50 Easter Egg Hiding Spots

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May 3, 2023 / Comments (11)

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Want more ideas on the perfect easter egg hiding spots in your home? Me too, so I asked my friends their best easter egg hiding holes and here's what I got!  Read on to know more.

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50 Sneakiest Easter Egg Hiding Spots

I don't know how Easter has been for most of you but growing up in Texas, every Easter of my childhood had at least a few hours of torrential rain. But even if the rain makes it impossible to venture outside this Easter, there is still no reason you can't have an Easter egg hunt. You just have to get a little creative and have one indoors.

I have to say I was pretty impressed with some of what they came up with and I figured I would share the list with you, just in case you were having trouble figuring out where to hide all those eggs.

25 Outdoor Hiding Places

1. Gutter Downspouts

The ordinary house feature is just like an everyday thing for the kids. It will be the last place they would care to look into.

2. Watering Can

Watering Can | 50 Easter Egg Hiding Spots

The kids may want to keep using this watering can so they could play with water in their sandboxes, but with easter eggs in mind, they probably wouldn't bother to look into it.

3. Mailbox

Mailbox | 50 Easter Egg Hiding Spots

Egg hunters wouldn't mind a mailbox being an everyday item on your front lawn. Unless they would really want to check the mail…

4. Hanging Plant

When most egg hunters would be looking down low, hanging it up high is an excellent idea to keep things interesting. Here a sneak peek of 10 creative DIY easter egg projects your kids might love.

5. Small Bush

Keeping an egg in an isolated small bush may be the least likely place an egg hunter would be looking into. A money egg would be a good spot for this one.

6. Gardening Glove

This gardening glove is something kids might not even use on an ordinary day. Keep it lying around the usual spot and stuff in a prized easter egg.

The primary purpose of a gardening glove is to shield the hands from potential injuries and hazards that may arise during gardening activities. It acts as a barrier against thorns, sharp objects, abrasive surfaces, and potentially harmful chemicals or substances commonly found in the garden. By wearing gardening gloves, gardeners can reduce the risk of cuts, scrapes, blisters, and exposure to allergens or irritants.

7. Low Tree Nook

Just make sure there is nothing more than an egg inside this low tree nook once the kids reach in for an easter egg. We wouldn't want them to get hurt and take away all the fun.

8. Buried In A Sandbox

Hiding an easter egg in plain sight is something parents do so as not to give their kids a hard time. But burying some in a sandbox will give the kids a little bit more of a challenge.

9. Behind A Picnic Table Leg

When most would be sitting on the table for foods and snacks, the kids would be looking somewhere else but under the table. Keep it behind and close to the table leg as possible.

10. Tire Swing

Everyone's energy is amped up during easter egg hunting. Anyone would least likely have any thought of using the tire swing.

11. Playscape

A playscape is an area loved for your kids and it's a home with a lot of nooks to hide your easter eggs in. Place the eggs in inconspicuous places to make the kids want to search for more.

12. Bike or Sports Helmet

Ordinary day-to-day items like this bike helmet is a good hiding spot for an easter egg or two. Hang it on its usual spot like a wall or on a handlebar of your bike and they would not think much of checking it out.

13. Interior Of A Coiled Garden Hose

What a great way to water up your idea by placing your prized easter egg inside a coiled up garden hose. They will surely try to look inside it but it will kick the idea other prized eggs might be tucked away in some areas where they least expect it.

14. Behind A Lawn Ornament

Try hiding those easter eggs behind your lawn ornaments to amp up the fun. This will stir up the egg hunters for quite a bit.

15. Within An Empty Birdbath

Make a few redecorating touch ups with your empty birdbath prior to easter and it would make it more fun. Adults and kids alike would be pumped up finding easter eggs in the newly designed bird bath.

16. In A Real Birds Nest

Triple the fun by placing your easter eggs in a real bird's nest. Just make sure it isn't owned by a big predatory bird or you'll get some pain in return, if you know what I mean.

In A Real Birds Nest | 50 Easter Egg Hiding Spots

17. Window Box

If your window box is decorated like the one shown above a few days before, this would give you an advantage of keeping easter eggs in them. If your egg hunters are determined enough, they would most definitely take a closer look.

18. Underneath Exterior Stairwell

Make sure you clean up your stairwell from other unwanted occupants before stashing your easter eggs underneath. This may be one of those area where they search for last.

19. Ornamental Grass Or Groundcover

This may be a typical yet not so ordinary hiding place. Just remind your egg hunters not to ruin your ornamental grass or groundcover.

20. Cushion Of A Patio Chair

Place the egg on the rear corner of a cushion or patio chair. You wouldn't want to have someone accidentally sitting on it would you?

