Medical Preparedness: Which Should You Store?

Medical Preparedness: Which Should You Store?

August 29, 2023 / Comments (2)


Preparedness means doing what is necessary before getting snowed in for a week or the total collapse of society. It's always a good thing to have some medications stored up.  But what medications should you store?  You may not have the space to keep half the pharmacy in your house. You have to learn about medical preparedness to strike the right balance.

Medical Preparedness Tips

Of course, you should prioritize crucial, long-term prescription medications.  But how else should you prioritize your medication preparedness?  Check out this video from Patriot Nurse to learn more about which medications you should stock up on.

Planning and preparing for a disaster are parts of the process of mitigation and critical thinking. This is important even while we encounter real threats to our current comfortable way of living. In addition to food, essentials and practical skills, we must not forget the importance of medical preparedness, or stocking up on vitamins and medications that can be very useful when a calamity strikes.

Pain killers like aspirin or Ibuprofen to help alleviate fever and relieve pain.
Anti-diarrhea medicines to stop dehydration brought on by diarrhea.
Burn gel to lessen the pain sensation and prevent the burn from becoming infected.
Antihistamine for the treatment of allergies.
Quick-clot powder, which can be useful in treating wounds and sealing it closed to stop further bleeding.
Multivitamins could prove to be quite essential to address problems of deficiencies.
In addition to a multivitamin, include specific vitamins such as Vitamin C or ascorbic acid powder. Also, store Vitamin A, B, E and Coenzyme Q10.

Medical preparedness can be crucial during times of emergency. Even though eating the right diet is a better way, stocking up on some basic medicines is a vital addition to your prepper’s list.

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Medical Preparedness: Which Should You Store?

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