16 Tips for Raising Goats

October 15, 2023 Interested in raising goats for meat, milk, or profit? We'll teach you all you need to know with our 16 tips for raising goats. Goats have been long considered the poor man's cow....

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COOKING SKILLS: 8 Reasons To Hold Onto Old Cookbooks

October 14, 2023 Knowing how to cook is an essential skill for any survivalist, prepper, or homesteader. These days, we have all sorts of gadgets to make cooking easy: electric mixers, microwaves, digital...

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Raising Rabbits

October 13, 2023 Rabbits aren't just cute and cuddly pets. Raising rabbits for food is a healthy and affordable way to feed your family. Learn more about raising rabbits. An Excellent Meat Source for...

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12 Rainwater Collection Tips

October 13, 2023 Why is it important to learn rainwater collection methods? Living in such a modern world nowadays, most people don't worry about much at all. They can mostly get what they need at home with...

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10 Simple Tips For Urban Homesteader Needs to See

October 12, 2023 One of the things that got me into survival was the desire to live a self-sustainable lifestyle by following tips for urban homesteaders.  The idea of learning skills that would not...

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A New Take On Alternative Energy: The Tesla Powerwall

October 10, 2023 Alternative energy is the solution for preppers who want to be self-sufficient. RELATED: Solar Power: Energy Alternative Alternative Energy Option: The Tesla Powerwall Alternative Energy...

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5 Uses for Epsom Salt in Your Garden

October 7, 2023 5 Uses for Epsom Salt in Your Garden The Recipe for a Healthy, Thriving Garden Epsom salt has a wide variety of uses, anything from home remedies to uses around your home and garden. Epsom...

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7 Key Points to Consider When Living Off Grid

October 6, 2023 For a lot of people, living off grid sounds like an attractive option. Living Off Grid At first, when you think about living off grid, you may picture sleeping under the stars or camping...

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8 Deadly Survival Myths To Avoid At All Costs

October 5, 2023 It only takes one false survival myth to put your life in jeopardy. When you're out to explore the wilderness, you should rethink everything before proceeding with an action influenced by a...

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How to Get Rid of Mice in the Coming Season

October 4, 2023 As we head into August, we start preparing for the upcoming season – Autumn. With all the beauty that this season brings, it also brings much cooler temperatures. With cooler...

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