to “wash” your important parts…..I am sure you can figure that one out.

    I highly suggest everyone search and learn about “Field Hygiene” and that they practice it to learn it and will use it in time of need.

    Also “Moleskin” should be part of a First Aid Kit that can be used on sore or chafing spots and blister areas on your feet. You must take between they occur at.) Blisters can become raw and potentially infected….something you can easily prevent with simple precautions.

    Speaking of feet several pairs of good sturdy boots shoes and sneakers in appropriate sizes for yourself and family members…Hard for growing children I know….The thing is your current boots or shoes are not going to last forever and there will not be a store to go buy some.

    The same with socks….you can darn them but eventually they will need replacing.
    Same with clothing……

    Granted I do go on on about prepping on some items but I do stand by the recommendations for the Back Pack

  44. Bill says:

    What ever your plans are ,do it over and over.then maybe your ready!then enjoy the life you have.

  45. Hugh Jassol says:



    But it has one major secret virtue over beans. Especially if cooking and eating needs to be done on the fly with the simplest effort fee scenario.

    Whats that major virtue?


    Beans will. Soaking



    Another key nutrient that always gets overlooked. FAT! NO FAT IN BEANS, LENTILs, or Rice.
    Add olive oil ( even the cheap Stuff) to the list. 1 table spoon of oil to each serving of LENTILS, BEANS, rice will ensur heaLthy fats are now incorporated into your rations. Bullets are a good call. Antibiotics for fish on Amazon in the form of amoxicillin And (shit I cant remember the other one that targets skin) starts with a letter C….CETOPHLAXIN. ANY WAY THEYRE IDENTICAL TO HUMAN GRADE ANTIBIOTS. ONLY DIFFERENCE IS A TOUCH TINT IS ADDED AS AN INDICATER IN AQUARIUMS. IVE GIVEN TO MY DOG . EXCELLENT PFODUCTS.


  46. william mann says:

    I would recommend that you have what is called a gauge reducer. They are designed for use in a single or double barrel shotguns. They will not work in a pump or semi-auto gun. These adapters come in two styles short smooth bore and long rifled ones. These adapters come from a company named (Short Lane Gun Adapters.com) you can buy them on the company website or on eBay. I bought mine from eBay and even had a chance to bid on a few and get them cheaper than full price. I bought the short ones. The short ones are for close shooting, the longer rifled ones are for long range shooting, under 50yrds. They allow you to scavenge ammo of any kind and shoot it from your shotgun. They allow me to use my 12ga single barrle shotgun to shoot 20ga, 16ga, 410ga, 45acp, 9mm, 357mag, 45colt, 38special, all rim fire ammo, 22lr, 22wmr, 17hmr. And a few more. These adapters are ment for scavengers during or after a SHTF type of situation. You may not have the right type of ammunition you need for your gun, but with these adapters you can shoot almost any caliber pistol ammunition you might come upon in your travels or search for supplies. They greatly expand your chances of surviving the situation because you now have the option to use many different types of ammunition, even if you don’t have a gun ment for that particular type of ammo. I love these adapters and would recommend them to anyone who is a prepper and wants to expand the possibilities of use for your single barrel shotgun. They are a great addition to your supplies and increase your chances of surviving the situation. Having a single gun that can shoot multiple calibers of ammunition is priceless. These adapters are high quality products and made of quality steel and should last a lifetime of use. In my opinion they are essential for my bug out bag. I have the whole set of smooth bore ones, and now I’m adding the rifled ones to my collection. That way I can reach out further and more accutately. I can’t count how many times I’ve came across loose bullets in my travels and thought, those won’t work for me, I don’t own a gun that fires that caliber. Now I can pick up those loose bullets and have a gun that can fire them. I have collected probably a hundred rounds just here and there, someone was throwing them away. I now save them and have a use for them in a emergency situation where I don’t have anymore ammo or I’ve ran out and don’t have access to another gun at that moment.

  47. Charles says:

    GREAT cOMMENTS !! BETTER than the Crazy article !!

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