21. An Empty Light Socket

Make it look like a decorative light bulb for all to see. It is hidden in plain sight unless they would really take a closer look.

22. Behind Gardening Tools

Garden tools are clumped up in a spot and you can place your easter egg behind any of the tools for a more dynamic approach.

23. Inside The Barbecue Grill

Just make sure you're not in need of the barbecue grill while all your family and friends are around for the egg hunt. Usually, such gatherings require a good barbecue with a bottle of beer.

24. Inside A Jacket Pocket While Someone Is Wearing It

What's more creative than a mobile hiding place…very sneaky indeed. All the more when that person pretends to be a part of the egg hunting team. A few clues might just give it away but it will surely be loads of fun.

25. Attached To A Pet's Collar

What can be more fun with a mobile hiding spot than attaching it to your pet's collar? Loads of cuteness! Kids will be running after your pet for sure once they see the egg dangling on its collar.

Indoor Hiding Places

Before we continue, I'd like to remind you it is also a good idea to keep an inventory of all the eggs hidden. You don't want to move a piece of furniture six months from now and accidentally crack open a wayward egg.

Remember, when choosing spots to conceal eggs, always think of safety first, as well as personal privacy. Don't place Easter eggs in an area that could be hazardous to children, and do your best not to violate anyone's personal space – especially if children outside of the family are involved in the hunt.

Easter is many things for many people. But did you ever think that it was also a way to shore up your own preparations and also a good way to get your children involved?

Think about it for a minute. Easter is the one holiday out of the year where you spend your time trying to find THE BEST hiding places for those brightly colored eggs. I don't know about you but I have seen some very creative hiding places. Survival is all about being prepared and being creative, just like the ones below.

1. Inside An Actual Egg Carton In The Fridge

Even I would never have thought of this one. Everyone would be looking elsewhere but where you actually keep the eggs.

2. Inside The Bed Frame Or On Top Of The Headboard

An adult overseer would be needed if you wouldn't want your bedroom to look like a mess after they've been through all the corners and possible hiding spots.

3. Cereal Box

I think the only time they would find out an easter egg is in one of these boxes is when they're hungry and would want to eat cereal. A good hint is to point them in this direction.

4. Opaque Kitchen Canister

An opaque canister is also a good hiding spot. Remind the kids to be careful when opening such canisters though as they might break it.

5. Teapot

A subtle yet ingenious way to hide an easter egg. Make it even more challenging with people drinking tea around the teapot.

6. Slippers

Hide easter eggs in each of these pair of slippers for a fun way to hunt eggs indoors. Don't forget to double check it's clear before sliding any one of these on.

7. Microwave Oven

Before the hunting starts, you have to unplug the appliances prior to placing one or two eggs inside. This is one way to weed out the competition.

8. Tissue Box

A tissue box may just be lying around in your home. Just have a piece of tissue hanging out of the lid to make it more convincing that there's no easter egg inside it.

9. Computer Desk Cubby

The kids wouldn't dare mess up with their parent's working space. I guess you would have to nudge them a little bit more to encourage them to do so.

10. Interior Of A Boot Or Shoe

This is indeed a very good hiding spot to give the hunt a bit more challenge indoors. Most would easily find an egg in their slippers because they would most definitely need it. But inside their own pair of shoes is something else!

11. Empty Coffee Mug

If this is the set-up of your coffee mugs, this could be a good hiding place for the easter eggs. Kids are used to seeing this every day, they wouldn't think a treasure is actually hidden here. They know they shouldn't mess around with mom's favorite mugs.

12. Inside A Sack Of Potatoes

This is like finding a needle in a haystack which makes it even more fun for self-confessed easter egg hunters. Leave the sack of potatoes lying open on your kitchen table or floor to make it sort of an invitation for them.

13. Sweater Pocket

A lone hanging sweater in your laundry room or room is a good hiding spot for your easter egg. Not everything should be that hard you know. It might spoil the fun in the long run.

14. Behind A Picture

Hiding an easter egg behind or inside picture luminaries might not be a good idea. If you're not going to turn on the led or light the tea candle, then this is a good hiding place too.

15. Interior Of A Cake Carrier

The inside of a cake carrier is a great way to keep the hunt going. Unless that one child with a sweet tooth comes running for a piece of cake.

16. Dresser Drawers

You wouldn't want your clothes to get messed up but you also wouldn't want to spoil the fun by not including your dresser drawer as a hiding spot. I would recommend only plastic eggs go in here.

17. Kitchen Chair

Pushed in kitchen chairs with eggs underneath is a good place give the children the idea of where they can find easter eggs.

18. Cookie Jar

This time, actually seeing your kids sticking their hand in a cookie jar is a fun thing to watch.

Here are 12 inventive easter egg hunt ideas kids will love.

