What Happens If Hillary Is Elected And She Abolishes The Second Amendment?

second amendment trike
second amendment trike

The Second Amendment is constantly coming under attack by progressive liberal politicians.

Make no mistake about it, more than once they've come out and said that they want to get rid of our right to bear arms. This article is meant to do one thing and one thing alone: Get you thinking.
Just for one moment, let's put all of our differences aside. I know that you and I are different, because that is how we're made. Some of us are Christian or Jewish while others are atheist or agnostic. Some of us have never served in the military, while others have. Some of you are old, while others may be young.

The point is that you're all likely here, not because of how different we all are, but because of where we stand on one single issue: The right of the people to keep and bear arms. When our forefathers wrote that law known as the Second Amendment down on a piece of paper, they did it for us—their children—because they knew that one day in the future, corrupt people would begin to erode our freedoms.
Sadly, that time is upon us. More than ever, are we being silenced with our First Amendment rights being taken away by political correctness. We are unable to say what we want to people because we are afraid we may be labeled as a racist or bigot. Certainly not all of us are afraid, but enough of us are that it has become a problem.
Let me pose a question to you: What happens if that they do that to the 2A? Furthermore, what happens if everyone's worst fear comes true and Hillary “What Difference Does It Make” Clinton is elected as president of The United States of America? She's made it known who her enemy is. It's us. The “right wing fanatics” and the NRA. She said that one of the first things she plans to do if elected is attack guns.
What do we do if, suddenly, the Second Amendment is abolished because she puts an extreme-left leaning justice in Scalia's seat? What would that look like? I believe that it would be nearly impossible for the left-wing radicals to go from door to door and confiscate every gun we have. Though, I guess they could get creative.
They could make any further gun and ammo purchases illegal. Maybe they make it so that ammo manufacturers can no longer produce. Or, maybe they make it so that gun makers go out of business because of outrageous taxes. But, that doesn't take away the guns we already have. If they go so far as to do what I said above, where would they stop? Could they take away our guns?
After all, they've proven themselves to be efficient at driving a wedge between the American people. The left and the right dislike each other to the point that when a right-wing politician or first lady dies, the left celebrates. They've labeled those of us who love free speech as bigots, simply because we believe differently than they do. Could they use the left wing citizenry against us, acting as informants telling police or whomever is in charge that you've got a gun?
I know it seems like a stretch…
…but no more a stretch than a criminal being elected to the highest office in the land does. And, it's looking more and more like that'll become reality if the Benghazi Butcher gets her way. But, let's consider a few other things, shall we? These are some things that we've got on our side.

There are more guns and gun owners than ever before:

There are millions of firearms. Maybe even hundreds of millions of them. That's likely too many guns to take away. Especially when you consider that there are also more people owning firearms now than ever before in history.
I see it because up until very recently, I taught local gun laws to Pennsylvania citizens. Our classes were being filled with first-time gun owners who suddenly felt the need to own a weapon for self-defense. A lot of them said that they wanted to get one while they could.
In fact, at the very last class I taught, I met a man in his 70s who picked up a gun for the very first time just a few months prior. He had his concealed carry license, though he hadn't actually fired the gun yet. Did I mention that he lived his entire life so far, over 70 years, without ever having touched a gun? Why the sudden change of heart?
Let's take it a step further…
A good Marine Corps. buddy of mine owns a gun store, and he can't keep AR-15s on the shelf. As fast as they come in, they sell. He decided that he'd have to start building his own in order to keep up with demand. Why is that? Is it because people are afraid of Hillary getting into office? Or, is there some other reason?
How about the fact that gun ranges all over the country are more crowded than ever? I have some friends out in Los Angeles, California. A place where I believed down into my core was a place where people hated guns. And yet, one of them says that when he goes to the range, he has to wait to shoot. Just 6-7 months ago, he says that he was one of the only people at his range shooting an AR-15/10.
A lot has changed, my friends…People are seeing where we're headed, and they don't like it. So, there are more guns and gun owners…So what? What does that mean?
Let's recap:
There are more guns than ever, more gun owners than ever and many people on the radical left who don't want us to have them. These are people who are making it a priority to get rid of the Second Amendment. What is shaping up here? What happens if Killary does get into office? Can you read between the lines?
I'm asking because I'm only one, freedom-loving American. I'm asking because I want some of you who are experienced and have more knowledge in this area to tell us what you think. At this point, the fact that Hillary isn't already behind bars is a huge red flag. It's becoming more evident that, while she deserves every ounce of prison she could get, she won't likely go.
That's a huge issue for We, the American people.
We are literally just two people away from the entire free world turning into something else… Something where people aren't free, and won't be able to do anything about it.
So again, I say to you: What happens if they try to abolish the Second Amendment? Please feel free to discuss this in the comments below, and make sure you aren't shy—as I know most of you aren't.

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What Happens If Hillary Is Elected And She Abolishes The Second Amendment?

  1. James says:

    Those of us who served in the military know that we took an oath.It is.We shall defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic.We were never told upon seperation from the military that our oath was over.So if they don’t want a civil war they better watch their step.Because it will not come from just ex military.This goes across all lines of americans.Rich,poor,democrats,republicans,blacks,whites,latinos,christians,jewsetc.etc.etc.

    1. Clifford Breer says:

      The biggest enemy this veteran sees is the progressive liberal morons and especially Hillary Cunton, the only reason a foreign enemy hasn’t tried a full scale invasion on our country is because our veterans and the other smart people have guns and are willing to defend themselves

  2. Stephen says:

    Civil war is on the horizon as long as the criminals are in power. Hopefully civil unrest doesn’t happen before Nov 8 as this is what the office of the Big O would love more than ever, hence martial law. Lets all keep our cool and act rationally but never give up those inalienable rights as we know that are God given. Stand you ground against these wennies….

