Gun Control: The Answer to Mass Shootings. What do YOU think?


Are more gun laws the answer to preventing mass shootings?

The President has made it clear that he intends to politicize the gun issue and will continue to bring it up in the media. For a second day in a row, a frustrated President Obama told the nation he would politicize the Oregon College shooting because it wasn't just a tragedy, it was a choice.

We're all against the misuse of firearms, but let's hear what YOU think we can do to keep these tragedies from happening.

[VIDEO] The President comments on the Oregon shooting on

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4 Responses to :
Gun Control: The Answer to Mass Shootings. What do YOU think?

  1. Ralph says:

    i think that this country is full of idiots they want to take our guns away but no matter what the criminals will still get guns to commit crimes .all you gun control idiots are really stupid .all of you idiots should be in Iraq with ISIS

  2. Paul Edward Fisher says:

    I believe all law abiding American citizens should be allowed to carry concealed firearms,no matter where they are,and without having to pay for a permit.The second amendment is a right,not a privilege.It’s better to have it and not need it,than need it and not have it.If these gun control freaks take our guns away ,the criminals would treat everyone like sheep.I and my family are not sheep and we will protect ourselves, our property, and anyone that is around us and needs protection, no matter what and with anything we have with us.

  3. JOHN VAUGHN says:

    Are all the gun laws they really working? Of coarse not! Why, because criminals don’t obey the laws any way. What we need to do is arm all the citizens and lets see if that works. For some reason I think it will because no outlaw wants to rob some one with a gun! common sense, President Obama, some thing you are very short of. My self I will defend my self with a Remington 45 1911 so bring it on outlaws.

  4. gumpa_38 says:

    I am sorry folks but to date I have been concealed carrying since 1970 when I got out of the service. There has been only 2 years that I bothered to get a permit and that was when the company I worked for required it to drive for them. Other than that I have ran under the don’t ask, don’t tell rule. I have been stopped by officers on the hiway and I don’t bother calling it to their attention to it. It would only make them nervous and that wasn’t needed for either of us. I have only received one ticket where I wasn’t guilty and I went to court and the Judge found in my favor. I have never yet to have to pull it in self defense but I would feel literally naked with out it.

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