Hillary Believes Gun Laws Are Out Of Balance


hillary gun laws

Hillary Von Clinton recently stated that our country's gun laws are “out of balance.” Well, for the first time in history, I agree with something that she's said. Of course, I don't think they're out of balance in quite the same way that she believes.

I am a free man with a brain that is used quite often, after all.

Nope. Here's a novel idea: Instead of making it harder for people, why don't we make it easier on them? I believe that ALL 50 states should have reciprocity with ALL other states. That way, when I travel from Pennsylvania to New Jersey, I won't get arrested. Or, if I feel like flying out to northern California with my gold pan, I can bring my gun in case a bear decides that I look tasty.

Sadly, That isn't what she means. She doesn't want to make it better for us. She wants to take the gun rights of law-abiding citizens away. She wants to hold gun manufacturers liable for the crimes of deluded criminals–claiming that the gun industry is the only one where manufactures aren't held accountable. Of course, this, as we've seen, is false. After all, when a drunk driver kills an innocent, we don't hold Chevrolet or Ford responsible. 

Anyway, I digress. I currently live in a very gun-friendly state. Even though we are surrounded by gun-hating states, Pennsylvania has open carry and very few places where a gun cannot be taken. However, I'm surrounded on almost all sides by communist states were guns are very, very frowned upon. That makes travel very difficult as I force myself to think about alternate routes just to avoid accidentally finding myself in New Jersey. Or, Maryland. Or, New York. Let me continue by saying, that where I live is really close to NJ, pretty close to MD, and sorta close to NY. 

If I find myself in one of those states where I'm not protected under US Code 926A, I'm skee-rewed. (If you don't know what 926A is, I suggest you click the link to read up on it.)

To make matters worse, even some of the municipalities in my home state have different laws. In fact, the next town over has a law that says it is illegal for me to carry a pistol in a park, while there are no such laws in my hometown. By Pennsylvania's standards, this is illegal. Yes, municipalities are breaking state law. Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot…Over?

All of this tends to get very confusing for those of us gun-owners who venture outside of our houses every day with no intention of killing someone unless our lives depend on it. So, yes. In this regard, the gun laws are WAY out of balance, Mrs. Clinton.

We do need gun reform. We just don't need it the way she wants to give it to us.

Instead of helping people turn into an accidental criminal simply because they cannot keep up with all of the laws, make it perfectly legal for anyone who can legally purchase a firearm to carry one wherever they go across state and municipal lines.

But unfortunately, this will never happen because she also stated in the very same sentence that a lot of the laws need to be rewritten because reaching for a gun has become a “knee-jerk reaction.” And, let's not forget that it was her Lewinsky-loving husband who signed the “assault weapons” ban back in 1994.

Sadly, we have an uphill battle in front of us. But then again, we always have. Perhaps even more unfortunate is the fact that this woman isn't going anywhere. Enough people are willing to look past her faults to elect her the first female president, simply because she is, in fact, a woman. What is this world coming to?

Sound off! What do you think about this? Would you support 50 state reciprocity? What do you think it would take to get us there? Finally, check out this good read from our friends over at Absolute Rights about how Europe Is Falling On The Sword Of Political Correctness.

Here is the source to the original article I was quoting from, in case you feel like you need to kill a few of your active brain cells by reading pure rubbish.

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Hillary Believes Gun Laws Are Out Of Balance

  1. LifeDontWasteIt says:

    Not sure when it became fashionable to be disrespectful to others, particularly women, I figured most of our parents would expect decency and taught us how to be good people even if we strongly disagree. Apparently they were wrong….

  2. QJay says:

    I agree, but people keep putting her on TV and letting her talk in front of crowds. When will the indecency and disrespect end? With any luck, before the next election.

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