What You Need To Know About The GOP Convention Debacle

2016 Republican convention
There is a lot of noise coming from the left these days about the GOP Convention and why they won't allow people to bring their firearms. They say things like “if they love guns so much and are so proud of the Second Amendment, why won't they allow guns there?” Here is everything you need to know about this before you take either side of this debate.
Before I get there, however, let me state that I'm not taking sides in this article–just pointing out what I believe to be the facts.

Who Started The Petition?

First, the petition to allow guns into the Ohioan venue holding the convention was started by none other than a Clinton-supporting progressive liberal. Surprised? If this doesn't stink like a setup, I don't know what does. Though, I do want to go on record to say that the author of the petition did say that he is genuine in his desire to see guns there. But, he also said something like, “When I see a gun I get scared.” So, I'll let you decide.

People Hate Donald:

Second, a vast majority of these people hate The Donald. I mean, this dude has movements to block any chance he has at a nomination. This is apparent by all the hate, craziness and all around left-wing psychos trying to prevent his rallies from even happening. People on the left (and some on the right) are willing to do whatever they can to stop him from winning the presidency. We aren't going to discuss why they don't want him, we'll direct you to our friends over at Absolute Rights for that.
What is important here, is that Mr. Trump and his close family members are receiving death threats from these people. He's even had at least one person attempt an attack at a rally. That attack could have been a lot worse than it was had the secret service not stepped in to prevent it. They literally had to tackle a man who was acting like a bull entranced by a matador's cape.
Why is this important? Who can say if some crazed lunatic wouldn't infiltrate the the GOP convention to take him out for good? Is it likely? No, not really. After all, there are armed secret service agents around. But still—they'd rather not take any chances that some nut–from the left or right–gets in to cause irreparable harm.

Donald Trump Could Be The Next President:

In order to protect the life of the man who may very well be the free world's next president, they don't want guns at the RNC. Now, clearly—I'm all for carrying a gun. I own several guns, and am never more than an arms reach from one. I believe that people should be able to carry a weapon with them wherever they want to, and I carry mine seven days per week. But, it doesn't seem like this is going to happen at the convention.

There are two main issues. The place where the convention is held doesn't allow firearms. And the Secret Service doesn't want to deal with the guns.

As I just stated, the venue itself does not even allow firearms on premises. Some on the left are arguing that they chose this venue specifically for that reason. Honestly, that is a stretch and a bit absurd. Especially when you consider that other republican events do allow guns.
But the secret service agents don't want to deal with the guns for their own reasons. First and foremost, they can't vet everyone they let in to make sure there isn't some nut-job with a stolen gun. Second, they have no desire to to let guns in because they've seen what happens at Donald's rallies. They get crazy and people beat the snot out of each other.

Is that right? No. Not even close. But that's what they're thinking.

They are tasked with protecting these people, and they're going to do it the best way they know how. No amount of signatures on a petition is going to change that. Especially when you consider that, if there is an attack on a president, the secret service takes control, and the president listens to them. So, for those saying that, “who are they to make the rules?” Well, they are always in charge of security for the president, his family and other political members.
They won't be letting people bring guns to the Republican National Convention. It's just easier to vet (clear) everyone by making them walk through a metal detector. That's the only way to make sure that someone doesn't slip in with a stolen gun in an attempt on Trump's life.
What do you think? Should guns be allowed at the convention? Or, do you think it is a setup of some sort? Let us know in the comments below.

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