4 Best Glock Pistols of All Time

Feature | Best Glock Pistols of All Time

Looking for the best Glock handguns out there? Here are our top four of all time!

The Best Glocks Ever Made

The Glock is possibly the most versatile handgun in America (or even around the world).

It’s also one of the most popular firearms, full stop, because of all kinds of factors.

For instance, Glocks are extremely reliable. They can withstand a lot of punishment, thousands of rounds, and even drops from tall heights without an accidental discharge.

All of this durability makes a Glock a solid pick for just about everybody, from someone concerned with self-defense to an on-duty police officer.

They’re also incredibly easy to use, great for standard or concealed carry, and come in a broad range of models.

All this being said, some models are certainly more popular than others. Let’s take a deep look at some of the best Glock pistols of all time.

1. The Glock 19


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This staple firearm is possibly the best Glock to ever be constructed. It’s a little smaller and more compact than the Glock 17, which is another well-known firearm.

The G19 is easier to conceal and features many of the same benefits that other Glock pistols bring to the table.

It features a 15-round magazine, a textured handgrip to make it easier to hold even with a sweaty palm, and offers reliable stopping power and accuracy even without being as large as other handguns.

It’s well used by both police officers and civilians, and it was made famous when it was carried by members of Delta Force. All told, the G19 deserves its spot as the number one Glock of all time.

2. Glock 17

Glock 17 | Best Glock Pistols of All Time

As stated above, the G17 is another popular variant – it’s actually the original design made for the Austrian military (the military that commissioned the first Glock pistols, in point of fact).

It features the widely recognized shape and simplistic style of the Glock handgun and includes the first and longest-lasting aspects of its design that give the pistol its trademark usability and reliability.

Textured handgrip, easy to pull trigger, iron sights… this one has it all.

This handgun is easy to maintain and comes in a huge number of different sub-types and varieties. Being slightly bigger than the G19, the G17 is a great standard sidearm for self-defense, target shooting, or duty-carrying.

3. Glock 26


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This smaller than average Glock (also sometimes nicknamed the “baby Glock”) is a compact 9 mm weapon.

You can glance at the handgrip and notice that it's only large enough to support two fingers. It also incorporates a shorter barrel and slide along with a double-stack magazine that can nonetheless hold 10 rounds in total.

As such, the G26 is an excellent backup sidearm or concealed carry pistol.

At the same time, it maintains the reliability and ease-of-use that Glock pistols are known for.

Women or men with smaller than average hands will appreciate how quickly they can draw this weapon while still benefiting from the stopping power and accuracy these weapons bring to the table.

All in all, it’s the best Glock for concealed carry purposes.

4. Glock 18


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The G18 is an automatic Glock pistol, chambered in 9 mm, and maintains excellent accuracy and reliability even with this design choice.

Having been designed in the 80s, the G18 features a fire selector on the back of the slide and a well-textured handgrip so that maintaining control of the pistol as it fires multiple rounds in rapid succession isn’t too tough.

Add to that the safety controls, a light and crisp trigger, and consistent sliding action, and you've got one of the best automatic handguns of all time, bar none.

Pick the Best One for You

All in all, each of these pistols is a phenomenal firearm in their own right. But they’re also the best of the best from the Glock series. It's really up to you which one suits your need the best.

Let us know if you’ve ever tried one of these pistols before or if you’d like to try one in the future in the comments section!

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3 Responses to :
4 Best Glock Pistols of All Time

  1. Don C Phillips LTC USA RET says:

    I’ve carried a Glock 19 Gen 5 for about two years. I added night sights, extended slide release and extended ambidextrous msg release. I really like the 19. I’ve shot probably 2 thousand rounds through it. It’s accurate and reliable.
    I am now carrying a Sig 320XC. I’ve added an extended mag release to it. I’ve shot about 5 to 6 hundred rounds through it. Again it’s accurate and reliable. I like both of these weapons a lot.
    As a little backup pistol I like the Glock 43X. A very nice little pistol.

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