Prepping Your Spouse for a Preparedness Lifestyle

August 31, 2016 Most preppers are probably familiar with the sideways looks and awkward situations that arise when they tell others of their emergency plans and readiness. When that skepticism comes from...

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Top 10 Healing Benefits of Bee Propolis

August 15, 2016 Almost everyone is familiar with the many healing benefits of honey, but how much do you know about bee propolis? Check out this article to learn more!...

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5 Hospital Secrets You Need to Know

July 6, 2016 As a prepper, you should know to never let your guard down – even in a place that's supposed to be safe. Here are a few hospital secrets to keep in mind during your next...

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Pucker Up for This Surprisingly Useful Survival Tool

April 29, 2016 Picture this. You're going through your bug-out bag (for the millionth time, if you're anything like me), making sure you've got all the necessary supplies and that they're all accounted...

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Survival MULE: Your Containerstore on Wheels

March 30, 2016 Survival MULE: Your Containerstore on Wheels A Flexible Survival Storage Solution for Preppers on the Move Every once in a while, we come across a product we just have to share with our...

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Psychology of Survival: Fear and Despair

January 16, 2016 This week's Mental barrier is Fear and Despair.  I decided to put both of them together as they are so closely related that it is extremely difficult to tell them apart but they both...

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3 Reasons You Should Join a Survival Group

January 15, 2016 There's Strength in Numbers Most of us don’t realize this but all of us are already in a ‘Survival Group’. It’s called the ‘Human Race’. And it has...

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Using Flashlight Power for Emergency Lighting | Survival Skills

January 13, 2016 Flashlight power is an excellent source of lighting in an emergency. Check out the article below to learn more about how this technology has evolved, and how flashlights can be a...

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7 Survival Hacks That Could Save Your Life

January 5, 2016 Ever find yourself in a survival situation without the appropriate tools? It's a scary place to be, but I think we've all been there at one time or another. When it comes to living a...

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How to Make a Prepper

December 18, 2015 Do you wish a certain friend would start prepping? Are you the only prepper, that you know of, in your area? Are there people who are essential to your end of the world plan that are not...

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