DIY Survival Candles: The Orange Lantern

December 25, 2023 In this day and age, people believe that they cannot survive without technology, but the majority of the human race throughout history has lived without it. Henceforth, you can too! DIY...

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How to Make a Deadfall Trap

December 5, 2023 At last, we have gone through all the most common snare designs for survival trapping. Now we have come to deadfall traps. Typically, you can make a deadfall trap with materials that can be...

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Trap For Your Life: Part 10 | Make Your Own Water Trap

October 19, 2023 Minnows and crayfish can be a great source of protein in a survival situation. Follow this tutorial to construct your own DIY water trap. Trap For Your Life: Part 10 | Make Your Own...

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Trap For Your Life (Part 9)

October 15, 2023 Part 9: The Two Stick Deadfall As I’ve said before, deadfall traps can be difficult to construct; however, they can be made from all-natural materials. The trap we will be...

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DIY Fire Starter: The Cotton Ball

October 11, 2023 Make Your Own Fire Starters Out of Household Materials In a survival situation, fire is one of the most important necessities. Carrying a pocket lighter, flint & steel, or matches at all...

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HFT Survival Knife Review

October 10, 2023 HFT Survival Knife Review The Price is Right for This Multi-Use Survival and Hunting Knife The Harbor Freight Tools Survival and Hunting Knife is a great product. This HFT survival...

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Trap For Your Life, Part 3: The Trigger Snare

August 28, 2023 Trap For Your Life, Part 3: The Trigger Snare Previously in the Trap for Your Life Series (part 1 and part 2), I showed you the basic snare which is great for trapping small animals like...

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UST ParaCuda FS Knife Review

July 11, 2023 UST ParaCude FS Knife Review A Great Multipurpose Survival Knife at an Affordable Price UST ParaCuda FS Knife is simply a machete knife with a paracord handle. This product features a...

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Cell Phones for Survival? Part 2

June 26, 2023 How to Preserve Phone Battery? In our last article on Cell Phones for Survival, I went over appropriate cases for your phone and portable chargers. In this article, I will show you...

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Cell Phones for Survival?

May 19, 2023 Just recently I have gotten myself a new iPhone. The iPhone is a really awesome piece of survival gear when you know how to use it. The more recent versions of the iPhone include a compass...

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