Prepper Tips | Tricks to Hide Your Water Storage

Prepper Tips | Tricks to Hide Your Water Storage by Survival Life at

In any EOTW scenario, water is always on the list of your needs for survival. We all know how important water is. Nowhere is this more obvious than in our everyday lives. It is part of the food we eat, it is what we always drink, and we use it to wash the dishes, our clothes and even our bodies.

Most of all, drinking water keeps us alive. Without it, we would die in just a few days. For these reasons, it's important to have a water storage plan so that you can save up extra water in case of SHTF.

Prepper Tips | Tricks to Hide Your Water Storage by Survival Life at

We cannot last three days without water; this is why we need to store some for when SHTF. Image via

Tricks to Hide Your Water Storage

You are going to need more water when SHTF. That is why stocking up is such a great idea. Who knows how crazy the world, including your neighbors, can get when supplies literally dry up? Imagine the pandemonium when food runs out and water is scarce.

You do not want to be part of a group that did not make any preparations at all. They will be the ones running around looking for someplace, something, or someone to provide for their needs.

7 Ways to Store Water Discretely

An adequate supply of water is critical to any survival situation, but if you’ve already begun storing water, you’ve probably realized it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Most of us don’t have a lot of space—especially those of us with kids, so creative ways to store water can make a big difference in how much you can store. It’s equally important to store it discreetly so that all of your neighbors don’t mob your house begging for your water. As a prepper, you’ve probably heard the “if there’s ever an emergency, I’m coming to your house” line more times than you can remember.

Garden Pond

These are pretty common even at modestly priced homes, so they won’t draw much attention when times are good. However, once a disaster strikes and people need water, your pond will become a target, so be sure to bring the water inside. It will need to be filtered before drinking.

Swimming Pool

Most people don’t think of their pool as a source of water, but the average pool contains about 20,000 gallons of clean, chlorinated water—far more than you’re likely to ever need. I would advise running it through a quality water filter before drinking or cooking with it because of the heavy concentration of chemicals.

Garbage Can

We’ve all heard about people getting fined for collecting rainwater on their own property, so let’s try to avoid that by using garbage cans instead of rain barrels. The key is to avoid the kind with wheels because the bottom has holes for the axle, and use a lid to reduce contamination.

Tote Bin

Though not the perfect long-term water storage solution, plastic tote bins can be filled right before an emergency, such as when a hurricane is inbound or rioting begins. I don’t recommend stacking them more than two high because at about 8.5 pounds per gallon, the weight adds up pretty quickly.

Water Bed

Waterbeds can hold up to 400 gallons, but some contain toxic chemicals that can’t be fully removed by most filters. If you plan to use a water bed in your home as an emergency resource, drain it yearly and refill it with fresh water containing two ounces of bleach per 120 gallons.

via 7 Ways to Store Water Discretely | Survival.

Prepper Tips | Tricks to Hide Your Water Storage by Survival Life at

Another great idea the waterBOB which turns your bathtub into a water container. Via

Let us hope that it will never get to the point when those non-preppers turn into something like zombies or monsters, desperate to get water, willing to take risks and enter your property and get what they need without your permission. The world could become a lawless place. It may sound ridiculous or funny but it is still a possibility. In case they do barge in on your property, your home defense skills and equipment will be put to the test.

One way to avoid trouble or tempting them into coming over is to keep your water storage hidden. You see it’s all about being prepared. If no one knows that you have adequate water supply, people will not notice you. It would help if you do not show any sign of water use like washing dishes quietly, drying clothes indoors, out of view of course.

When the unthinkable day comes, it is really good to know that you have taken steps to be ready for it.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on Apr 15, 2015, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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