The Ultimate (And Ever Growing) Ammunition List

.380 ACP

I would like to take a moment to welcome you to the what we're going to call The Modern Shooter Series. It is designed to give gun enthusiasts of all levels the knowledge needed when it comes time to buy a new firearm. Well, at least in regards of picking out which caliber you'd like to have your next gun in.
Each week, until I run out of different types of ammunition to talk about, we'll cover both self-defense and rifle ammo in greater detail than what you may already find elsewhere on the internet.
Each caliber of ammo will be broken down one at a time. We'll cover the history, current prices, its expected performance and anything else pertinent. It is my goal to cover ALL handgun and rifle ammunition by the end of this series, to include collector guns. I won't be running out ammo anytime soon.
What is “Modern,” in this series? I consider anything center and rim-fired from a gun that you could just go out to a store and buy with the use of a background check to be modern. So, the really old stuff is a no-go in this series. We can, however, delve into the older stuff, at some point.
Another way to put it, is any type of ammunition manufactured after the late 1800s will be covered, at some point. Again, we've got well over 100 years of bang-material to cover at a rate of one or two per week. It'll take a while to get through it all. If you're looking for me to cover a specific type of ammo, just leave a comment here on this page, and I'll try to get to it sooner than later.
My goal, is for this to be a quick reference for you. It'll be a hub, so to speak, that connects to each article on the topic. Each time I add a new caliber of ammunition, I'm going to add it to the top of this article so you can find it, click on it, and read all about it.
As always, if you have anything you'd like to add, please make sure you do so in the comments section below each article. We welcome every comment you could add. Speaking of comments, why don't we start by asking you what you'd like to see next? Let us know in the comments below.
.357 SIG:


Photo Credit: Flickr

Here is a look at .357 SIG ammo, and why it is one of the best options for concealed carry.
.357 Magnum:

From left to right: 9mm, .45 ACP, .38 Special, .357 Magnum, 5.56 Nato, .308 Winchester

Here is a more in depth look at the hard-hitting .357 Magnum self-defense cartridge.
.243 Winchester:
.243 Winchester

243 Winchester

Let's take a look at this rifle cartridge, the .243 Winchester.
.380 ACP:
.380 ACP

.22lr, .380 ACP, 9mm Luger, .38 SPC, .45 ACP — Left to right.

Ever wonder if the little .380 was enough? Let's dive into it head first.
.45 ACP:
.45 auto history
Everyone knows the .45 ACP is sufficient for self-defense. But, do you know its history?
6.5 Creedmoor:
6.5 creedmoor

Image Via

Ready to reach out and touch someone? This is the long-distance cartridge you're looking for.
Again, make sure you let us know what ammo you'd like to see next. I'll get to it as soon as I can. Don't forget to bookmark this page, and check it each week.

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