19. Bread Box

The bread box is an everyday item for the kids. They would think twice before looking into it. Still, what would be egg hunting without any challenges right?

20. Underneath Sofa Edging

Place it at the edge or you'd end up with a squashed easter egg underneath your sofa. This way when they try to take a peek underneath by just lifting one side up they wouldn't find it immediately.

21. Among Stuffed Animals

Among Stuffed Animals | 50 Easter Egg Hiding Spots

This is a good hiding spot for your easter eggs. The kids could just dive in and grab as much easter eggs they want. Try to place a lot in this pile to keep the fun flowing.

22. Bookcase

Using a bookcase on egg hunting will give every parent an opportunity for the kids to go through their favorite books once more, or at least perk up their curiosity into reading again.

23. Kitchen “Junk” Drawer

This junk drawer can be a gold mine for kids, if you know what I mean. They will definitely be going through this as soon as they start finding easter eggs in other parts of the kitchen.

24. On Top Of A Ceiling Fan Blade

This may be a difficult place to reach but it will surely keep the kids on their toes once they find an easter egg lying on top of a blade. Just remind yourself to double check if the egg is gone before turning it on.

25. Potted Plant

A potted plant is a great way to keep the fun going. Especially if you have a lot of them lying in and around your house.

Watch this video by B2cuteCupcakes for her easter egg hunt lambie easter basket + surprise eggs opening:

So while your creative brain is active this Sunday, take advantage of it and see if you can figure out new ways to do things!

Here's an idea to help gauge the interest your children have in preparedness as well as test their skills a bit:

Instead of simply hiding the Easter eggs, create a map of the area you are hiding them in and mark the general location of each egg. Then give your children the map to see if they can find all of them. This will help them learn how to follow a map, but more importantly, it will engage their creativity and deductive reasoning in trying to figure out exactly where the eggs are.

(If you really want to mess with them, keep one of the eggs held back and watch them go nuts trying to find that last egg)

Whatever you do this weekend, have fun and enjoy the time you have! Happy Easter!

50 Easter Egg Hiding Spots

Do you have any easter egg hiding spots you think I missed? Please add them in the comments below!

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11 Responses to :
50 Easter Egg Hiding Spots

  1. sunny McAlister says:

    I cannot believe that you published “an empty light socket” as a place to hide an easter egg. Do we really want children to think they can stick their hands into an empty light socket? Wether it’s on plugged or not. And yet someone mentions un plugging the microwave. What on earth 4 when you open. the door to the microwave it will not come on! Of course if people weren’t such stupid. sheep, celebrating a totally pagan practice. . . Not trying to be a stupid jerk by the way. I just wish people wouldn’t wake up

    1. MOTHER NATURE says:

      Please check that none of these outdoor places harbor bees nests/hives. I’ve had bees nesting in my barbeque grill, in a hole in the ground, old tires, and so much more. Just one nuge and they can all attack!

  2. The Donald says:

    When I was a kid, our hunts were always on my aunt’s dairy farms. It was a big family and there were dozens of “cousins”. My uncles would hide eggs inside the knot holes of trees, in the wheel openings of a tractor tire, or even in pile of pebbles in the small stream.

    My LEAST favorite hiding place was underneath a dried “cow-patty”. We learned to flip those over with the toe of a show, but sometimes you’d get one that wasn’t completely dried. EWWW! It was great!

    As an adult hiding for my own kids and their friends, the best “hiding spot” was right in plain sight. I’d tape a piece of string to an egg and hang it from a tree limb just above eye level. Kids would walk beneath that thing all day and never look up! Again, it was great!

  3. Doc Critten says:

    What the hell does easter eggs have to do with survival?

    1. Joe says:

      Hey Doc,
      The article is meant to be fun and also at the bottom I talk about how hiding Easter eggs can be used to help increase you children deductive reasoning as well as helping you to be creative when it comes to hiding things in plain sight ( guns ammo food etc)

    2. zargon says:

      Can you say Metaphor ? You frackin morons.

  4. Jennifer Perkins says:

    Thanks for sharing my egg planter.


    It gets harder ever year to find a good hiding spot as my granchildren are in their late teens…. but this game still holds lots of good memories so I try harder every year.
    Last year I bought a thick book at a used book store and cut a hold the size of an egg. I put this book under the two current ones I was reading….. this took them the longest to find and we all had a great laugh.

  6. XX_20_1000 says:

    zargon don’t be rude people won’t like you

  7. Madilyn says:

    i am a kid ans my famliy has a big easter egg hunt and we have a big egg so thatnk youo for telling me some answers of where the big egg could be.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I am too and I love Easter egg hunts! My fam dose it and we have my neighbor over and every thing and also I feel bad for the people like zargon. I mean he’s not going to have a good easter.

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