Water Purification System: The Solar Water Disinfection (SODIS)

September 16, 2019 Find out more about the SODIS water purification system and get a modern yet practical way to get safe drinking water. RELATED: 25 Ways To Get Clean Drinking Water In An Emergency In this...

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September 16, 2019 / Comments (19)

How To Argue With Non-Preppers

April 2, 2019 Learn how to argue with non-preppers and win with these comebacks and perhaps change their minds, too! RELATED: How To Become A Prepper In this article: Tell Them About Small-Scale...

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April 2, 2019 / Comments (11)

Couples Defense: What You Can Do With Your Partner To Stay Safe

February 12, 2019 Make Valentine's Day this year more meaningful with couples defense training. RELATED: 10 Disaster Preparedness Tips You Can Really Use Couples Defense | Make It a Part of the...

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February 12, 2019 / Comments (4)

7 Helpful Tips from Seasoned Preppers

September 13, 2016 If you think that preparing yourself for survival is crazy, just pick up a newspaper and glance through it briefly. You will most likely come across news of famines, floods, typhoons,...

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September 13, 2016 / Comments (10)

Prepping Your Spouse for a Preparedness Lifestyle

August 31, 2016 Most preppers are probably familiar with the sideways looks and awkward situations that arise when they tell others of their emergency plans and readiness. When that skepticism comes from...

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August 31, 2016 / Comments (10)

5 Tips for Beginning Preppers

June 9, 2016 In today’s world prepping is important and, in my opinion, necessary. Anything from a natural disaster to an economic collapse can bring added devastation to anyone —...

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June 9, 2016 / Comments (9)

Would You Eat These Great Depression Meals?

May 31, 2016 Since 2009, Lisa at The Survival Mom has been one of the most read and respected voices in the prepping community. We are excited to be sharing some of her most popular articles right...

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May 31, 2016 / Comments (42)

9 Disaster Preparedness Tips for Pet Owners

May 23, 2016 If you are a pet owner, you would be well advised to include your pets in your disaster preparedness plans. Our pets are a part of our family, and including them in your plans will help...

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May 23, 2016 / Comments (9)

4 Great Tips for Buying in Bulk

May 2, 2016 4 Great Tips for Buying in Bulk Save Money on Your Stockpile Buying items in bulk has been very popular since the opening of Sam's Club and Costco in 1983. Value shoppers just can’t...

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May 2, 2016 / Comments (8)

6 Easy Steps to Growing Wild Mushrooms at Home

April 26, 2016 6 Easy Steps to Growing Wild Mushrooms at Home Have Your Own Wild Mushrooms in Just Ten Weeks Cultivating wild mushrooms at home for gourmet or medicinal purposes is an exciting and...

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April 26, 2016 / Comments (4)


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