How To Carry Appendix IWB In Drawstring Pants

concealed carry with shorts

Carrying Appendix IWB in drawstring pants?

It’s all about that lace: A random but useful concealed carry discovery

concealed carry with shorts

Carrying with drawstring shorts or pants

The problem

My everyday carry (EDC) method is a clipless Sticky Holster™, usually stuck in my waistband, appendix strong-side. Problem was, until I discovered the drawstring method described here, it was impossible to carry without a belt. That means when I’m working out or running, the gun had to go into a belly band, which is constricting and just plain nasty where sweaty activities are concerned.

The solution

In the process of testing a pair of boots, I tried some new methods of lacing footwear and, on a whim, decided to try part of my new bow-tying habit out on the drawstring in a pair of running shorts. The simple process is to do an extra loop (see photo) after crossing the two sides. The effect of this extra loop is an even, steady, and for carrying, strong squeeze around the entire waist. It also prevents the bow from loosening as one does the “rabbit around the tree” part of finishing the knot….which I also do twice, for security.

concealed carry in shorts

First, a double crossover

For the first time, it felt like a realistic possibility to take off and run with my gun secured where it’s both concealed and easy to access. I ran a three-mile course of up/down and rocky terrain on the first trial. Though I expected at some point to be forced to carry the gun/holster in my hand (which would be alright in the rural places where I run), I never had to. I got back to the car giddy with this new discovery.
concealed carry in shorts

Then, a double bow

The caveat

The gun in this test is a small one—a Kahr CT 380. A later test with the same clothing, and same holster, this time holding a Glock 42 with Streamlight TLR-6, didn’t go as well—the slightest adjustment to my waistband caused the gun to slide down—still holstered, but definitely not acceptable. I do think this drawstring method would still work with a clipped, soft-sided holster, and most any concealment-size handgun.

concealed carry in shorts

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Have you ever carried a handgun in running shorts before? If so, let us know how you did it in the comments below. Oh, and make sure you like the Gun Carrier Facebook page.
All photos courtesy of Team HB

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How To Carry Appendix IWB In Drawstring Pants

  1. C. Arkangel, M.D. says:

    That extra loop is called a surgeon’s knot used for almost all of our suturing. A square knot and/or a granny know will still be secure on top of a surgeon’s knot. Be secure. Sonny, M.D.

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