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Survival knives are one of the most important survival tools one must keep in his bug-out bag. These items are an absolute necessity for survival and everyday carry, as you never know when it will be needed.

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Know the Best Survival Knives for Almost Anything

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The Best Survival Knives

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A good knife can be used for everyday projects, quick fixes to equipment or vehicles, defense, shelter building, fire starting, hunting, cleaning and preparing food, etc.

A quality knife or set of knives is the most important tool required for survival. There is a wide variety of types of knives out there from the ridiculous Rambo knife to the practical Swiss Army tool.

Here is a list of my top 3 favorite knives for survival:

  • Multi-Tool
  • Fixed Blade
  • Folding Knife

Best have all 3 on you when sh*t hits the fan, don't you think?

1. Best Multi-Tool Survival Knife

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When it comes to survival, a multi-tool knife should be at the top of your list. It's more than just a knife, and it should be a part of your everyday carry.

I personally recommend a quality multi-tool like the Gerber Center Drive Multi-Tool With Sheath or Hoffman-Richter Multi-Tool in its carrying case and worn on your belt or a solid folder with a carrying clip that is semi-concealable in any pants pocket.

The choice is up to you and the situation you find yourself in. When I'm in dress clothes as required at times for work, I carry a folder that is thin, not bulky, and has a nice carrying clip due to its slimmer design.

This multi-tool has a lighter weight than the multi-tool I use when I'm wearing more casual clothing. The way I look at it, it is my first choice for everyday carry due to the wide variety of functions these tools provide.

Blades for cutting purposes, the pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, can opener, and the serrated edges to cut limbs can all be used as needed.

Many multi-tools have a clip or loop to give you the option of dummy cording the knife to your carrying case or belt with paracord or something similar so you don't lose it while traveling cross-country or traversing heavy brush.

The dummy cord has saved my knife more than once when the thick brush opened the Velcro or button closure on the carrying case leaving the knife to fall. This one goes without saying, my favorite of all is the Hoffman-Richter Multi-tool.

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2. Best Fixed Blade Knives for Survival

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I also recommend keeping a solid, quality fixed blade knife handy in either your vehicle, home, or workplace.

The fixed blade is larger than the blades on the multi-tool or smaller folder you use for everyday carry and is used in more deliberate situations, like when you are in the field full time.

Normally, the fixed blade comes with a carrying case or scabbard that you can mount to your belt, gear, or boot. I personally like to have it handy on my hip and within arm's reach at all times.

I recommend purchasing a fixed blade that has the option of carrying a fire starter such as the Bear Grylls fixed Ultimate Knife blade.

This knife comes with many handy features, including the semi-rigid carrying case/scabbard that has a vertical belt loop and two horizontal loops for attachment to the leg (if you prefer to do so) so the scabbard is not flapping around or getting caught on things.

You can also use the loops to attach the scabbard to a rucksack/backpack or even use to attach it with MOLLE clips to a vest.  My favorite fixed blade knife is the Hoffman-Richter WOLF fixed blade knife with a belt sheath holder.

You could buy it on Amazon right now and save $80. When selecting your knife know that you can get a solid, decent, dependable, and quality knife for a relatively inexpensive price.

There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a knife. I have purchased cheap knives to see how they work out or when I saw a good looking knife on sale, but most were not quality and did not last.

The most important thing to consider is practicality. I have found that if you purchase an impractical knife that is too large, too heavy, or not concealable, you will simply not carry it, and you will miss having the most essential survival tool when you need it most.

One example from my personal experience is the Swiss Army Knife. I purchased one that had over 30 tools on it to include a toothpick and tweezers and was over 1″ thick and pretty heavy.

The knife did not come with a carrying case and was not practical to be carried in my pants pocket, so I never carried it. So I later purchased a smaller, pared-down model of the Swiss Army Knife and ended up carrying it much more often.

3. Best Tactical Folding Knife for Survival

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Tactical Folding Knives come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. My favorite is the heavy and stealth Hoffman-Richter HR-30 Tactical Folding Knife with a Titanium Coated Razor Sharp Steel Blade.

The HR-30 uses high-quality 440C Steel, for a perfect balance of edge retention and ease of sharpening; The ultra-tough titanium coating ensures that it will last a lifetime.

Think about the size and weight of the knife, the practicality of carrying it, dependability, and solid construction is a must.

For semi-concealable folding knives think about the ease of opening the knife single-handed as some folders have assisted opening features that lock open and have a slim profile and a carrying clip.

I recommend you consider the color of the folder and the carrying clip as I like to carry mine concealed or semi-concealed where only the clip can be seen from the outside by other people.

I chose black as it does blend in with most of my earth-tone wardrobe. Some people choose to overtly carry the knife so others clearly know they have it as a deterrent, though I do not agree with that thinking.

Remember if others can observe the knife they now know where your weapon is and can eliminate or counter that threat of even just take it from you. I carry my folder where it is not normally observed and therefore not easily taken from me.

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On a final note, as a red-blooded patriotic American, I wish everything was made in the U.S. as it is the best quality in the world hands-down. However, doing this is not always practical so try to buy the best-quality knives you can.

I know that Buck Knives is one of the prominent American companies that sell American-made knives. Though they do have some foreign-made products, they proudly report making most of their products here in the U.S.

Which is your most favorite survival knives to keep on hand? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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