Why Everyone Should Be a “Prepsteader”

why become a prepsteader

Prepping and Homesteading: A Match Made in Heaven

What is a “prepsteader” and why should you become one?

Our friends at Pioneer Settler define prepsteading as “practical homesteading with prepping in mind.”

When you think about it, prepping and homesteading go hand in hand. Homesteaders are resourceful people who prefer to live life simply and do things by hand, the old-fashioned way. Gardening, canning, raising livestock and sewing are all activities that most homesteaders participate in. All of these skills are also useful for being prepared for a SHTF situation.

Want to learn more about “prepsteading” and why you should become a prepsteader? Read the full article below.

Homesteading Preparedness: Prepsteading

Prepping and Homesteading A Match Made in Heaven

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