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October 11, 2023 / Comments (6)

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Wondering what should be included in bug out bags for women? If you're a woman looking to put together your own bug out bag, look no further.

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What Should Bug out Bag for Women Contain?

Why Pack a Bug Out Bag For Women?

A bug out bag for women is one of the most essential supplies for any survivalist. In fact, many preppers have several bug out bags for women – one for the home, the car, the office, etc.

The more you prepare and gather supplies ahead of time, the easier a time you’ll have when SHTF.

When packing your bag, there are several things to consider. Such as…

1. Health and Fitness

It’s a simple fact that the average woman cannot carry as much weight as the average man, even if she is in excellent shape.

So when packing your bug out bag, make sure it’s not over your maximum weight limit. (Most experts suggest ¼ your body weight for women and 1/3 your body weight for men.)

Keep this weight limit in mind when packing your bug out bag. A well-stocked bug out bag won’t do you any good if you can’t carry it.

2. Skills and Experience

Keep your personal skills and limitations in mind when packing your bug out bag. Obviously, it will be worthless to pack any equipment you’re not familiar enough with to use at a moment’s notice if needed.

You also need to consider that you could find yourself without your bug out bag – maybe you had to leave so hastily you forgot to grab it, or maybe it got lost or stolen or left behind.

Whatever the case, you must prepare by developing your skills to the point where you could survive even without your bug out bag.

3. Clothing

Your clothing should be suited for your particular climate, terrain and season. That said, there are certain types of clothing that can work well in most settings.

Shell clothing is breathable and protects against rain, wind, and snow. (Since it lacks insulation, you will need to wear a base and mid layers underneath.)

Rain clothing such as ponchos and rain trousers are also a must. If you are bugging out in wintertime, a heavy jacket and gloves are essential.

Your best bet is to wear layers that can be added or removed depending on climate, terrain, and temperature.

4. Footwear

For survival, there’s almost nothing more important than footwear. This is an area where you do not want to scrimp.

Invest in the best hiking boots you can afford, and a good pair of wool socks to go with them. Also, remember to break in your boots as soon as possible.

You don’t want to bug out with a pair of boots that have only been worn a few times; this can lead to blisters, foot and back pain, and all sorts of other problems.

Bug Out Bags for Women: What to Pack

Many survival blogs and products are focused on men (but don’t get us wrong — there is some great stuff for women out there!) As a result, women’s needs are often overlooked on lists of items to be included in your bug out bag.

So we’ve decided to put together a list of essential bug out bag items and considerations for women. Check out our list below, and be sure to let us know in the comments if we forgot anything!

Here are the essentials for bug out bags for women.

1. Backpack

You need a good one specifically built for women–light and uniquely fitted to women's figure.

a girl carrying a backpack in the middle of the forest | Bug Out Bags For Women | best bug out backpack for women

2. Waterproof Bag to Keep Clothes and Other Belongings Dry

This is pretty much straightforward because who can stand wet and damp clothes.

3. Buff Slim Fit

If you're an avid fan of Survivor, you're familiar with the buff and its functionality. You might want to get one too.

What is a buff? It is a tube made from a lightweight and stretchable material.

4. Pullover Jacket

Temperature and the weather can change dramatically and you wouldn't want to be caught without a comforter.

5. Warm Pants

The more warm and dry clothing, the better. But traveling light is the core of a bag out bag, so only essentials make it.

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6. Wool Socks

Your feet cool down fast and warm up just as fast too, so have a pair of wool socks for defense from the cold.

7. Downmat

Something light to carry but warm and comfy for a good night sleep wherever you find yourself makes a good Downmat.

8. Sleeping Bag

Opt for a lightweight versatile bag that can withstand extreme cold or heat.

sleeping bags | Bug Out Bags For Women | bug out bag list for women

8. Flashlight

A strong LED flashlight with working batteries is a must.

9. Extra Batteries

A must.

10. Fire Steel

Fire steel makes starting and keeping a fire way easier.

11. Lighter

Having a working lighter on hand could mean the difference of heat vs none in an emergency.

12. Wetfire Tinder

You never know when it might rain, and dry tinder could be hard to find.

camping and making fire in the woods | Bug Out Bags For Women | best bug out bag backpack

13. Survival Knife

A versatile survival knife can solve a lot of problems when you're in a fix.

14. Survival Kit

Having a more condensed survival kit in your bug-out bag will ensure you have all the survival tools you need in one place. Here are more tips on how to pack your own good survival kit! 

