8 Tools You Need in Your Gun Cleaning Kit

Feature | Tools You Need in Your Gun Cleaning Kit

As your firearm collection grows, you’ll notice that your investment does, too. From ammunition to holsters to safes and more, you can spend a fortune on self-protection and sport. But are you protecting your investment? Here are tools you need to have in your gun cleaning kit, no excuses.

Gun Cleaning Kit Essentials You Must Have

In addition to properly and safely storing your guns, another critical element of responsible ownership is cleaning your guns.

After each use, your guns should be taken apart and thoroughly cleaned. A firearm that has not been cleaned can malfunction when in use, resulting in potentially fatal accidents.

There is no shortage of gun cleaning kits on the market and at a variety of price points. They come in cases that keep all of the tools together and investing in one is an easy way to care for your weapons.

You can also piece together a kit of your own to keep the budget low.

Keep in mind that many of the tools you will be using are caliber specific, and using the wrong sizes can damage your gun. Make sure that you purchase the correct sizes and materials to care for your firearm effectively.

When using cleaning solvents and oils, less is more. Using a small amount ensures that your gun will operate properly and will not attract dust and dirt.

So what will your kit contain?

1. Gun Cleaning Pad or Mat

Gun Cleaning Pad or Mat | Tools You Need in Your Gun Cleaning Kit

When cleaning your gun, you’ll be using some heavy-duty cleaning chemicals that can be damaging to your tabletop.

Investing in a gun cleaning pad or mat that is impervious to these chemicals will ensure cleanliness, as well as provide a space to organize the pieces of your firearm.

They are usually non-slip so the pieces stay put. You can also purchase cleaning mats with diagrams of your firearms, to help with reassembly.

2. Gun Cleaning Solvent


The cleaning solvent is not to be confused with or replaced by Gun Oil. Cleaning solvent is used with cotton patches to clean the barrel of your gun, and it is the first product you use when cleaning.

Solvents can use some harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your skin and lungs. Look for more biodegradable options.

3. Gun Oil

Gun oil is used after your cleaning solvent and prevents rust. It helps to lubricate your firearm for optimal performance.

4. Cleaning Rod


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Your cleaning rod is an integral part of your gun cleaning kit and will screw together to create the lengths you need for different firearms.

You can find cleaning rods made out of aluminum, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and brass.

5. Bore Brush


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Your bore brush is one of the items that will be caliber specific, so be sure you are using the correct size for the firearm that you are cleaning.

6. Patch Holder or Cleaning Jag

Patch Holder or Cleaning Jag | Tools You Need in Your Gun Cleaning Kit

Another caliber-specific tool, your patch holder will attach to your cleaning rod the same way that a bore brush does.

A cleaning jag is an alternative to a patch holder and needs to be the correct size for proper use as well.

7. Cotton Cleaning Patches

You’ll want to stock up on lots of cotton cleaning patches, in a variety of sizes. These can only be used once, so you may as well buy in bulk.

8. Luster Cloth


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Your luster cloth will be used with your gun oil as the final step in cleaning your firearm.

The best practice is to clean your weapons after each use, and of course, be sure your guns are unloaded before beginning the cleaning process.

How do you clean your guns? Share with us some tips in the comments section!

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8 Tools You Need in Your Gun Cleaning Kit

  1. Mark Hamersly says:


    After 38 years teaching firearms, my current cleaning kit consists of: BreakFree CLP (or similar CLP product), a Bore Snake in the applicable caliber, a plastic toothbrush with the single line of bristles at the small end, and Q-tip swabs. All the rest of the junk is just a waste and goes unused. Why waste the money on the rest of the stuff. Besides, my wife hate the smell of Hoppes…


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