AR-15 Suppressors: Do You Need One?

AR-15 Suppressors

In this article, we will be discussing AR-15 Suppressors, its background, what features make it deadly, and the cost of purchasing one.

You will find all the necessary details about this beast that you must know.

Everything to Know About AR-15 Suppressors

Guns have played a vital role in history. Man has not only used guns for hunting animals but also for liberating their countries.

They can be of much use; however, having one requires a license. Without it, you might get in trouble with the authorities for illegal possession. This is why it's vital to get to know the guns you plan to own and everything that comes with it.

The AR-15 Suppressors Origin

This gun, in particular, is not classified as a war gun, as it is a semi-automatic weapon that only fires by pulling off the trigger. This is one of the reasons why the gun industry and owners argue this should be legal for civilians.

AR-15 Suppressors are best for target practice. Many gun owners set up targets to shoot with this weapon and improve their weapon handling and firing skills. Other than this, the gun is best for shooting competitions.

It is primarily used as a hunting weapon; however, considering it as one of the best to use is not appropriate since it doesn't offer much-stopping power.

How Much Power Do They Have?

AR-15 guns are more powerful than handguns. However, it cannot classify as a high powered rifle.

The rifle having 223/5.56 ammunition is deemed to be insufficient and unreliable for hunting larger animals like an elk. The standard load of the AR 15 fires does not have the power to take these larger animals down with a single shot.

While the AR-15 is more robust than a handgun for sure. When it comes to hunting, its power is not enough.

What Are Suppressors?

We know how loud a gun can be. A suppressor is a material used on the barrel of a firearm to reduce the sound of firing.

When you fire a gun, it releases a gas; thus, suppressors work to control it.

Manufacturing suppressors with one of the following materials is necessary:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium

What Kind of Suppressor Is the Best?

When it comes to choosing suppressors for your AR-15, there are many options out there.

However, many choices can make the selection a bit difficult. We're here to give you a better insight into two of the best suppressors.

Rugged Suppressors Surge: This beast has proven to provide excellent service as a suppressor. Whether you want a short and sneaky or long and silent suppressor, you can get both of them in one device. It's flexible when it comes to compatibility, as well.

SureFire SOCOM300-Ti Suppressor: This suppressor helps in keeping your gun quick and light in movement. It is useful in removing dust and flash signatures, too. These aspects can help in improving your line of fire and your barrel clean.

Suppressors come in almost the same shape; however, their performance is always different. Choosing the right suppressor for your gun is highly essential in keeping the performance of your rifle efficient.

Why Should One Consider Buying an AR-15 Suppressor?

The gun is used best for target practice. If you are looking into perfecting your aim and getting better control over your weapon upon firing at a target, this should help you correct your flaws when it comes to shooting.

Other than this, the gun is well-rounded and robust enough for hunting small animals with one shot.

Are They Legal?

You must meet the following qualifications to purchase a silencer or suppressor:

  • Reside in any of the 42 states that allow civilians ownership
  • Citizenship of the United States
  • Should be eligible legally to purchase a firearm
  • Passing a BATFE background check is essential
  • Be at least 21 years old  to purchase directly from a dealer
  • Be at least 18 years old to purchase from another  common citizen

Only eight states do not permit individuals to own silencers. These states are California, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and the District of Columbia.

How Much Does An AR-15 Cost, And Why Should You Buy It?

The military uses the AR-15. However, the type of rifle they are using is different and is known as the M4.

The real difference between the two is that AR-15 is semi-automatic, which means you can only fire one shot.

The price of an AR-15 can vary depending on the model. If you are hoping to get a cheaper one, then we would suggest building your own. You can do so by buying the upper portion of the rifle from a reliable manufacturer. After this, you can proceed to upgrade the lower part by buying your preferred material, such as Barrel material, Barrel chamber, AR-15 gas systems, and handguards.

Now you know more about the AR-15 suppressors, do you think it's a worthy add-on?

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AR-15 Suppressors: Do You Need One?

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