Survival MULE: Your Containerstore on Wheels

survival MULE

March 30, 2016 / Comments (1)

Survival Gear

Survival MULE: Your Containerstore on Wheels

A Flexible Survival Storage Solution for Preppers on the Move

Every once in a while, we come across a product we just have to share with our readers.

The Survival MULE is one of those products. The MULE is a great investment for any prepper seeking a storage solution for their survival gear and supplies.

Never heard of the Survival MULE? You're in luck. We caught up with Chris Koelzer, developer and company owner, to help us introduce you to your this must-have piece of survival equipment.

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What is the Survival MULE?

The Survival MULE is a new product, designed with a three-fold purpose:

  1. Steadfast PREPAREDNESS daily
  2. Dauntless SURVIVAL in emergencies
  3. Purposeful ADVENTURE routinely

It is a steel locker that in vertical storage mode protects critical gear within a compact space, such as along a garage wall.  Yet in two minutes you can install modular components and convert to horizontal trailer mode, capable of carrying about 1500 pounds of equipment and supplies.

The MULE is simple, rugged, multi-functional, weatherized, reliable, and compact:

— SIMPLE:  It can be operated by one person.  An average man can physically lift or lower the MULE to convert between locker and trailer modes in about two minutes, even when well loaded.   Using 8-inch vehicle ramps for angular advantage, a smaller person can too (has been done by a 110-pound kid).

— RUGGED:  It has all-steel construction, with independent torsion axles rated to 2,000 pounds gross weight.  The prototype MULE has logged over 4,000 miles, at highway speeds up to 80 mph and crosswinds over 30 mph, as well as off-road behind an ATV.

— MULTI-FUNCTIONAL:  Equipment and supplies locker; gun safe; tool vault; bug-out trailer; utility trailer; recreational trailer; work trailer; flat-bed conversion (by removing four bolts, separating the frame from the locker, and adding a plywood bed).

— WEATHERIZED:  Steel is galvanized (locker and wheels), zinc-plated (hardware), or powder-coated (frame, axles, and as an option for locker) for protection and low maintenance, and there is a rubber seal around the perimeter of the door/lid.

— RELIABLE:  The frame has multiple structural redundancies (pins, bolts, brackets), and critical parts are easily replaceable with simple tools (tires, hubs, axle arm, axle spindle).

— COMPACT:   It only takes up 6 square feet of floor in vertical locker mode (about like a couple garbage cans), yet secures over 32 cubic feet of storage volume.


What was the inspiration behind the Survival MULE? How did it come into being?

The MULE is the result of my own survival concerns.  When I began to prepare my family, I wanted a compact storage system that would protect critical equipment and supplies, and also be capable of immediate mobility.   I searched the market for a secure, compact, mobile storage product, that wouldn't take up half my garage.  Finding none, I built one myself.   Now I have started a small business around it, so that others may benefit from the value of this product.

survival mule 3

Who needs the Survival MULE?

The MULE offers uncommon and enduring value to just about anybody. The PREPAREDNESS secured in a well-stocked MULE is Survival Insurance and peace of mind, knowing you are ready for contingency situations.  When that Day of Days arrives, the MULE and its equipment/supplies maximize your SURVIVAL by preserving your liberty, self-reliance, and choice–you can hunker down and “BUG IN” at home, or hit the road and “BUG-OUT” at any time.  It solves the volume limitations of bug-out bags, without needing a parking space like a standard trailer.   Since it is so easy to convert from locker to trailer and back, the MULE provides extra value through routine use for ADVENTURE–camping, hunting, fishing, road trips, etc.  And as a garage locker it is always accessible, like a gun safe or tool vault.


What are the Survival MULE’s functions?

While it continually provides steadfast preparedness and Survival Insurance, the MULE gives compact security for your equipment and supplies as an immediately available storage locker, gun safe, and/or tool vault.   Its modular design enables quick transition from locker mode to trailer mode.  It functions in trailer mode as a recreational trailer, utility trailer for home projects (capable of a flat-bed mode too), or work trailer.

What is the Survival MULE made of? What are its dimensions?

The locker is made out of 18-gauge galvanized steel, and can be powder coated (OD green, tan, black, or custom color).   The frame is powder coated steel, and all the hardware is zinc-plated or galvanized steel.

Its dimensions in vertical locker mode are about 6 ft high, 3.5 ft wide, and 2 ft deep.  In horizontal trailer mode, it is about 3.25 ft high, 5 ft wide, and 9 ft long.


What security mechanisms are in place for the MULE?

The MULE's steel construction and tamper-proof hardware make it extremely resistant to theft of interior components, and owners will certainly want to padlock the locker handle.   Within the next few weeks, we intend to offer an optional “keyed alike” padlock package, which includes eight padlocks all matched to the same key.  These locks can be used for the locker door and the hitch pins that secure each module (tongue, coupler, vehicle hitch, optional cargo carrier, and both axles), to prevent theft or removal of the MULE and its components.


Where is the MULE manufactured?

It is assembled in Minnesota from off-the-shelf and custom components, purchased from several US vendors, along with one Canadian company.  It is important to note that it is sold as a trailer kit, in order to preserve our owners' liberty to modify and use their asset as they choose, without restrictive Government certifications.   Many MULE owners will purchase it just for the Survival Insurance and peace of mind, and leave it in vertical locker mode, standing ready.  For those that choose to gain maximum value from their MULE by routine use, in order to drive it on Government roads you'll need to check your State's registration requirements—some states may require registration fees as a homebuilt trailer.  In Minnesota it surprisingly required only one form and payment of a fee/tax, and took about 5 minutes, to get a permanent registration.

What sets the MULE apart from its competitors?

I have not yet been able to find any similar competitors.  There are a few trailers that store vertically, but they lack the compactness of modular components, and the ability to act as a steel locker that offers daily access to equipment and supplies.   There are many standard trailers, but they all take up a parking space.   If you have an extra parking space and your wife and neighbors don't mind a trailer sitting in it, then a regular trailer may be better for you.   But for those folks that lack an extra space, want to park their vehicle inside, and enjoy having one asset that performs multiple functions, the MULE may offer Best Value for their preparedness investment.

Additionally, the MULE's modular design really sets it apart from existing products, giving it multi-mission functionality that offers value far out of proportion to its cost.  And this design is capable of extensive customization.   Owners can add interior and exterior storage containers (ammo, fuel, water, gun cases, cargo), topside cargo racks or nets, and/or equipment racks (Yakima, Thule, etc.).  Any hitch-mounted accessory (for a 1-¼” hitch) will insert in the open frame square tubes at both sides (forward of axle) and the back end.  These spots are perfect for bike racks or cargo racks.  Extra Jerry can brackets or spare tire brackets can be mounted anywhere on the sides, by drilling a couple holes in the sheet steel.   The modifications to the MULE are limited only by the owner's creativity and unique requirements.

survival mule 2

What else do you want our readers to know about the Survival MULE?

I hope the MULE becomes a catalyst for preparedness, regardless of how much of a “prepper” you are.  This article could motivate some readers to take their first steps on the road to self-sufficiency, whether that means buying a MULE or just buying a 30-day food supply.   For active preppers, the MULE could add mobility and security to their existing survival capabilities.   Even a guy that already has an armored bug-out vehicle can use a MULE, to increase cargo capability.

Each day, our Government further abandons the U.S. Constitution, while natural disasters continue to take lives.  So each day, it becomes more important to prepare.   Ten years early is better than one day late!

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