  3. Arizona Don says:

    Only two kinds of people want to confiscate guns. The ones who are ignorant about 20th century history and those who are in power and know their power would quadruple (or more) if they could do that. Well perhaps one more classification. Crooks, it makes their job easier. To rob, steal and kill. All the rest who support confiscation are just useful “idiots.” With emphasis on idiots.
    The coming danger to the constitution however, in the up coming election, is not in its being amended to eliminate the second amendment, or any other amendment, it is very doubtful that could ever happen. It is instead the new (very liberal) supreme court judges who can, and very likely, will “reinterpret the meaning of certain words” of many of the amendments within the bill of rights and constitution. There is little doubt in my mind that is the plan. We as Americans must move forward with extreme caution. At least those of us who actually have the nations welfare in mind. It is becoming very obvious the communistic democrats do not. Everyone knows they could not get three quarters of the states to ratify rescinding the second amendment or any other for that matter. BUT we could still lose our constitution through a liberal ruled supreme court and with it goes our individual rights. It will start with the guns and the second amendment. Next will be the first the fourth and tenth which will follow rapidly once the second is gone. Last but certainly not least we will begin to fear our government as no other nation ever has.
    If we lose sight of our goal, which is or should be, getting someone in the executive branch who has the nation’s and our welfare in mind and not their own (in other words Donald Trump and not hillary clinton). And if hillary is elected the twenty-first century may be more bloody then the 20th. It was the bloodiest in the history of mankind. Sadly the democrats seem to think Americans will just give up if a law is passed to outlaw guns or the supreme court “reinterprets” the word militia to mean something similar to the national guard. I have news for those people. Most Americans will never give up their guns, it just will never happen because those with the guns, perhaps over 150 million people know the history of the 20th century and therefore will not comply with any law attempting to take them.
    It has been said before and I am certain it is true, if guns our outlawed only outlaws will have guns. The fact is however, there will be millions upon millions of new outlaws. Because Americans with those guns will not comply. However, they may resist violently.
    The United States of America is to big and has to many gun owners it is and will remain impossible for government to confiscate guns here like what happened in Australia. If the attempt is ever made there will surely be a violent up rising against government. Make no mistake about that!
    No one actually knows how many guns and ammunition there are in this nation. Many of us who are veterans also know a little about bombs. Therefore, they will have to also confiscate the ammo. There could be and no doubt are as many as billions of rounds of ammo.
    If the second amendment were interpreted correctly it would be known it was put in place by our forefathers to protect against a tyrannical government. Are there other things it covers like personal protection which comes under the heading of tyranny as well? Of course! Certainly not specifically hunting as some of the uneducated democrat idiots like to think. No person can be really free without the ability to self protect. When no one but government has all the guns the citizens are subjects very much like slaves.
    “I ask who are the militia? They consist now of the whole people, except a few public officers,” George Mason wrote to the Virginia Ratifying Convention in June of 1788.
    While Thomas Jefferson wrote in his first draft of the Virginia Constitution, “No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”
    We know somewhere between 170 million and 250 million citizens were murdered by those citizens “own government” after taking the guns from them. No I just don’t think Americans who are not somehow brain washed, and millions of us are not, will ever give up their guns. Any government who asks citizens to give up a constitutional right as important as the second amendment and promises to protect them is certainly out to do no good TO those citizens. They should (must) never be trusted!
    In the final analysis however, how is it possible to trust either obama or hillary (and many others) they are both/all compulsive liars. A person is only as good as their word if their word is not good THEY are “no” good. However, it certainly poses a question about all their supporters intelligence if in fact they do trust them. Millions of the people who trusted hitler were marched to an open pit and shot execution style or put in extermination camps and gassed. So therefore, no one is safe trusting hillary or obama knowing they would like nothing better then to confiscate all the guns. But it doesn’t actually stop with them. Many within the so called democratic party are demanding more and better gun control. Make no mistake about that! Which means confiscation!

  4. David Blakeman says:

    What is wrong with these people?
    All the gun control in the world will not stop the gun violence. Why? Criminals,
    and Terrorists DO NOT OBEY ANY LAWS, why do you think we call them criminals and
    If you want to see what will happen, look to England. First the hand guns,
    then the long guns, now the swords and knives. And their crime rate has gone
    up and up. Look to Europe, some of the toughest gun laws in the world. They are
    snowed under with terrorists raping, shooting and bombing their people. In my
    opinion these people are subjects. Look at Australia, they required all citizens to
    turn in their guns and now they are trying to figure out why the crime rate is going
    up. Gee I wonder why?
    The question is are you a citizen or a subject?
    As a subject you are at the whims of a Government, the law, the rich and connected,
    the privileged elite (who have their paid bodyguards) to protect them from the criminal
    & terrorist elements. As a subject, the police are not required to protect you, they
    will protect who ever is in the power seat. If you are poor or not connected,
    you are on your own. I live in the desert of NW Arizona, my neighbors house was broken
    into, it took the sheriff four days to show up. Now I do not fault the sheriff, they have a
    large county to cover and few officers. Because of this we are on our own.
    We fought a war in 1776 to be free of the whims of a King, we did not want to be
    subjects, we wanted to be citizens.
    Now they are trying to make us subjects again. Sorry I will not be a subject,
    I AM A CITIZEN! I volunteered for & served in Viet Nam and earned that right.
    When I swore my oath to defend my country from all enemies foreign and domestic.
    Little did I realize that it would be from my own Government.
    I Love My Country, it’s my Government that I don’t trust.
    And my Oath of Enlistment has no expiration date.
    Molon Labe!!

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