21 Prepper Tips I Wish I’d Heard BEFORE I Started Prepping

October 14, 2023 When people first start prepping, they usually make a few mistakes. I know I did. Sometimes it’s because they get caught up in the idea of preparing and rush into it without taking...

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9 Disaster Preparedness Tips for Pet Owners

October 13, 2023 If you are a pet owner, you would be well advised to include your pets in your disaster preparedness plans.There are some tips for pet owners. Our pets are a part of our family, and...

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10 Traits Successful Preppers Have

October 13, 2023 Preppers are a special kind of people. As diverse as we may be, we all share some key personality traits that make us suited for this lifestyle. Gaye Levy from Backdoor Survival is back...

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4 Great Tips for Buying in Bulk

October 12, 2023 4 Great Tips for Buying in Bulk Save Money on Your Stockpile Buying items in bulk has been very popular since the opening of Sam's Club and Costco in 1983. Value shoppers just can’t...

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How To Argue With Non-Preppers

October 12, 2023 Learn how to argue with non-preppers and win with these comebacks and perhaps change their minds, too! RELATED: How To Become A Prepper 5 Ways to Argue with Non-Preppers — and Win...

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Would You Eat These Great Depression Meals?

October 10, 2023 In this article, we will find out Great Depression meals items, that American people ate during the Great Depression of 1930. Since 2009, Lisa at The Survival Mom has been one of the most...

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Survival Stockpiling Tips: Bathroom Tissue

October 10, 2023 Stockpiling for Survival: Tissue Paper Determining how many rolls of tissue paper you’ll need to stockpile will depend heavily on the usage behavior of the people you’re going...

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Prepping for Financial Collapse

October 7, 2023 What Causes Economic Crisis, and How Can You Prepare? Financial collapses or recessions are the times when the financial institutions in an economy are in distress. The words recession...

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7 Helpful Tips from Seasoned Preppers

September 13, 2023 If you think that preparing yourself for survival is crazy, just pick up a newspaper and glance through it briefly. You will most likely come across news of famines, floods, typhoons,...

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Water Purification System: The Solar Water Disinfection (SODIS)

April 16, 2023 Find out more about the SODIS water purification system and get a modern yet practical way to get safe drinking water. RELATED: Ways To Get Clean Drinking Water In An Emergency SODIS:...

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