New Beretta M9A4 First Shots: The Best Beretta Yet?

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The Beretta M9A4 is one of the most reliable full-size guns in the market. If you're looking for the best Beretta that has it all in one package this may be it.

Read on to learn more about it.

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Beretta M9A4 Review: Full Size, Full Power

Stngr industries | New Beretta M9A4 First Shots: The Best Beretta Yet?

Technical Specs

The Beretta M9A4 is a single/double action pistol with a barrel length of 5.1 inches and an 18-round magazine. This isn’t by any means a compact pistol, but what it doesn’t have in portability it makes up for with a large magazine capacity and versatility in multiple situations.

Technical specifications:

  • Action: Single/Double
  • Barrel length (in): 5.1
  • Caliber: 9×19 (PARA)
  • Grip width: 1.3″
  • Historical: N
  • Magazine: 10 – 15 – 18
  • Overall height (in): 5.4
  • Overall length (in): 8.7
  • Overall width (in): 1.5
  • Sight Radius (in): 6.3
  • Weight unloaded (oz): 33.4

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

Like previous generations before them, the M9A4 comes in various shades of tan and gray. The darker accents contrast well with the tan body and give it a distinctive look you can spot from a mile away.

Compared to the M9A3, there’s also an added texture to the M9A4’s grip, which allows you to grip properly and shoot faster than before.

It comes in two grip types, the standard grip, and the slimline grip similar to the 1911s in you intend on using this for concealed carry.

Key Features

  • Double/Single Action Lever: The Beretta M9A4 is fitted with a decocking-only or “G” slide lever that lets you switch between the double and single-action trigger settings. The double-action option allows you to carry it on your hand or face down on your holster much more safely while switching to single-action enables those crisp, rapid-fire follow-ups.
  • Red Dot Ready Design: The Beretta M9A4 comes optics-ready out of the box and is the first gun of its line with a proper optic mounting system. Its new front slide serrations make it easy for you to slide the gun without directly touching the handle if you have an optic mounted. To sweeten the deal, Beretta throws in an optic plate free of charge upon registration of your firearm
  • Short-Reset Trigger System: Another upgrade present in the M9A4 comes in the form of its short-reset triggering system. This makes reset a lot faster compared to the M9A3 and other previous generations and benefits smaller-handed shooters the most.

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Accuracy, Functionality, and Versatility

With two grip sizes to choose from, shooters with different hand sizes can find a model that works for them. It also has a reversible and oversized magazine release button that fits both left and right-handed shooters.

Thanks to its 3-slot Picatinny rail built right in front of the trigger guard, you can attach various accessories like lasers and tactical lights, among many others.

One thing to keep in mind is that the rear sight drifts a little to the left, so make sure to aim a little to the right of your target. Once you take the aiming adjustments into consideration, the Beretta M9A4 remains accurate at as far back as 80 yards.

Ease of Maintenance

The Beretta M9A4’s surfaces contain a Flat Dark Earth (FDE) finish, making it much easier to maintain and requiring less lubrication. It also requires no tools to disassemble due to its simple design and parts.

Check out a video from HK Rifleworks showing how to reduce rattle in metal handguns like the Beretta M9A4:

If you can only use one gun your entire life, the Beretta M9A4’s the one to get. You’re getting Beretta’s signature reliability, industry-standard accuracy, and infinite customizability.

Retailing at $1099, this isn’t a bargain buy. In the realm of guns, however, you do get what you pay for, and for the price, you get a modern build that can last you for years.

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