Product Review: The Mission Critical Baby Carrier

December 27, 2023 Becoming a parent doesn’t mean you have to give up your outdoorsman lifestyle. Mission Critical is a husband and wife owned business that specializes in survival gear for parents,...

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Product Review: The T MOD Weapons Cleaning System by Otis Technology

December 11, 2023 Clean a variety a weapons such as 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm, and.45cal with one versatile and compact team modular weapons cleaning system complete with MOLLE webbing: the T MOD Cleaning System...

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Mission Critical Accessory Pouches

December 7, 2023 Interested in Mission Critical accessory pouches? Mission Critical makes badass outdoor gear, including accessory pouches, for any purpose you can think of. Check out our review below, and...

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The Importance of Body Armor

November 6, 2023 The Importance of Body Armor Think You Don't Need It? Think Again Survival is a matter of preparation. By expanding your knowledge, learning new skills, and stockpiling important equipment,...

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Best AR15 Custom Hacks To Make Your Gun Perfect For You

November 2, 2023 The best AR 15 is the one that works the best for the person using it. This means ditching the generic gun and personalizing your weapon with the right AR15 parts for you. From hacking your...

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Product Review – Ganzo G720 and G717 Folding Knives

October 29, 2023 In previous articles, we discussed choosing a folding survival knife. Check them out in the links below: Part 1 Part 2 A knife is one of the more important pieces of equipment you can have...

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Cold Steel Master Hunter Review

October 21, 2023 Interested in the Cold Steel Master Hunter fixed-blade survival knife? Wondering if this is the survival knife for you? Check out our review below. In previous articles, we discussed...

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What is the Best Survival Knife

October 18, 2023 Schrade's SCHF9 is a knife that has captured the attention of many folks in the bushcraft and survival communities over the past few years. Having seen so many YouTube videos of people who...

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HFT Survival Knife Review

October 10, 2023 HFT Survival Knife Review The Price is Right for This Multi-Use Survival and Hunting Knife The Harbor Freight Tools Survival and Hunting Knife is a great product. This HFT survival...

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Modular Combat Belt by Beez Combat Systems

October 8, 2023 Beez Combat Systems Modular Combat Belt More Great Survival Gear from Beez Combat Systems The Beez Combat Systems Modular Combat Belt is designed to attach additional gear, not limited to...

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