How Much Time Do Your Kids Spend Outdoors?

April 25, 2016 It May Not Be Enough. “Anger.” “Resentment.” “Torture.” “Potentially disastrous.” These are some of the words used by prisoners and guards at...

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How to Make Soap

March 15, 2016 How to Make Soap DIY “Cold Process” Soap You Can Make At Home I’m going to make some homemade soap using a very simple, basic recipe. I use my own homemade soap and I’m...

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Why Everyone Should Be a “Prepsteader”

February 17, 2016 Prepping and Homesteading: A Match Made in Heaven What is a “prepsteader” and why should you become one? Our friends at Pioneer Settler define prepsteading as “practical...

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Prepping for Financial Collapse

February 17, 2016 What Causes Economic Crisis, and How Can You Prepare? Financial collapses or recessions are the times where the financial institutions in an economy are in distress. The words recession or...

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21 Prepper Tips I Wish I’d Heard BEFORE I Started Prepping

January 4, 2016 When people first start prepping, they usually make a few mistakes. I know I did. Sometimes it’s because they get caught up in the idea of prepping and rush into it without taking time to...

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Prepping On a Budget

December 18, 2015 If you have been prepping for any time at all, you have probably hit the most common mental block that every novice prepper encounters when trying to get their GoBag and survival supplies...

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Surprising Uses for Household Items

December 12, 2015 For preppers, the name of the game is resourcefulness. Being a prepper means using everything at your disposal to its full potential, even common household items that often go overlooked....

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10 Traits Successful Preppers Have

November 3, 2015 Preppers are a special kind of people. As diverse as we may be, we all share some key personality traits that make us suited for this lifestyle. Gaye Levy from Backdoor Survival is back...

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Emergency Water Part 1: Acquisition

October 1, 2015 Water is the building block of all life on Earth. Without it, we can only survive a few days. That’s why it’s so important to have emergency water stored up in case of a...

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Survival Stockpiling Tips: Bathroom Tissue

September 10, 2015 Stockpiling for Survival: Tissue Paper   Determining how many rolls of tissue paper you’ll need to stockpile will depend heavily on the usage behavior of the people you’re going to...

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