HFT Survival Knife Review

Harbor Freight knife review

HFT Survival Knife Review

The Price is Right for This Multi-Use Survival and Hunting Knife

The Harbor Freight Tools Survival and Hunting Knife is a great product. This survival knife is way more than just an ordinary survival knife.

The handle of the knife actually opens up, and various survival items are included inside the handle. The gear includes matches, a striking pad, a sewing kit, fishing line, and a fishing hook. Even with all this, there’s still room for more inside the handle.

The HFT knife kit, including the survival gear hidden inside the handle.

The HFT knife kit, including the survival gear hidden inside the handle.

The bottom of the handle also has a lid that unscrews, and on the inside of the lid it has a compass which is really handy. This knife could be very helpful in a survival situation, and also while hunting, camping, and hiking.

HFT knife lid compass

This knife is also fairly sharp and has sawing teeth on the other side of the blade. Unfortunately, the sawing teeth don’t really do their job as they don’t saw very well.

The HFT knife's sawing blade.

The HFT knife’s sawing blade.

However, the knife’s main purpose, which is to cut and slice, works the way it should. It can cut through wood very well.

The HFT knife at work.

The HFT knife at work.

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The blade is stainless steel, while the handle is aluminum. The product weighs about 2 pounds. The knife also includes a sheath, which unfortunately feels and looks cheap. Nevertheless, the sheath also does its job.

The HFT knife sheath.

The HFT knife sheath.

The knife’s appearance is absolutely amazing. It looks like a cutting machine. The look is extremely sleek, professional and masculine.

The HFT knife blade.

The HFT knife blade.

This product can be bought online here. It can also be bought at the American tool store, Harbor Freight. The price of this awesome knife is only $9.99 which is a great price for this product. I would recommended this piece of survival gear for every survivalist, prepper or outdoorsman.

Do you own the Harbor Freight Tools Survival and Hunting Knife? What do you think of it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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7 Responses to :
HFT Survival Knife Review

  1. Neil Rosney says:

    Whilst I am the first to say that in a SHTF situation, Any knife is better than no knife … In my own personal experience I would avoid depending on such a knife for Survival ! Whilst it’s great fun and a little Rambo Gimmicky !! when put to extreme survival conditions, the chances are it will fail you !! If your budget is this low, opt for something from the Morakniv range !

  2. George says:

    It’s an okay knife for the price but I wouldn’t rely on it in a survival situation. It’s a bit of fun rather than a serious tool.

  3. NEMO says:

    What’s not to like? Inexpensive and durable. I substantially modified my knife. Made
    leather sheath. I use it as a go to for the rough stuff. It seems to like it. Keep
    a sharpening stone handy.

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