Best Practices: Training For Everyday Gun Carry

Speed Load 2

Training for Everyday Carry
Most people who apply for a concealed carry permit fail to take into consideration that effective concealed carry is actually a lifestyle change. Approximately 80 percent of the licensed students I work with report that they usually don’t carry on a daily basis. Most say they carry only in their vehicle or while traveling.
Along with the decision to actually carry a concealed handgun daily come some changes in how you go about day-to-day life. Your attire will most likely need to change. If you carry off-body in a purse, bag or other manner, this will require some adaptation.
Once you’ve established carry methods, your training should continue. This article will cover some key areas to cover in your concealed carry training.

tactical reload

Tactical Reload

But first, this is a good place to remind everyone to practice the four rules of safe gun handling at all times including during training!
1. Treat all guns as if they are loaded.
2. Don’t let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
3. Keep your finger off the trigger until the sights are on target and you’re ready to shoot.
4. Be aware of your target and what’s around it.
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Getting the handgun into play if needed
Can you draw your handgun from its place of concealment efficiently? Understand, for most folks getting the pistol out of concealment will present its own challenges and must be practiced. It will be more work than when drawing from a strong-side open carry setup that the average person is accustomed to. Also, what about getting the gun back into its hiding place once the incident is over? You will want to establish a good grip while drawing (a fundamental of marksmanship), and your concealment method should help facilitate this. Practice your concealment draw method now, ahead of any stressful incident in the future that you hope never happens.
gun grip

Getting a proper grip is essential

Defensive Accuracy
If you must shoot, then hit what you’re shooting at. There is bullseye accuracy and then there is self-defense accuracy. Your goal should be to blend the two….meaning you want a combination of speed and accuracy. Shooting lightning fast is great, to the extent that you can hit the intended target. Shooting well is a perishable skill; you must hone this skill with solid training. Go to for some excellent drills, or spend some lesson time with a qualified trainer.
Running the gun
I have always suggested to students that shooting accuracy is only half the battle. Skills such as emergency or speed reloads, malfunction clearances, and again getting the gun out of its carry location are just some basic skills I believe every concealed carry holder should develop and feel confident doing. I teach and practice these skills constantly, both for students and myself.
magazine drop

Speed Load Mag Drop

Moving to and shooting from cover
A deadly force confrontation happens in seconds, usually! However, the situation may allow you escape and avoidance (which you should do if at all possible), or you could find yourself needing to take cover. Cover is some object that will hopefully stop incoming bullets. If possible you should add into your training the act of moving to and shooting from cover. For most people, this will be a different experience that can change how a person grips their handgun and sees their sights. Practice shooting from kneeling, sitting and prone now, instead of always keeping your feet planted in one place and hoping you will never have to move into an uncomfortable shooting position.
shooting from cover

Shooting from protective cover

Dim light shooting
You must be able to identify your threat! There have been far too many tragic cases where a person shoots their own loved one believing they were an intruder. I ALWAYS carry a handheld flashlight and know how to shoot with the light in my support hand. You should have this skill too. After all, most crime happens after dark. Depending on the technique used, this may mean firing your pistol one handed…a skill I recommend you possess and do some training for. A weapon mounted light system may or may not be appropriate depending on the risk of flagging innocent people.
Distance shooting
While most encounters (over 90%) occur from about seven yards or less, there could be a situation where a longer shot must be made. With the increase in active shooters, a shot at 12 to 25 yards or farther may be the only option. With a handgun, this can be a challenge for even the seasoned shooter. Train and be able to make center mass shots at least out to 25 yards with your EDC handgun. As with all shooting, your marksmanship fundamentals must be constantly reinforced, distance shooting will test these skills.

Scenario based or “Force Decisions”
I believe that scenario- based training is one of the best techniques you can employ to prepare for an encounter you hope never comes. This type of training should be done in a highly safe and secure manner, and only with Simunition® or airsoft. Force Decisions training will challenge you mentally. Your mental prowess is, in my opinion, where the rubber meets the road. You can be the best bullseye shooter in the world, but making decisions under immediate high stress and reacting appropriately is what this type of training is all about. We use this training often. Many students come away with an “oh shit” look on their face, but then begin to realize where their strengths and weaknesses really are.
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A Final Thought
Remember that everywhere you carry, there is now a gun on scene. Don’t let your gun be used against you. There are many cases recently of open carry or even concealed carry guns being taken right off the citizen carrying them. That gun could be used against you or someone else. Carry discretely and securely is my suggestion.
As a fellow trainer once told me: “Train well and train often”.
Sound Off Gun Carriers! How do you train? Let us know in the comments below. Have you liked Gun Carrier's Factbook page yet?

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