Real Zombie Survival Tips From Z Nation You Can Apply In A Fallout

Real Zombie Survival Tips From Z Nation You Can Apply In A Fallout

When the inevitable occurs, and the virus is spreading quickly, these Z Nation zombie survival tips will guide you all the way to safety. Read on, so you can survive!

Zombie Survival: Save the Day Z Nation's Way

There's a plethora of post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested TV series and movies that have bitten the interest of millions of viewers around the world. There was Night of the Living Dead, Resident Evil, The Walking Dead, and now, the new TV series Z Nation.

People just can't get enough of these flesh-eating ghouls! Aside from bringing their audiences to the edge of their seats with cliffhanger endings, these shows can also teach zombie survival tips that can come in handy when such a thing happens. Check out the tips below, because they may just make the difference between life and death!

1. Run for Your Life

When the day comes that the dead are trying to take over the world, prepare yourself for a lot of running. These zombies are ready to devour the flesh of the living no matter what, so you better run as fast as you can or hope that someone behind you is slower.

Run | Zombie Survival Tips From Z Nation You Can Apply In A Fallout

Zombies like to attack populated cities, so run to the mountains or somewhere far from civilization. It's wise to improve your cardio stamina and get in shape before SHTF.

2. Travel in Small Groups

It's better to travel in small groups rather than traveling alone or in large groups. The advantage lies in numbers when you're on the defense, but entering zombie territories is a different thing.

Travel in Small Groups | Zombie Survival Tips From Z Nation You Can Apply In A Fallout

Traveling in large groups increases the possibility of detection and can inhibit mobility. At the opposite extreme, lack of security, reconnaissance, and sleep are all drawbacks to traveling solo.

3. Find or Build a Safe Fortress

You need to find a safe destination or location. Don't go wandering aimlessly. If you can't find a secure place, then start building a solid fortress and stay there until the rule of the ghouls is over — or at least until you can plan for your next move. Additionally, always have an escape route and a backup destination in the event you can't prevent them from breaking in anymore.

4. Choose a Weapon

Choosing the best kind of weapon against zombies is still an ongoing debate. However, realistically, anything can be a decent weapon against zombies. You can use pistols, shotguns, and rifles, but you need to make sure to stack plenty of rounds, because the undead don't die easily. Always aim for their head.

Choose a Weapon | Zombie Survival Tips From Z Nation You Can Apply In A Fallout

Do consider that gunshots are loud, and the sound can invite more of their brethren to come after you. Machetes or baseball bats are great weapons. Hatchets and even kitchen knives are also very effective and can kill. Cut their throats, smash their skulls, or stab them in the eyes. Do whatever it takes to protect yourself or your loved ones.

5. Bring a Zombie Survival Kit

All that intense running, not to mention the bruises and scrapes you'll acquire fleeing, will wear you down. Having a zombie survival kit can dramatically increase your chances of survival. Food, water, clothing, first aid kit, maps, and communication devices are just some of the necessities you must include in your bug out bag.

6. Stay Calm and Be Aware

Other than just being in stealth mode, you always need to be calm and vigilant. Staying calm will help you think clearly, and being aware will help you recognize potential threats instantly. Listen to footsteps and scraping sounds and don't ignore shadows, especially in human forms.

Stay Calm and be Aware| Zombie Survival Tips From Z Nation You Can Apply In A Fallout

In times like these, being paranoid is not just a normal condition, it's also a savior in disguise. Panic becomes a reliable ally.

7. Always Have a Backup Plan

When your stronghold starts losing strength, and your tactics aren't working, you need to have a great backup plan.

Always Have a Backup Plan | Zombie Survival Tips From Z Nation You Can Apply In A Fallout

Gather intelligence as much as you can and plan your every move properly. Know the safest routes to your next destination if you need to evacuate. If possible, communicate with other groups to assess the situation better.

8. Be Ready to Kill Your Friend

As heartless as it may sound, you have to do what you need to when the world has gone crazy. When someone who does not belong to your group wants to come into your fortress, you should be very cautious before you let them in, even if they are your friends or relatives. They may have been bitten by zombies and already have the virus.

Be Ready to Kill Your Friend | Zombie Survival Tips From Z Nation You Can Apply In A Fallout

If that's the case, don't hesitate to take them out before you start to look like an exquisite dinner. It can be difficult to pull the trigger or stab them with your machetes. However, when that time comes, your only sane option is to do it.

9. Protect the Cure

Protect the Cure | Zombie Survival Tips From Z Nation You Can Apply In A Fallout
In the series Z Nation, the whole thing started when the virus spread across the nation. Only one man has the cure, and they have to protect him by any means necessary. When this horrible situation happens in real life, securing the only vaccine that will cure the disease and stop it from spreading will be everyone's most important duty. We can't afford to lose mankind's last and only hope.

You should always arm yourselves with the right weapon when the outbreak begins. Watch this video from Top 10 Trends and find out what are the deadliest weapons against zombies!

There are several ways that things could go apocalyptic. One of them is a virus that ceases our bodily function and mutates our brain, turning us into flesh-eating zombies. What we see on movie screens and televisions can be possible. However, we can get out of it alive, as long as we know some zombie survival tips and follow them accordingly. We can fight them or run for our lives. The bottom line is, we need to do anything and everything to stay alive!

Zombie Survival | Real Zombie Survival Tips From Z Nation You Can Apply In A Fallout

Do you know other zombie survival tips? Share it with us in the comments below!

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Real Zombie Survival Tips From Z Nation You Can Apply In A Fallout

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