Coronavirus Pandemic Brings to Light the Truth About Gun Control

Coronavirus Pandemic Brings to Light the Truth About Gun Control

The coronavirus pandemic has undeniably illuminated the intricacies of the ongoing gun control debate. As the world grappled with the virus's rapid spread, concerns about public safety and the role of firearms in society were thrust into the spotlight.

The pandemic brought into focus questions surrounding the accessibility and regulation of firearms, with discussions centering on issues like self-defense, government response, and societal tensions.

In this unprecedented time, the truth about gun control became more apparent, sparking renewed conversations and calls for comprehensive reform.

Within a matter of a week, our entire country has changed. Businesses have shuttered, curfews have been imposed, travel and tourism have all but ceased, and overrun retailers are rationing supplies. 

In just 7 days, life as we know it turned upside down. Millions of Americans found themselves out of work and millions more are being pushed to their breaking points.

So how does this affect the gun control debate?

YOU are Responsible for You

As soon as the American public caught wind of a global pandemic, retailers were mobbed and shelves emptied of basic necessities: toilet paper, bottled water, hand soap, cleaning supplies.

Did a government official knock on your door and drop off your allotment of these items? They didn’t knock on mine either.

We are individually responsible for providing these and other necessities for our families.

Are all families able and willing to stockpile in the manner that might be required? No. Not everyone has the funds, the access, or the wherewithal to prepare in a meaningful way.

So now imagine if and/or when things get worse.

As of now, stores are limiting hours, but are still stocking the shelves. Deliveries are being made as quickly as they can be. Trade has not stopped. But what if it does?

Desperate Times Lead to Dangers

As this situation escalates, which it thus far has at an alarming rate, we are all responsible for protecting our families, our supplies, and ourselves. Each day brings new limitations, new restrictions, and new challenges.

All 2A supporters know that firearms are for our protection. Especially in times of economic and political unrest, Americans have a history of self-reliance.

As government resources are overwhelmed in the coming weeks and months, we will be less able than ever to rely on emergency services for quick and effective response rates.

It is our duty to properly prepare for all circumstances, including those that leave our neighbors desperate. 

The idea of widespread food shortages is the most concerning. Most families do not keep several months worth of non-perishable food on hand.

Even fewer have the financial means to do so starting immediately. As more families find themselves in a position to starve, more will reach a point of doing anything to get what they need.

Firearms are Part of Proper Preparation

Our government and gun control advocates have based their arguments against the 2nd Amendment on the premise that government protection is enough.

But if an armed person has ever entered your home, you know that the time necessary for 911 to respond is too long.

As we prepare for what could be the biggest economic and personal crisis of our lifetimes, arming ourselves is only one step in our preparation plans. Those who have plans will become targets for the unprepared. Don’t let your hard work go to waste.

Make sure that all of the adults in your home are familiar and comfortable with your firearms and where they are kept.

Organize ammunition and create concrete plans if a situation arises in which you need to protect your property. Clearly communicate expectations for each member of your household.

Just as you would prepare for the potential of a fire, it’s time to prepare for a potential firestorm.

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in March 2020 and has been updated for quality and relevance.

3 Responses to :
Coronavirus Pandemic Brings to Light the Truth About Gun Control

  1. Jesse Vaughan says:

    Thank you for your response! If our guns are taken by force then the crooks will be the only ones to have guns. This will be a stupid law to uphold.

  2. Elbert Jones says:

    One of the things that has been reduced because of the Epidemic is MASS SHOOTINGS

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just remember it’s not about guns it’s about control of you

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