15. Camelbak Reservoir

A Camelbak reservoir will ensure you have drinking water at arm's reach on the go.

16. Swiss Army Knife

Like a survival knife, the Swiss army knife is compact, versatile, and can help you in a pinch!

17. Water Purification Filter and Tablets

Drop a water purification tablet into your camelback reservoir and drink the water wherever you go!

18. Freeze Dried Rations

Rations that don't require any cooking or temperature control are ideal for an emergency.

19. Protein Bars

Look for protein bars that are filled with protein and fiber for long-lasting sustenance!

20. Energy Chews

Energy chews are easy to care for, don't require liquid to consume, and can help keep you alert during long days and nights on the move.

21. Utensil Set

This is one simple luxury you'll probably appreciate packing.

22. Oral Care Kit

Don't let a toothache slow you down. Take care of your teeth and pack an oral care kit.

23. Toiletry Bag

We like the Sea to Summit light bag.

24. Body Wash

A bar of soap will last a long time.

25. Packtowl Personal

Find a good absorbing drying towel to easily bathe in an emergency.

26. GoGirl Feminine Urination Device

It might sound off-putting, but the ability to pee standing up might be nice when there's no toilet around!

27. Menstrual Cup

Be sure to practice using it and getting the fit right before your trip. Bring enough supplies to sanitize it between use, too.

28. Compass

Learn how to use a compass properly, and use it to navigate if the grid goes down.

image of a map with a camera, passport, and sunglasses | Bug Out Bags For Women | bug out bag checklist

29. Topographical Map

Just like a compass, having a topographical map on hand, and understanding how to read it could help you navigate towards the safe water and away from steep hills.

30. Fisher Space Bullet Space Pen

A space pen allows you to write upside down, wherever you are!

31. Rainproof Notebook

A rainproof notebook will help you jot down your thoughts, notes, and keep track of where you are, despite the weather!

32. Important Personal Items (E.g., Passport and Immunization Records)

In an emergency, having your passport and medical information at hand will be helpful to prove your identity, among other more daunting reasons.

33. Cash

Pack at least $100 cash if you can. This could help if you don't have access to your bank account, assuming cash is still relevant when SHTF.

Packing your Bug Out Bag is the first step toward preparedness. A well-stocked bug out bag provides peace of mind.

It lets you know that no matter what happens, you're ready to go at a moment's notice and will have everything you need to survive for several days, even without traditional sources of food, water, and shelter.

Remember that it's important not to over-stuff your bug out bag. Make sure that it's not too heavy for you to carry for miles if you should have to.

A good rule of thumb is that your bug out bag should weigh around 1/4 of your body weight. So be smart—stock your bug out bag now and be prepared for whatever lies ahead!

Did we forget anything in our list of bug out bag essentials for women? Let us know in the comments!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on April 20, 2015, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


6 Responses to :
Bug Out Bags For Women

  1. Vivian Black says:

    I do like how you mentioned that a bug out bag is great for survivalists as it would hold essential supplies just like the ones you mentioned. That sounds like a great thing to have nowadays as it may come in handy if the world starts going haywire someday. Being able to be prepared is better than being left out in the dark someday. Thanks!

  2. Brenda K Hawes says:

    Also need a complete first aid kit (make your own) that also includes tweezers & scissors Don’t forget to include feminine pads & tampons, not only for your periods but also are valuable for first aid.. Pads for longer deeper cuts & tampons for deep punctures. Must also have paracord.

  3. Kimberly Coast says:

    The Cup does not work for me, bad back among several health issues. Can someone suggest some good reusable PADs. Maybe one or more of us could test them on the trail.

    1. Kelly says:

      You may try the reusable inserts for cloth diapers- They are super absorbent and I think theyd work well.

    2. Anonymous says:

      look up cloth menstual pads. Bamboo is SUPER absorbent and leak proof and easy to wash and dry.

  4. Jerre Miller says:

    I am new to this, but I have a thought. Most BOBs include a sewing kit of some sort. My thought is instead of using cotton thread, pack small diameter fishing line. It doesn’t break or rot as easily as cotton thread does. Put it on a couple of sewing machines bobbins as they are small and don’t take up much room. Also use self-threading needles as they are easier to deal with. Don’t forget a good assortment of needle sizes as you may have to sew something other than regular clothing. Maybe someone else has thought of this as well. I am just suggesting.

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