Gun Fight Myths: You Can’t Use Your Sights In Battle

In most cases, shooters don't have the luxury of time in a gunfight. There is no time to think.  You just have to allow your instincts to take over in a life and death situation and get the job done before it's too late.

Gun Fight | Unsighted Defensive Shooting

Should you think about using your sights from a defensive standpoint? I don't intend to remove your focus from basic shooting but at some point, you'll find out how things really are in a gunfight. It's good if you've had tons of practice in the range, honing your skills and shooting at a stationary target.

However, you also have to consider, “what if you're facing someone with the ability to fire back?” It's a whole new ball game and your sights will be the least of your worries while you try to gain the advantage over your opponent.

1. Distance From Attacker

You might be in a situation where it's not possible for you to use aim fire. There are instances when an attacker is too close and you don't have time to switch to proper shooting stance. What matters now is how you would be able to defend yourself by creating distance between you and the aggressor.

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2. Instinctive Shooting

This is where you might be forced to make a shot in an awkward position at close quarters. You have to shoot as fast and as accurate as you can without using your gun sights, just to create space and possibly change to a comfortable shooting position. This is called instinctive shooting or point shooting.

3. Change To Proper Shooting Stance

As soon as the distance gets far enough for you to get a better grip and properly make your aiming shot, do it when necessary. At this point, you're changing to a more defensive stance, trying to assess the situation if there's a need for you to fire more shots. The best time for you to have a better look at how many crooks you're dealing with.

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Watch this video and know the importance of instinctive shooting in a given scenario:

How's that for a quick way to defend yourself in close quarters combat? Anything can happen in a gunfight and often times, you're caught off-guard and you have to make a decision really fast. Imagine you have the gun in your hand, finger on the trigger, gun pointing at the target, but you can't use the sights. As long as you know you'll never miss at the distance you're shooting, take it and gain the advantage you have to be in a gunfight.

What do you think of this unsighted defensive shooting? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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