Tips And Tools For Buying A Used Handgun

November 30, 2018 When buying a pre-loved handgun, consider these tips to get the best bang for the buck. In this article: General Tips When Getting Pre-Loved Handguns How to Buy a Revolver How to Buy a...

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November 30, 2018 / Comments (2)

Top 6 ways to improve your self-defense training.

December 12, 2016 How to improve your self-defense training It is absolutely imperative that, once you've picked out your pistol, you actually go to the range with it. As you begin to shoot it more and more,...

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December 12, 2016 / Comments (10)

Outtakes for New Shooters: The Four Rules Of Firearm Safety

October 20, 2016 A quick recap of the Four Rules of Firearm Safety: 1. Every gun is always loaded 2. Never allow the muzzle to cover anything you’re not willing to destroy 3. Finger off trigger until...

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October 20, 2016 / Comments (9)

Shooter's Guide To Choosing The Best Self-Defense Cartridge

June 10, 2016 When it comes time for your first self-defense firearm, you have a multitude of different options to choose from. To be sure, there are many different self-defense cartridges available to...

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June 10, 2016 / Comments (3)

Introducing Your Child To Guns The Right Way: Part 1

May 3, 2016 When it comes time to get your child started in shooting, there are several things that need to be considered. But, before we get into how to pick out a gun for a kid, let's first talk...

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May 3, 2016 / Comments (4)

Range etiquette for the new (and old) shooter

April 25, 2016 Going to the gun range is something that every gun owner takes seriously. It is an important part of owning firearms. After all, the only time we can safely discharge our weapons is at the...

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April 25, 2016 / Comments (12)

How To Carry Appendix IWB In Drawstring Pants

March 9, 2016 Carrying Appendix IWB in drawstring pants? It’s all about that lace: A random but useful concealed carry discovery The problem My everyday carry (EDC) method is a clipless Sticky...

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March 9, 2016 / Comments (2)

Survival Databases

February 27, 2016 Keeping Your Preps Organized There are two words I'll bet you never thought to see together. After all, you can't eat or drink a database, it won't keep you warm or cool, and it won't drive...

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February 27, 2016 / Comments (2)

Being prepared for chaos….Some quick thoughts

February 23, 2016 The Boy Scout Motto still holds true today more than ever! For the uninitiated, the basics for survival and preparedness have long been established….shelter, fire, water, food,...

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February 23, 2016 / Comments (1)

Outtakes for New Shooters: Your Muzzle and You

February 13, 2016 Outtakes for New Shooters: Your Muzzle and You This installment of Safety Outtakes highlights Rule #2: Never allow the muzzle to cover anything you’re not willing to destroy. This...

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February 13, 2016 / Comments (3)


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