What Am I Thankful For This Turkey Day?


November 22, 2016 / Comments (3)


The time for turkey,
Is nearly here.
It's the beginning of the end,
Of this crazy year.
What am I thankful for?
Hmm, let me see …
Ooh, rifles and handguns,
And AR-15s!
Sig Sauer and Glock,
And some 1911s.
Seven point six two,
And AK-47s!
Binary trigger groups,
And belt-fed guns.
Anything with a high capacity mag,
Is really kinda fun.
Long distance rifles,
With high-powered scopes.
Or just sitting at the range,
Tracking my DOPE.
Roller delayed blowbacks,
Are also really cool.
But on second thought,
I like it when anything goes boom!
The turkey is coming,
He reigns supreme.
Resting in our stomachs,
With mamma's green beans.
What are you thankful for?
Please let us know.
Let your voice be heard,
In the comments below.
Happy Thanksgiving my friends. Be safe, get fat and don't leave you gun at home.

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