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Survival Tips

Kids survival skills have to be taught as early as possible. Survival knowledge is not something that can be learned overnight. Survival tips for kids are important to ensure that everyone in your family is safe and prepared.

It may be hard to imagine your children being left alone to protect and take care of themselves, but it is better to raise them to be self-sufficient than to let them become too dependent on us.

It may also be hard to determine which skills are appropriate for kids of different ages, but I assure you that there are survival skills for kids of all age groups to learn.

This should be a part of every child's survival training. Adults like us do not want to be injured and let our kids fend for themselves, but it is of prime importance that they know what to do and how to do it if and when that dreadful day comes.

Teaching your kids wilderness survival skills will not only give them the tools to fend for themselves, but it will also be a fun bonding and learning activity for you both. Think of it as your own Kids Survival Camp.

survival skills for kids

Survival Skills for Kids

Check out the top 10 survival skills to teach your kids.

10 Survival Tips for Kids

If your twelve-year-old was lost and alone, would he or she be able to take care of themselves and siblings/friends until they could get to help, or until help reached them?

Would your idea of survival skills be different if you lived in an urban area versus living on a homestead in the middle of nowhere?

After viewing the video from SNOmultimedia on what his top 5 survival skills are for kids, I wanted to expand on that to 10 Survival Skills every 12-year-old should know – the Mom with a Prep version – and be sure to check out this version by Jennifer from Are We Crazy Or What!?

I’ll admit – my skills are probably skewed to my kids. We live in a highly developed suburban area so the kids are familiar with where they are. There aren’t wild spaces to explore. We don’t travel a lot, so the likelihood of crashing a plane into a remote backwoods lake is pretty slim.

HOWEVER, those incidents can happen close to home – where they are involved in a car accident, they get lost on a field trip, they are left home alone for an extended time, they are separated from us because of a natural disaster, etc.

So the list is developed for our particular concerns for our kids, but can translate to kids everywhere. We’re also assuming they already know how to ride a bike, how to dial 9-11, how to swim and know their emergency phone numbers.

Surviving in the environment they are in is a more likely situation than being lost in the Appalachian mountains, alone. And for us, some life skills are important because they are valid survival skills. So remember, it’s our list based on our circumstances and life experiences, your list will probably be a bit different.

Click here for the full article. It is definitely difficult to imagine your children having to go through emergency situations, and unfortunately, there is no easy solution. If any unfortunate event takes place, there is no guarantee that kids will be safe and sound. Every prepper knows that the unthinkable can always happen and it is beyond anyone's control.

All we can do is teach our kids as many valuable survival skills as possible and help them make a plan to be prepared and protect themselves when needed. So go ahead and teach your kids these important survival skills. It's never too early to start prepping!

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Editor's Note: This article was originally published on October 8, 2014, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

4 Responses to :
Survival Skills for Kids | Are Your Kids Prepared?

  1. obsidian says:

    I bought the thirteen year old a Bear G. ultimate knife when he went camping with his Mom in N. C. one week he wore out the fire stryker, demonstrating the fire making capabilities of his new knife Paw Paw gave him.
    Mom said she thought at one time he was gonna set the world on fire LOL Kids love this stuff.

  2. David Querns says:

    In Boy Scouts we have a few courses regarding survival skills but on a basic level. From Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge, Wilderness Survival Merit Badge, the last goes on. Almost everything touches on survival. However one thing is never stressed and that is just how imminent and realistically important these skills are unless the trainer implies this indirectly.

    Do you have a hiearchy of some sorts? Do you know someone in the Orange County, CA area certified that will teach any BSA Merit Badges?

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