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The 10mm Glock pistol is considered one of the top handguns when it comes to reliability. But can another 10mm pistol surpass its performance?

Let's find out, as we look at 10mm in two platforms–Glock G20 Gen4 and Springfield 1911 Ronin.

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A Comparison Between 10mm Glock g20 gen4 and 10mm Springfield 1911 Ronin

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10mm Glock

Pistol Glock G20 | 10mm Glock

The 10mm Glock comes in five variants:

  • G20 Gen4
  • G20 SF
  • G29 Gen4
  • G29 SF
  • G40 Gen4 MOS

The Gen4 model is the newest version of the G20. It features improvements while sticking to the classic Glock design.

Gun Specs

Before we dive deep into this handgun's power, here's an overview of the G20 Gen4:

  • Barrel length: 4.61 in
  • Overall length: 8.07 in
  • Overall width: 1.34 in
  • Height: 5.51 in
  • Weight: 39.86 oz
  • Trigger pull weight: 6.3 lbs
  • Caliber: 10mm


This 10mm Glock looks somehow similar to other Glock pistols. It has a polymer frame, a polygonal-rifled barrel, and a surface-hardened slide. It has a rail system that allows you to attach tactical sights or lights.

However, this Gen4 variant has a relatively blocky build and thick slide. Carrying it might require a bigger pocket since it can't fit in a holster.

Additionally, it's got a larger grip, which means it might be a little too big for your hand.

But what we love about this model is that it comes with back straps that are interchangeable. This means that you can customize the grip based on your hand size. It also has a magazine release that's reversible, making it perfect for both right and left-handed shooters.


The Glock G20 Gen4 offers intimidating strength despite long distances. It maintains its high accuracy even in long-range shooting.

The polymer build of this handgun absorbs and cushions the recoil. Therefore, even though you're using a powerful 10mm caliber, you'll feel less recoil and minimal flinching.

It also features a dual recoil spring assembly. This enhances the service life of the handgun and lessens the muzzle rise. This makes the pistol faster when it comes to follow-up shots.

It's also one of the favorites in the hunting world, as it provides reliable companionship during big-game hunting. It delivers accurate and safe finishing shots, as well as deep penetration when targeting large animals.


The standard magazine capacity of 10mm Glock is 15 rounds. But with a mag base plate, you can have an additional one or two, making it 16-17 rounds of 10mm.

With this much capacity, you can still keep it in your pocket. It's an ideal handgun that you can carry around with you. Plus, it's lighter, even with a loaded magazine, compared with 1911 Ronin. And this is one of the reasons why 10mm Glock is so popular.


The Glock G20 Gen4 is priced around $600-$650. With this handgun's monstrous performance, you'll really get your money's worth.

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10mm 1911

A 1911 pistol essentially imitates the design made by John Moses Browning in the year–yes you guessed it right–1911. Since then, hundreds of gunmakers have manufactured handguns following the style of the original 1911. These manufacturers made various tweaks and different versions.

Now, the 10mm 1911 options abound. And Springfield Armory is among the many gunmakers that produced 1911 handguns.

Springfield Armory is famous for its extraordinary rifles and pistols. And just last year, they released the newest addition to their handguns, the Ronin series.

The Ronin 1911 offers shooters with handguns that blend vintage design and enhanced features. These pistols deliver modern precision with Springfield's long-established quality and performance.

They come in five variants, namely:

  • 1911 Ronin 10mm handgun
  • 1911 Ronin 9mm handgun
  • 1911 Ronin 4.25-inch handgun
  • 1911 Ronin .45 ACP handgun
  • 1911 Ronin 4.25-inch .45 ACP handgun

But we'll put the 10mm Glock side by side with another 10mm classic beauty–the 1911 Ronin 10mm handgun.

Gun Specs

Here's a run-through of 1911 Ronin's technical data, particularly the 1911 Ronin 10mm handgun:

  • Barrel length: 5 in
  • Overall length: 8.6 in
  • Overall width: 1.1 in
  • Height: 5.5 in
  • Weight: 40 oz
  • Trigger pull weight: 6 lbs
  • Caliber: 10mm


The 1911 Ronin sports a two-tone finish. Its slide is forged carbon steel, the frame is forged stainless steel, while the barrel is hammer-forged. The slide also features a unique, blue-black finish, thanks to hot salt bluing treatment.

Meanwhile, its wooden grips blend the checkered and smooth designs. This style complements the two-tone finish of the pistol.

One edge of 1911 Ronin is its thinness. It can easily fit in your holster, unlike the 10mm Glock.

All these physical attributes contribute to the pistol's exceptional power and resilience. Additionally, they make 1911 Ronin a looker.


The 10mm caliber is one serious business. If you've fired other types of calibers, you'll know that the 10mm has true stopping power. This makes it perfect for self-defense, hunting, and shooting range.

With its power, you might be preparing yourself for any discomfort you might feel while shooting a handgun with this caliber. But surprisingly, the 1911 Ronin maintains its softness when fired. It can handle the forceful 10mm, and you'll realize that it's snappy but very enjoyable to shoot at the same time.

In addition, its performance is flawless. Its trigger allows you to perform follow-up shots quickly since the recoil and muzzle flip are minimal.

Another good thing about this pistol is that it comes with a front sight that's fiber-optic. This can make it easy for you to acquire and hit your target, making your hunting a breeze.


With a 1911 Ronin, you get an eight-round magazine. It's reasonable, but it's still less than what 10mm Glock can offer.


Since a lot of different gunmakers produce 1911 pistols, the price depends on the manufacturer. But with Springfield Armory, the 1911 Ronin costs $849.

Obviously, it's more expensive than a 10mm Glock. But if you're looking for a timeless 1911 platform in 10mm caliber, this pistol is definitely a good buy.

Overall Verdict

Man in Black Jacket Holding Black and White Toy Gun | 10mm Glock

The 10mm caliber is a viable option for self-defense and law enforcement. And the Glock G20 Gen4 and Springfield 1911 Ronin are both exceptional pistols in this caliber. They have perfect trigger, controllable recoil, great shootability, and good accuracy.

Whether you're a Glock fan or not, you have to admit that this pistol is remarkably reliable. On the other hand, the 10mm caliber and 1911 pistol surprisingly make each other better.

This is despite the fact that the 10mm caliber wasn't specifically designed for the 1911 handgun. But eventually, this combination became like a match made in heaven.

Additionally, the 1911 handgun has been around for more than a century, and this also says a lot about its reliability. Not to mention, its sleek design adds to the gun's sophisticated vibe.

So, if you're into long-distance shooting, consider owning a 10mm Glock. But if you're more of a risk-taker and you prefer a modern-looking design, choose 1911 Ronin.

At the end of the day, choosing between these two 10mm pistols depends on your skills and lifestyle.

10mm is one of the best calibers out there, so it may not even matter which pistol you get. After all, it's up to the shooter which 10mm handgun deserves a perfect 10.

Do you think that the 10 mm makes for a good caliber?

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